Saturday, 25 May 2013

Penis cages To Keep Men Out Of Trouble; The Owner Wears One 24/7 And His Wife Keeps The Key. [PHOTO]

Usually these devices are used in tease and denial type scenarios; the idea is that most men cant be trusted to not relieve themselves if they have access to their genitals. Also the restriction crosses into bondage and power exchange type sexual activities and relationships. Why some people would wear it? because sexual frustration will lead to a powerful orgasim especially when the wearer is being teased and the key holder is the one who decides if and when the wearers next orgasim is. also making the subject more compliant. This is relatively modest version their are full metal modern designs out their 
The ring goes behind your balls, and the whole thing locks together into one piece. It keeps you from touching the sensitive bits, and makes it impossible to get an erection without things becoming very cramped.

Regarding the logistics of it, these devices are for kink play purposes--you would not be able to force one on someone against their will. Also, it is technically still possible to reach orgasm, but it's gonna be uncomfortable, and you wouldn't be able to penetrate much of anything.
They are designed to be worn everywhere. When properly installed they hang from the body in a way to be unnoticeable. We have from time to time made adjustments to different brands (some do have their shortcomings)They are much smaller and compact than that picture makes them out to be

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