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Common Yoruba Herbs: Their English Names & What They Are Used For (Photos)

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Yoruba is one of the four primary languages spoken in Nigeria. Not every Nigerian is familiar with the Yoruba language, but sometimes you just need to know what a particular herb is called in Yoruba – for example when you see a cool recipe but aren’t familiar with the terms

There are some popular herbs used by all ethnic groups, some of the herbs are common in someplace though. Some of the Popular leaves here in Yorubaland all have a name, lest I forget, depending on the area you are. Meaning you might know some herbs name in Hausa, while some people may be talking about the same herbs, but would seem the person is not right or saying rubbish.

Moreover, there are some uncommon Yoruba names that even Yoruba natives know. Luckily, our guide to Yoruba herbs and their English names is here to help you

Parsley (Effirin)
The English name of is Parsley, it’s referred to Parsley in Yoruba. Parsley has so many health benefits for a wide range of symptoms and diseases.
It is from Petroselinum plant, the parsley plant and parsley essential oil have been used as a natural detox remedy, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, diuretic and agent for centuries in folk medicine.

As of now, researched back up health claims about we’ve got for the plant.

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Yoruba name for parsley leaf

Cayenne Pepper (Ata Gun Gun)

Cayenne pepper is referred to Ata gun gun in the Yoruba language. It’s not only in the Yorubaland, but also among the other cultures in Nigeria.

Cayenne pepper has got some many health benefits; It aids digestion, slow intestinal gas, stop stomach pain, including healing upset stomach, it also stops diarrhoea and as a natural remedy for cramps.

It’s also used for heart and blood vessels – to improve poor circulation, to reverse excessive blood clotting, lower high cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

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Ata gun gun. Cayenne pepper in Yoruba

Cinnamon (Oloorun)

Cinnamon herb is referred to as Oloorun in Yorubaland. It health benefits are; high source of Antioxidants, promotion of heart health, contains Anti-inflammatory properties, help fight diabetes and also lower the risk of cancer.

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Mint Leaf (Ewe Minti)

Mint leaf is referred to as Ewe Minti in Yoruba. It is a favourite herb. The leaves is a can be used in fresh or dried in many dishes and infusions. Mint oil is Always used in gum, candy, toothpaste, and some beauty products. Health benefits of mint include relieving of allergies and pains; it also prevents gastric ulcer. It is good for skin some other benefits.

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Mint leaves (known as Menta in Spanish) are in the family of aromatic herbs that are used to add specific aroma to dishes. 

Spinach (Efo Tete)
Spinach is referred to as Efo Tete. This plant is often used among cultures and had come along way as a Herbal plant. To some culture, they never knew its health benefits.

They only know it is edible and it appeals to their taste bud. If you are one of them, just know that spinach health benefit is hair and bone, asthma and cancer protection, reduction of blood pressure, diabetes management and promotion of healthy skin.
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African Spinach (EFO TETE)

Turmeric (Atale Pupa)

Atale Pupa(Yoruba) is referred to as Turmeric in English. This herb plant lower risk of brain damage increases the antioxidant capacity of the body and heart disease.

This herbal plant can also help delay ageing, prevent cancer and fight age-related diseases among others.

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Malaria plant, turmeric top herbal 'cures' for multi-drug resistant 

Bay Leaf (Bay Bunkum)
The Bay Leaf is referred to as Bay Bunkum in yourba.

Health benefits:

- It eases joint pain from arthritis
- It gives immune support
- Help with sugar level balance
- Aids in digestion, reduce congestion
- Help in improving scalp health.

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Bay Leaves

Marjoram (Efo Ewuro)

Marjoram is referred to as Efo Ewuro in Yoruba, The herbal plant can be taken orally in a more concentrated medicinal form or used topically and in aromatherapy as an essential oil.

The inhalation of marjoram essential oil is to calm the nervous system and, in turn, positively impact your cardiovascular system by enhancing the blood flow and lowering blood pressure.

It is also used to treat runny noses, gallbladder issues, depression, dizziness, coughs, digestive problems, migraines, nervous headaches, nerve pain and paralysis as well.

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Bitter Leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) Efo ewuro

Celery (Seleri)
The Yorubas call the celery herb plant seleri. This also a plant that helps in lowering inflammation, reducing the risk of cancer, reducing blood pressure and assist in preventing age-related vision loss.

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Some Other Herbs in Yoruba Language

If you want to know others, just post a comment!
  • Basil plant – Nchanwu in Yoruba
  • Fenugreek – ewedu in yoruba, hulba in Hausa
  • Hibiscus plant – Zobo
  • Tamarind – tsamia
  • Tumeric –  ata Ile pupa in Yoruba
  • Cayenne – Bawa
  • Chilli – Shombo in Yoruba
  • Black pepper – iyere in Yoruba, Oziza in igbo
  • Thorny pigweed/prickly amaranth – tete eleegun in yoruba
  • alternanthera nodiflora – Dagunro
  • Butryospermum paradoxum – Shea tree – Ori
  • Allium sativum -Garlic – Ayu in yoruba
  • Capsicum frutescens – Tabasco pepper – Ata-wewe
  • Lactuca capensis – Lettuce – Yanrin
  • Bryophyllum pinnatum – Air Plant, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf or Goethe Plant – Abamoda
  • Zingiber officinale – Ginger – Jinja, Atale in yoruba
  • Dioscorea dumetorum – Sweet Yam- Esuru
  • Enantia chloranta – Awopa
  • Khaya grandifoliola, K. senegalensis, K. ivorensis – Oganwo
  • Sphenocentrum jollyanum – Akerejupon
  • Olax subscorpioidea – Ifan, Ifon
  • Tetrapleura tetraptera – Aidan, Aridan
  • Lecaniodiscus cupanioides – Akika
  • Lippia multiflora – Efirin-gogoro, Efirin-oko
  • Jatropha curcas – Botuje, Lapalapa
  • Jatropha gossypifolia – cotton-leaf physicnut- Botuje pupa
  • Jatropha multifida – coral plant, physic nut or Guatemala rhubarb – Ogege
  • Cymbopogon citratus – lemon grass- Kooko-oba
  • Pterocarpus erinaceus – Apepo, Agbelosun
  • Pterocarpus osun – Osun
  • Pterocarpus santalinioides – Gbengbe
  • Catharanthus roseus -Madagascar rosy periwinkle – Apabida pupa
  • Carica papaya – Papaya – Ibepe
  • Dioclea scandens – Dasa
  • Dioclea reflexa – Agbarin, Epe, Arin

Yoruba Names for plants

  • Lawsonia inermis – Henna plant – Laali, Lali
  • Ficus exasperata -Ficus Tree – Epin
  • Ficus asperifolia – Ipin
  • Ficus capensis – Opoto
  • Ficus elegans – Asoro
  • Ficus mucuso – Odan-afomo
  • Ficus thoningii – Odan-abaa
  • Ficus vallis-choudae – Ogunro
  • Vernonia amygdalina – Ewuro
  • Phyllanthus amarus – stonebreaker or seed-under-leaf- Eyin-olobe
  • Mucuna sloanei – Werepe
  • Mucuna pruriens – Ewe-ina, Yerepe
  • Alstonia congensis – Ahun
  • Mangifera indica – Mango – Mangoro in yoruba
  • Nauclea latifolia – Egbesi
  • Sorghum bicolor – Poroporo okababa
  • Senna fistula – Aidantoro
  • Erythophleum suaveolens – Erun obo, Olu-obo
  • Ocimum gratissimum – Clove Basil- Efirin
  • Telfaria occidentalis – Fluted gourd – Ugwu
  • Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides – Senegal prickly-ash or artar root – Orin ata
  • Acalypha wilkesiana – Jiwini, Ewe larapupa
  • Sida cordifolia – flannel weed – Iso-obo
  • Sida pilosa – Eesinle
  • Sida rhombifolia – Iseketu pupa
  • Thaumatococcus danielli – Ewe moi-moi
  • Azadirachta indica – Neem, Nimtree or Indian Lilac – Dongoyaro
  • Aloe vera – Ahon-erin
  • Aloe barteri – Eti-erin, Ida-egun, Ida-orisa
  • Garcinia kola – bitter kola – Orogbo
  • Ageratum conyzoides – Billygoat-weed, Chick weed, Goatweed, Whiteweed – Imi-esu
  • Abelmoschus esculentus – Okra- Ila
  • Abrus precatorius -jequirity, Crab’s eye, rosary pea, precatory pea or bean, John Crow Bead, Indian licorice – Oju-ologbo
  • Abutilon mauritianum – Furu
  • Acacia ataxacantha – Ihun, Ewon adele
  • Acacia nilotica – Baani, Booni
  • Acanthospermum hispidum – Bristly starbur, Goat’s head, Hispid starburr – Dagunro
  • Acanthus montanus – Bear’s Breech or Mountain Thistle – Ahon-ekun, Irunmu arugbo
  • Adansonia digitata – baobab – Ose
  • Aerva lanata – mountain knotgrass – Efun-ile
  • Aframomum melegueta – Grains of Paradise – Atare
  • Alafia barteri – Agbari etu
  • Allium ascalonicum – The shallot – Alubosa elewe, alubosa onisu

Different plants

  • Alchornea cordifolia – Ipa
  • Caesalpinia pulcherima – Barbados pride, dwarf poinciana, Barbados flower-fence – Eko-omode
  • Afzelia africana – Afzelia, Lenke, Lengue, or Doussi – Apa-igbo
  • Alternanthera sessilis – sessile joyweed or dwarf copperleaf – Reku-reku
  • Anacardium occidentale – Cashew – Kasu
  • Anthocleista djalonensis, Anthocleista liebrechtsiana – Sapo, Shapo
  • Arachis hypogea – peanut, or groundnut – Epa
  • Bambusa vulgaris – Golden Bamboo, or Buddha’s Belly Bamboo – Oparun
  • Baphia nitida – African sandalwood – Osun, Irosun
  • Allanblackia floribunda – tallow tree – Eku, Eso roro
  • Byrsocarpus coccineus – Amuje wewe
  • Calendula officinalis – pot marigold – Ododo-Maria in yoruba
  • Calotropis procera – Sodom apple – Bomubomu
  • Canarium schweinfurthii – African elemi or canarium – Paapo, Origbo
  • Canavalia ensiformis – jack bean – Sese-nla
  • Carapa procera – Carapa – Abo-oganwo
  • Cardiospermum halicacabum – balloon plant or love in a puff – Shaworo
  • Celastrus indica – Ponju-owiwi
  • Ceiba pentandra – Araba
  • Cissampelos owariensis – Ewe jokoje
  • Chromolaena odorata – Siam weed – Akintola, Awolowo
  • Tetracarpidium conophorum – Nigerian walnut – Awusa, Asala
  • Vernonia colorata – Ironweed – Eriro-Ijebu
  • Xylopia aethiopica – Eeru, Erunje
  • Tridax procumbens – Igbalode, Muwagun
  • Waltheria indica – Ewe-epo
  • Vitex doniana – Oori-nla
  • Uvaria chamae – finger root or bush banana – Eruju
  • Viscum album – mistletoe- Afomo in yoruba
  • Uvaria afzelii – Gbongbose, Anikan wogba-arun
  • Urena lobata – Ilasa-agborin, Ilasa-omode
  • Uraria picta – Alupayida
  • Voacanga africana – Ako-dodo
  • Argemone mexicana – Mexican poppy, Mexican prickly poppy, Flowering thistle, cardo or cardosanto – Egun arugbo, Ekan-ekun
  • Artocarpus altilis – Berefurutu
  • Boerhaavia diffusa – punarnava – Etiponla, Olowojeja
  • Borreria verticillata – Irawo ile
  • Carpolobia lutea – Osunsun
  • Citrullus colocynthis – colocynth, bitter apple, bitter cucumber, desert gourd, egusi, or vine of Sodom – Egusi-baara
  • Citrus aurantium – Bitter orange, Seville orange, sour orange, bigarade orange, or marmalade orange – Osan
  • Aspilia africana – Yunyun
  • Nicotiana tabacum – Ewe taba 

How Three Job Seekers Were Disqualified For Not Having Voters’ Card

A Nigerian man took to Twitter to disclose that he disqualified 3 job seekers for not having voters’ card (PVC).
On the voters’ card incident, @olagladstone tweeted;

#BBNaija 2018 – Day 84: “Even My Father Should Keep His Opinion To Himself” – Cee-C says (Video)

#BBNaija 2018: Cee-C warns housemates not to mistakenly call her name during any interview (Video)
While conversing with fellow housemate, Nina, Cee-C openly stated that even her father can’t bring his own opinion to her concerning issues whatsoever.
The egocentric, controversial housemate, while speaking with Nina, was on about why people feel they had the right to just bring their opinion and tell what or how she should be.
She says, all her life, they’ve not been there, so why should they in just a space of three months, feel obligated to tell her she should be this or that way.
In course of this, she said even her father cannot bring his opinion to her.
Watch Video below:

“A Failed African Country”: Harvard University Uses Nigeria As A Case Study

Savage!?Harvard University uses Nigeria as a?case study of a?failed African country (Photo)
Yet again Nigeria been classified as a failed nation, following an assignment given to students at Harvard University in which Nigeria was used as a case study of a failed African country.

The question reads;

Obasanjo Was A Clueless War Commander - Gen Alabi-Isama (Photos+Video)

 Alabi Isama And Obasanjo Eating During The Civil War In 1968
A retired Brigadier-General and Chief of Staff, 3rd Marine Commando, during the Nigeria civil war, Godwin Alabi-Isama, has disclosed that former President Olusegun Obasanjo was not only clueless during the war, but acted as a weakling in many instances.

According to General Alabi-Isama, Chief Obasanjo exhibited a lot of weaknesses that did not portray him as a gallant soldier throughout the period he served the army during the war.

In an interview published in the current edition of TheNEWS magazine, our sister publication, the retired General punctured a lot of claims in My Command, a book written by the former President chronicling his experience in the war.

RCCG Pastor Who Borrowed Oversized Coat For Their Wedding 12 Years Ago Celebrates His Wife (Photos)

Blessed with five beautiful kids, Mr. Edet Eneh, a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state has taken to social media to celebrate his wife for not paying attention to his previous condition and getting married to him against all odds even as a secondary school dropout.

Below is what he wrote on Facebook; 

Exactly 12 years ago, against all unimaginable odds, As an undergraduate Medical Student, She agreed to March to the Altar with me to say 'I DO. ' She did not say 'I DO' to PROPERTY. Living in a rented one room sharing latrine toilet with over ten other co-tenants want an appealing abode for a lady. She did not say 'I DO' to FASHION. I had no good clothes then saved some worn out clothes including the cut and joined Suit that was 'wearing' me on the wedding day.

Saturday, 21 April 2018


Ekiti guber: Aspirant Reveals Who Tinubu Will Support

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An aspirant for the Ekiti governorship election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Ayo Arise, has revealed who Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the party will support to emerge APC flag bearer.
Arise, who represented Ekiti North senatorial district in the 6th Assembly said Tinubu told him he would decide to support an aspirant, after the conduct of the party’s primary election in the state, slated for May 5.
The former lawmaker, who stated this while addressing journalists in Abuja, also revealed why President Muhammadu Buhari and Tinubu are dominant actors in APC.

6 Years After Marriage, Comedian & Talk-Show Host, Teju Babyface And Wife Welcome A Set Of Twins

Image result for Comedian and talk show host, Teju Babyface and wife, welcome a set of twins after nearly six years of marriage

Comedian and talk show host, Gbadewonuola Olateju Oyelakin aka Teju Babyface and his wife Tobi, have welcomed a set of twins after nearly 6 years of marriage. Teju and his beautiful wife, Tobi got married in August 2012. Congrats to them!
Sharing the good news online, Teju wrote

'Before the matter went viral, the university was aware and they did nothing' - OAU sex-for-mark victim, Monica Osagie speaks .

Monica Osagie, the student at the centre of a sex-for-mark scandal rocking the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, has denied shunning an invitation by the panel probing her audio tape of her conversation with disgraced Professor Richard Akindele, who demanded sex for marks.
 She made the denial via proxy, and said she was awaiting an invitation by the panel, the Saturday Sun newspaper reported.
 Her proxy, Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, Founder, Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre, a non-profit organisation, said that the university did not at any point invite Miss Osagie to face the panel.

Father and Son Meme

Image result for father and son meme

Father And Son

Image result for father and son meme

"More Lagos Wives Beat Their Husbands" - Commissioner

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Add caption
Lagos State government yesterday raised the alarm over the increasing cases of housewives who now batter their husbands. The Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Adeniji Kazeem, who said this while briefing journalists on the score card of his ministry in the last one year, said no fewer than 138 of such cases were reported to the agency in charge of domestic violence. 

Kazeem also said that the state Mobile courts arraigned 8,380 offenders for flouting the Road Traffic Law which included parking on walkways and yellow lines, use of BRT corridor, commuters and conductors hanging on the tailboards of moving vehicles, driving against traffic, etc.

Friday, 20 April 2018

BBNaija: Disgusting! Tobi Picks Alex’s Nose (Photo+Video)

The ‘friendship’ between housemates, Tobi and Alex seem to be going stronger and somewhat, weirder by the day.

In another episode of ‘friendship goals’, Tobi has been pictured on camera picking his buddy, Alex’s nose and seems okay with it.

The gentleman who’s a potential winner of the Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala game show has professed earlier that if he had the chance of dating Alex, he’s down with it.

Busted! Here’s The Lady Behind Viral Sex-For-Mark Scandal At Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) (Photo)

Busted! Here’s The Lady Behind Viral S*x-For-Mark Scandal In OAU (Photo)
Management of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU), have officially identified Miss Monica Osagie, A student of the Institution as the lady involved in the s*x-for-mark scandal currently rocking the University.

An audio conversation which surfaced online last week exposed one of the school’s lecturers, Professor Richard Akindele asking for five rounds of s*x from Monica Osagie before she can pass his course.


Beautiful Nigerian five generations photos of daughter, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-granddaughter

This is indeed a rare privilege. Nigerian mother of one, Miriam Davou Ako took to Instagram to share photos of herself, her daughter, mother, grandmother and great-great-grandmother.

PASTOR or PREDATOR? "Pastor Sunday Adelaja Wanted Sex From Me, Has My Photos"

A popular Nigerian Pastor, Sunday Adelaja has been busted by one of his church members who disclosed to JoelsBlog that the Pastor has wronged so many Women in his Church.

Using his Power and Influence as the General Overseer, Pastor Sunday Adelaja is known for abusing and sleeping with young girls including married women who had all left after he asked to sleep with them,Not Once was he (Sunday Adelaja) questioned on why they left!

There is an on-going movement on Facebook with the Harsh tag, #Istandforthetruth to make sure those women got Justice, A Lady Fleur Carine Marin took to her Facebook wall to call

Arsene Wenger Quits Arsenal: Boss to Walk Away At End Of Season After 22 Years In Charge As He Pens Emotional Message To Fans

Image result for Arsene Wenger QUITS Arsenal
Arsene Wenger has stunned football by announcing that he will finally step down as Arsenal manager at the end of the season after 22 years in charge. 

The 68-year-old Frenchman, who joined Arsenal from Nagoya Grampus Eight all the way back in 1996, shocked players and staff, telling them about his departure completely out of the blue at the club's London Colney training base.

Wenger penned an emotional statement to Arsenal supporters on Friday morning as he announced his departure, offering them 'my love and support forever'.

Prince Charles And The Rules Of Succession For The Head Of The Commonwealth

The Queen and Prince Charles welcomed dozens of world leaders to feast at Buckingham Palace for a state dinner on Thursday evening. Pictured: The two earlier in the day

The Queen, who turns 92 in April, was proclaimed Head of the Commonwealth at her coronation when she was head of state in seven of its eight members and wants Prince Charles to succeed her.  

But it is not a hereditary position that will pass automatically to the Prince of Wales, who will be head of state in only 15 of the 53 member nations that now make up the Commonwealth. 

The Commonwealth Secretariat insists the leader must be chosen by Commonwealth heads of government, such as the Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Canada.

Queen Hosts 'Farewell' State Dinner For Commonwealth Leaders At Buckingham Palace After Urging Them To Anoint Prince Charles As Her Successor...

The Queen and Charles welcome world leaders for state dinner
The Queen welcomed world leaders to Buckingham Palace for a state dinner on Thursday evening. Her Majesty hosted the dinner, which was attended by several members of the royal family and heads of government, including Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife Lucy (left). The lavish dinner came ahead of anointing the Queen's successor on Friday, as she told foreign dignitaries earlier today of her 'sincere wish' that they pick Prince Charles (pictured together right) to take over as leader of the Commonwealth.

Timaya Shares Photos Of His Magnificent Multi-Million Mansion

Nigerian Hitmaker Timaya whose real name is Enetimi Alfred Odom has taken to Instagram to show off his recently completed Lagos mansion and it is indeed very beautiful.

The Bayelsa state born singer, who bears the nickname ‘Ebgeri Papa 1 of Bayelsa’ shared the photo below with the caption;,

‘I miss home’.

Photos Below ;

‘You Abandoned Our Son For Marriage' -WandeCoal Replies Babymama

Image result for WandeCoal replies babymama
Nigerian singer, Wande Coal, has responded to claims of abduction levelled against him by his baby mama, Tope.

She claimed their love child was taken away from her by Wande’s mom after he impregnated her at age 16 and made her drop out of secondary school, back in 2008.

In a statement issued today, Wande said:

“I want to start by saying that the only truth that has been said so far, is that the child is my son. Everything else is a lie.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu And Wife Betty Celebrate 37th Wedding Anniversary With Throwback Photos

The executive governor of Onfo State, Rotimi Akeredolu and his wife have celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary with powerful photos. 

Endtime! Is This Fashion Or Madness? More Photos

Teenager flashes her bum in a revealing ankara outfit for her Prom night
A teenager has gone viral for her choice of outfit to Prom. She stepped out in a risque  Ankara outfit which revealed her bum. Will you let your child dress up like this to prom?

#BBNaija: CeeC Apologizes To Tobi After Attacking Him And Receiving A Strike

CeeC and Tobi are still trending on Social media right now after the former verbally attacked the latter, which caused her a strike.
It all began when Tobi said he doesn’t like her anymore as they were about to prepare for their Close-Up task and she started raining insults on him, curse him for gossiping and talking behind her back with other housemates.

#BBNaija: Cee-C Attacks Miracle Shortly After Dealing With Tobi (Video)

#BBNaija: Cee-c Attacks Miracle Shortly After Dealing With Tobi (Video)
Shortly after taking Tobi on an embarrassing session of insults, Cee-C took a break to give Miracle his bitter share of her drama.

Cee-C was pictured at the garden of the Big Brother Naija house verbally attacking Miracle while he was with Nina preparing for a task for the tooth-paste brand, Close-Up.

Tobi and Alex watched from a distance as Miracle struggled to put up a defence of his integrity as a man. He assured Cee-C he wasn’t going to keep quiet for her as Tobi does, always.

Nina tried mediating between the duo before Cee-C left the scene. This happened before Big Brother intervened and gave Cee-C a strike over the controversies in the house.

Watch a short clip of the drama below:

Thugs Invasion: Nigerian Police Recover Senate's Stolen Mace.

The Nigerian Police has recovered the Senate’s stolen Mace at a flyover before the Abuja City Gate, where according to ASP Aremu Adeniran, Deputy Force Public Relations Officer Force Headquarters a patriotic passer-by saw it and alerted the Police.

This came as the IGP has ordered the Commissioner of Police FCT Command to beef-up security at the National Assembly.

According to a statement by the Police on Thursday morning the Mace was recovered by the ‘Police teams who engaged in massive raids of identified criminal spots/flashpoints, stop and search operations, visibility and confidence-building patrols, intelligence gathering which forced the suspected miscreants to abandon the Mace at a point under the flyover before the City Gate, where a patriotic passer-by saw it and alerted the Police.’

“3 Things Funke Akindele Must Do To Have A Child, And Why Her Husband Needs Special Prayers” Says Lagos Prophet, Dr Faleyimu

Image result for funke akindele and her husband

Popular Lagos prophet, and the Founder of Mountain of Blessing and Miracle Church of Christ, Dr Olagoroye Faleyimu, in a recent chat with, has advised Nollywood star, Funke Akindele aka Jenifa to be prayerful in order to have the fruits of the womb before she breathes her last.
According to him, Funke Akindele needs to be closer to God and engage in a special prayer in order for her to become a mother.

Billionaire Businessman, Anselm Tabansi Loses Son, Jesse In Car Accident

Billionaire Businessman, Anselm Tabansi Loses Son, Jesse In Car Accident
Jesse, the son of billionaire businessman, Anselm Tabansi, has died.Jesse who is in his 20s, died in a car accident few days ago while riding with a friend who survived.
Until his death, Jesse Tabansi was an upcoming singer and had dropped a number of mildly successful songs, including Ki lon waso, Last Time, Shake and Boma Ye.
The deceased’s father, Anselm is the owner of popular Lagos hotel, Maison Fahrenheit and Svengali furniture.
Friends and well wishers took to social media to mourn him.
Some of those mourning his death include EME boss, Banky W and wife, Adesua Etomi.
See their post below;

Senate Mace! Police Release Names Of All Suspects Arrested Over Stolen Mace (Full List)

Senate Mace! Police Release Names Of All Suspects Arrested Over Stolen Mace (Full List)

The Nigerian Police has officially released a list of names, suspected to be involved in Today’s invasion at the Senate Chambers, National Assembly. The hoodlums who made away with the Senate mace will soon be facing the music. See the full list below.

Senate Plenary
 A List has been exclusively obtained by reporters containing the names of the five suspects who were on Wednesday arrested by the FCT Police Command after they brazenly entered the Chambers of the National Assembly and forcefully made away with the Mace, the symbol of authority of the nation’s Legislative arm of government.

#BBNaija: Nigerians React To The Alleged Sex Video Of Alex And Tobi

#BBNaija Nigerians react to Alex and Tobi’s alleged sex video
Earlier this morning, a video surfaced on the internet and it featured Big Brother Naija housemates, Tobi and Alex in what looked like a sexual act going on.

Nigerians have taken to their favorite social media platform to react to the viral video after Alex had claimed that she was just on a platonic friendship level with Tobi. Although the latter had stated that if given the opportunity, he will date Alex after the Big Brother Naija show.


A final year female Unilag student was arrested on Wednesday, 18th of April after she allegedly stole her boyfriend’s ATM card and used it to buy an iPhone 8 
According to trending reports, the lady bought other several items on Jumia too. However, her boyfriend, in collaboration with Jumia, traced the buyer to Unilag’s Moremi Hall where the delivery was made.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Snatching Of Mace: PDP Reacts, Indicts Security Agents, APC Govt

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday condemned the invasion of the National Assembly and the seizure of the Senate mace.

DAILY POST reports that thugs suspected to be loyal to the suspended Senator representing Delta Central Senatorial district, Ovie Omo-Agege had invaded the red chambers and forcefully took away the mace.

Reacting to the situation, spokesperson of the PDP, Kola Ologbondiyan described the seizure of the mace as a “direct assault on the legislature and bold attempt to truncate Nigeria’s democracy.”

Senator Omo-Agege Reacts To Snatching Mace Of National Assembly

Contrary to reports that Senator Ovie Omo-Agege was arrested after allegedly leading thugs into the Senate chambers to snatch the mace, the Police said the lawmaker was merely escorted out of the National Assembly complex.

The senator's media office has released a press statement as relating to the invasion of the national assembly and the stealing of the mace.

Read the press statement below;

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, the Senate purportedly suspended Senator Ovie Omo-Agege. However, based on legal advice and his understanding of the current position of the law, Senator Omo-Agege today resumed work and sitting with his colleagues.

"Omo-Agege's Suspension And The Need For Sanctity In The Red Chamber"

Diverse opinions have greeted news about the suspension of Senator representing Delta Central Senatorial district, Ovie Omo-Agege for 90 legislative days by the Nigerian Senate last Thursday.

The Senator, a member of the ruling APC, was reportedly suspended for championing the opposition to the National Assembly's elections reordering bill and the subsequent court case he instituted in court to avoid being punished. Who does that in a true democratic dispensation? 

Some of the opinions expressed over the suspension have been constructive, some objective while some are fit only as beer parlour discussion and opinions.