Saturday 19 April 2014

Jude Okoye Quits As Peter and Paul of P-Square Are Allegedly To Be On The Verge Of Break-Up

Although there is no official statement from the parties yet, it appears that there is trouble brewing up in the P-square camp.
There are reasons to believe that the Okoye brothers - Jude and Psquare - are either on the verge of breaking up or have broken up!
Reports indicate that commotion is presently brewing up in the P-square camp - this has to do with the twins being at constant loggerheads caused by one of their wives.
Popular Nigeria blogger Linda Ikeji reports thus:

"I've been hearing a few stories about Peter and Paul Okoye of P-Square having issues for a while now. I hear they disagree on everything now...songs, videos, ideas etc...On Wednesday April 16th, I gathered exclusively from industry sources that the brothers fought each other physically during rehearsals. They had to be separated by their dancers. This is fact! I hear one of the wives is causing some of the problems between the brothers."
Also, their elder brother and manager tweeted this a few minutes ago “After ten years of hard work, it’s over and I’m done!!!” - which implies that he has quit his office as their manager.

Sex Worker Caught Getting Intimate In A Married Man's Matrimonial Home [Photo+Video]

Policeman Caught Assaulting Young Women Because There was No Soup To Finish His Beer [Photo+Video]

A drunken Police officer identified as Tafa Mohammed with the Mobile Police, or Mopol, Unit 20 recently assaulted two women a fish seller & a customer.
This assault which took place at Lewis Street, Lafiaji, Obalende on the Lagos Island, happened when the street food vendor refused to give him fish to finish drinking his beer
She said she only sold fish with food and not on its own.
This infuriated him and he picked on a lady buying food from her, beating her and throwing her into the muddy water.

Thursday 17 April 2014

Last-minute reprieve: Incredible moment an Iranian killer is spared execution by his victim's mother. . . while he had the noose around his neck

The convicted murderer, known as Balal, was sentenced to death for stabbing 18-year-old Abdollah Hosseinzadeh in a street fight in the Iranian town of Royan. Blindfolded and with the noose tight around his neck, the killer was due to have the scaffold chair kicked away from under him by the dead man's parents. But in an extraordinary act of clemency, the mother instead walks up to him, slaps him around the face (left) and chooses to forgive him. The parents then remove the noose (right) to the joy of the convict's mother who runs over and embraces the grieving woman who let her son walk free.
Iran execution reprieve
As he prepares to take his last breath, this is the incredible moment a murderer is spared the gallows just seconds before he is due to be hanged after a dramatic reprieve from the victim's mother.
Blindfolded and with the noose tight around his neck, the Iranian killer was due to have the scaffold chair kicked away from under him by the dead man's parents.
But as these compelling pictures show, the mother instead walks up to him, slaps him around the face and chooses to forgive him in an extraordinary act of clemency.
The parents then remove the noose to the joy of the convict's mother who runs over and embraces the grieving woman who let her son walk free.

Photo: Man Beheads His Two Cousins, Injures Two Others

Akaninyene’s house. Inset: Ezekiel lifeless body

A 35-year old man, Mr. Uwem Job, on Wednesday, beheaded two of his cousins, Mr. Akaninyene Job, 45; and Ezekiel Job, 36. Two other cousins – Itoro Job and Ekemini Job – narrowly escaped death as Uwem’s machete missed their throats, but cut through their hands. They were said to have been taken to a hospital in the area. Eyewitnesses said the incident occurred around 8.10am in Ikot Nkim, Ibesikpo/Asutan Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State.

It was learnt that Uwem fled after the incident and his whereabouts had not been known. Akaninyene’s younger brother, Mr. Ekemini Job said that around 8.10am, Uwem came to their house and told Akaninyene to come with him, saying that he had something to show him (Akaninyene). He stated that as Akaninyene opened the curtain to see what Uwem had for him, he (Uwem) hit Akaninyene on the neck with a machete and severed his head from the body. Ekemini said, “Uwem came to our house around 8am and asked Akaninyene to open the door and collect something he brought for him. “Uwem had a 25-litre keg of fuel in his hand and had hid a machete that he brought with him.

Britain’s Youngest Parents: Mum 12 years Pregnant While At Primary School - Dad 13years [Photos]

New record: A couple have become Britain's youngest parents after a girl aged 12 gave birth. Their faces have been pixellated to protect their identitiesFront page: Their child weighed 7lbs - close to the UK average for a girl of 7lb 4oz, The Sun reported
The 'proud' father of a 12-year-old girl who has become Britain’s youngest mother insisted yesterday that he would rather she had fallen pregnant than 'find she is on drugs'.
The schoolgirl, who became pregnant by her 13-year-old ‘boyfriend’ when she was still in primary school at the age of 11, gave birth to a 7lb 4oz girl on Sunday.
At 12 years and three months, she is five months younger than the previous youngest UK mother. 
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Mentally Challenged (Mad) Woman Allegedly Caught With BlackBerry, Android Phones And ATM Cards In Lagos(Photo)

A mentally challenged woman has been caught with a N100,00 blackberry & an android by an angry mob. 
 Punch reports that the incident happened around Onabanjo Street, Oworonshoki, Lagos State around 10am. Residents also claimed that two ATM cards were also found on the woman.

resident, James Ogunkoya, said the mobs took action when they spotted her with some money and trailed her and beat her to a pulp.
“Around 10am, I saw a crowd around an unkempt woman. Some of the youths picked up sticks and were beating the woman. When I asked what was wrong, they said they found three phones and N100,000 with the her.They said the woman was not mad, but was only pretending to be mad so that she could easily perpetrate evil acts.”

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Photos From Ex Beauty Queen And Nollywood Legend, Regina Askia's Home Visits To Nigeria After Over 10 Years In The US

The Former beauty queen, actress and Miss Nigeria, Regina Askia Williams made a return to Nigeria last week after she was invited by the governor of Akwa Ibom (her home state) as part of the Diaspora Unity team 2014. Governor Akpabio had invited the team to attend a memorial servicein honor of the State’s slain heroes during the civil war, as well as tour and appraise the transformation going on in Akwa Ibom State.

Pregnant Mother Died On Operating Table After Surgeon Accidentally Removes Her Ovary Instead of Appendix

Dr Yahya Al-Abed - Maria De Jesus
A pregnant woman with appendicitis died after a bungling trainee surgeon mistakenly removed one of her healthy ovaries. 32 year old Maria De Jesus, underwent the botched operation at Queen’s Hospital, Romford, Essex, after she was admitted with abdominal pains in October 2011. 

She died 19 days later after suffering a miscarriage as an inexperienced medic Dr Yahya Al-Abed admitted he made a number of errors during the procedure, including removing her right ovary instead of her appendix. Maria De Jesus, miscarried her baby days before she died of multiple organ failure. 

She was suffering from appendicitis but unsupervised trainee surgeons removed one of her ovaries by mistake. Senior surgical consultant, Dr Babatunde Coker, is accused of failing in his role by not attending theatre to carry out the surgery himself or supervising the registrar. Mrs De Jesus, who was 21-weeks pregnant, was discharged ten days after the October 23 operation, but returned to the Romford hospital on November 7, still in serious pain. 
The mother-of-three gave birth to a still-born boy and died on the operating table on November 10 following a second operation to remove her appendix, the tribunal heard. Both doctors are facing fitness to practise proceedings at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, where they could face being struck off. 
The General Medical Council, represented by Peter Horgan, say the doctors’ treatment of Mrs De Jesus, who is referred to as Patient A at the hearing, amounted to misconduct.

Arsenal player Theo Walcott shares first photo of his newborn son

Arsenal and England footballer Theo Walcott and wife Melanie Slade welcomed his newborn son , Finley James Walcott , on Thursday . And just yesterday , he shared the first photo of his son on Facebook. The little boy appears half asleep in the photo above and I think he looks more  like Walcott than his wife , Melanie . But , isn't he so lovely?

Arsenal FC's 2014/2015 Season Jersey Kits [Photos]

Twitter user ‏@oitzbrad tweeted this picture below of what he claims is a leaked Arsenal 2014-15 strip.Still in doubt ? Arsenal player ,Mesut  Ozil was spotted holding a replica of the jersey

Monalisa Chinda & Lanre Nzeribe's Disgruntled Former Staff Writes In

An email from the assistant editor of actress Monalisa Chinda & Lanre Nzeribe's failed magazine venture, Monalisa. The disgruntled former staff, Kelvin Keshi, had a lot to say about the couple and their work ethic which some of you may find interesting. But remember this is a one-sided story from an angry former staff, so keep an open mind. 
Monalisa Chinda’s and Lanre Nzeribe’s marriage of inconvenience, By Kelvin Keshi
It was Tuesday August 27 and another lifeless day filled with uncertainties, inconsistencies and a shameful lack of direction at Monalisa, the white elephant magazine misadventure of Lanre Nzeribe and Monalisa Chinda. Lisa had suddenly gone AWOL for close to a month from her ceremonial publisher’s seat, staff were being owed two months’ salary and Lanre was stalling.  He rarely showed up in the office and whenever he did, he barely spoke with anyone before he would zoom off again in his black Maserati.  Outside, he was always conscious to give off a deceptive public image of the hip ‘big boy’ and perfect gentleman to camouflage his real insensitive, aloof and condescending sides. 

Monalisa Chinda Confirms Break Up, Releases Official Statement

Monalisa Chinda & Lanre Nzeribe have officially ended not only their romantic relationship, but also their business relationship as well. Monalisa Chinda’s management team sent this official statement confirming the break up.

We regret to officially announce the resignation of Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda from Monalisa Magazine, which also marks the end of her partnership with Mr. Lanre Nzeribe, due to irreconcilable professional differences.

Chilling Confessions: How we destroy men through sex -Teenage girls • Another admits killing own mother, 8 others

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Worshippers at St. Theresa's Catholic Church, Umushene, Umuida, Enugu Ezike in Enugu State, are still searching their lexicon for words that will describe their experience last weekend when some female teenagers filed out before their priest to give chilling accounts of how they have used their spiritual powers to destroy the lives of men through sex.
Besides, another young boy who also sought forgiveness from God told how he killed his own mother along with eight others, turned his brother to a dwarf and prevented his elder sister from getting a man to marry her through the power of witchcraft.

These were part of the raw confessions that held worshippers glued to their feet at a vigil organised by the Okunerere Catholic Adoration Ministries (OCAM) between Friday and last Saturday.

Pastor Drops Dead Conducting Funeral Of Herbalist

The sleepy town of Asaga-Oha­fia in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State has been thrown into a deep shock and controversy following the death of a cleric who dropped dead while conduct­ing the burial service of a renowned herbalist.
Saturday Sun gathered that Pa Oji Okoko, who was not only a notable herb­alist but a leader of some powerful cult groups such as Uke Abaa, Akpan and Ekpe, had warned his family before his death that his corpse should not to be taken to any church for funeral. However, his burial few days ago was turned to a show of power in the community torn between two religions: Christianity and idolatry. The same town has produced Nigeria's Ambassador to Canada, Chief Ojo Maduekwe and popular Evangelist, Rev Uma Ukpai who has taken evangelism around the globe.

I’m Proud Of My Yoruba Background - Adunni Ade

Adunni Ade
Adunni Ade

I am known as Adunni Ade but my actual name is Adunni Adewale. I was born in Queens, New York to a Nigerian father and American/German mother. I had my elementary education at Chrisland School, Ikeja and post-elementary education at Bells Secondary School, Ota.  Afterwards, I relocated to America where I studied accounting at the University of Kentucky.
Studying accounting
Growing up, I never wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer. My father is one who believes a sound education is key. He advised that I studied a professional course so that that I could always have something to fall back on.
Living in America
I had two jobs. It was not the easiest and the last 10 years of my life were not the easiest either for so many reasons but I thank God for where I am today. When I was going through those tough times, it seemed like it would never get better but I truly thank God. I appreciate the person than I am now more than I did years ago.

10-Month-Old Baby Miraculously Survives Nyanya Bomb Blast | Reunites With ‘Missing’ Mother In Hospital (PHOTOS).

A 10-month-old baby simply identified as Goodness, who was rescued from the scene of the Monday bomb blast in Nyanya near Abuja,  has been reunited with her mother in hospital.
Goodness was separated from her mother, Gloria Adams, who was presumed dead in the explosion.
Before she was taken from the Asokoro Hospital to the Wuse General Hospital where her mother is receiving treatment in  the Intensive Care Unit, Goodness spent Tuesday morning sleeping.
Medical workers and her aunt, Maria Dominic, looked after the little baby who had only a slight swelling close to one of her eyes.
Her mother suffered severe injuries and is one of the two left in the Wuse General Hospital’s ICU after one other victim died.

VIDEO: Shameless Youths Caught Publicly Doing Each Other

This is not just unimaginable but totally completely disgusting and highly shameful...see what they were doing below

President Barrack Obama Saved First Lady Michelle Obama From An Embarrassing Situation [Photos]

President Barrack Obama saved his wife First Lady Michelle Obama from an embarrassing 
situation by stopping her skirt from blowing up in the wind as they boarded the presidential jet in Houston!

Some American Blogs carried this news, twisting it that the president is randy. A critical look at the Picture reveals a Man trying to Cover up his wife from Fashion malfunction against unnecessary media misrepresentation.

Plane passengers film screaming woman who shouted for ENTIRE flight as attendants asked THEM to tackle her if she tries to open door mid-flight

A woman had an epic meltdown on a flight to Tampa. The unidentified woman screamed 'God you're my savior' over and over at the top of her lungs.
A woman began to scream hysterically on an American Airlines flight bound for Tampa screaming 'God your my saviour!'
In a video posted to YouTube, the woman who was traveling from Miami to Tampa repeatedly screamed over and over leaving passengers around her deeply unsettled.
As she shouts,'God, you’re my savior! God, you’re my savior!' she flips through a magazine with one hand and taps restlessly on her cellphone with the other.
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Four Adorable Dogs 'Say Grace' Before Every Meal And Then Clean Up After Themselves [Photos+Video]

Some very well-mannered dogs in China are set to become the new viral video of the week, if initial feedback is anything to go on.
The clip shows four dogs simultaneously bowing their heads in preparation for dinner, as demanded by their handler.
The woman, who can only slightly be seen on camera, ensures there is an 'Amen equivalent' before setting down the bowls of food in front of the responsive canine.

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Jonathan In Ibadan, Pays Tributes To Olubadan As He Clocks 100 [Photos]

President Goodluck Jonathan has described the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Samuel Odulana, as a man of impeccable character whose reign has been peaceful. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the president stated this on Tuesday at the monarch’s palace in Ibadan when he paid him a visit on the occasion of his centenary birthday celebration. “Oba Odulana is a man of impeccable character whose reign has witnessed peace and tranquility. “ To reach 100 years in life is a blessing,” the president said. Jonathan, who congratulated the monarch,.


Ifeanyi Uba
‘Life is short and so is money,’rambunctious businessman,Ifeanyi Ubah now realize these words German poet Bertolt Bretch. It’s no more news that businessman Ifeanyi Ubah ,lost in last November Governorship election,in Anambra. Everybody knows that Prior to the election, he bragged with his bloated influence and wealth,as he walked the length and breadth of Anambra,with his celebrity friends,that he is tsunami that will send Governor Peter Obi packing, only for him to come in a woeful distant fourth position in the election.


Last weekend, Sunday, April 6, Hakeem Ogbara, the younger brother of Nigeria’s wealthiest woman, Folorunso Alakija made a move that has been eliciting side talks from people within the society. He took a second wife, amidst a modest Nikkai cum and Introduction ceremony, which was attended by member of his family and close friends. Hakeem’s second wife is Folakemi Aladeniyi, a pretty lady, whom he has been dating in the last couple of years.
A successful businessman, Hakeem Ogbara is the Managing Director of Hakog Integrated Services, a business consultancy firm. 


Tanwa who had married a nice young gentleman has now added the ultimate disgrace to the Fagbayi family name. Her husband who has a nice job with an oil company had travelled to one of the ex USSR satellite countries and left Tanwa in the house with their two young children. Alas, when Tanwa’s mother-in-law came visiting to their 1004 Victoria Island Flat Estate, she found Tanwa in bed with the family driver. To cut the long story short, Tanwa has been sent packing and she has relocated to the USA.
It did not come as a shock, some years back when Olu Fagbayi, the scion of the Fagbayi family passed gently away. This was because the sleek, happy-go-lucky and gregarious Olu had, some years back, lived life to the hilt, but life had then lived past him and abated with receding ebb. Olu was the son of the very successfulbuilding contractor, Chief M. Fagbayi, Chairman of MA Fagbayi & Sons, undoubtedly the most successful Lagos firm of building contractors. Being of the illustrious Fagbayi family from the Oto royal family near Iddo on Lagos Mainland, Chief Fagbayi possessed a huge company works yard in Oto and had a fantastic mansion by the creek in Apapa, a house on Willesden Lane in London and educated all his children in highbrow educational institutes in England. Olu had many sisters –Mrs “Mama” Bakare, Mrs Toun Mohammed, Head of Apapa Corona School, Mrs Fulayo Ogbara, wife of Rasaq Ogbara of the Ogbara dynasty.

N48m Fraud: Police Arrest Lagos Socialite, Bolaji Esho

Bolaji Esho
Lagos socialite and darling of Fuji musicians, Bolaji Esho, as you read this is currently cooling his heels at the Security Intelligence Bureau (SIB) of the Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja, over a case of N48 million fraud
Exclusively reports gathered indicate that the embattled socialite was picked up in the evening of Thursday, April 10, 2014, at his Yaba, Lagos based bar and immediately whisked away in hand cuffs.
Esho’s arrest was due to a petition written to SIB, by a Nigerian business man based in Malaysia, Samson Ajani.
In his petition, Ajani claimed he gave Esho the sum of N48 million to assist him build a farm in Epe, Lagos since 2012.

Former Beauty Queen Regina Askia Visits Nigeria After Over 10 Years

Nollywood leading lady Regina Askia-Williams shocked fans when she relocated to the United States of America over a decade ago.
The former beauty queen is currently in Nigeria for a visit and has been keeping fans and friends updated on her activities.
She recently shared details on her emotional reunion with her mother via her Facebook page
Finally in my mothers arms, in the village. Finally got my share of the ikpan, the isip mbakara, the ekpang nkukwo, aaahhh......Walked around the ranging farm house, my sister had the house all done up nieces and nephews vying to show new skills and sending messages of love to Teesa and Rudy........Had long discussion with Uncle mmi. It was sunny, beautiful and hot....Palm fronds swaying, cool breeze blowing, tropical scents wafting.......Africa my Africa.

Regina also discussed her experience at a civil war Memorial event in Akwa Ibom

Video: Abuja Nyanya Terror Attacks

Police Arrest Twins For Robbery, Burglary

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Lagos has arrested a set of identical twins for robbing a factory belonging to Reckitt Benckiser, producers of Dettol.
Police authorities told PUNCH Metro that the duo, Taiye and Kehinde Balogun, were welders and were hired by a robbery gang to break into the firm’s warehouse in May last year.
The robbery gang, it was learnt, robbed the company of soap noodles and chemicals worth N17m.
It was learnt that after the robbery, SARS detectives launched an investigation into the case and the prime suspects were arrested in February.

Shocking images of man who lost half of his skull when he smashed his head on concrete at work

These are the shocking images of a man who has been left with half a head following an accident at work. Elvis Romeo Lingurar, 24 was working as a labourer on a school demolition job when he lost his balance and fell, smashing his head on the concrete below. The impact of the six foot fall shattered Elvis skull and doctors were forced to remove half of it in order to save his life. Elvis from Livada, Russia, spent several days in a coma where doctors battled to save his life but it wasnt until he left hospital a fortnight later and looked in the mirror that he realised the extent of his injuries.
A Romanian man has been walking around with half-a-head for the past year after his skull was crushed in a work accident.
Construction worker Elvis Romeo Lingurar, 24 was working on a demolition site when he lost his balance and fell off scaffolding, smashing his head on the concrete below.
The impact of the six foot fall shattered Elvis' skull on his left side, and doctors were forced to remove the bone in order to save his life.
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Cannibals Who Dug Up More Than 100 corpses From The Local Graveyard And Eaten Them [Photos]

Farman Ali and Arif Ali, two brothers previously convicted of cannibalism, are taken to a local court after they were arrested again for cannibalism, in Sargodha, Pakistan
Farman Ali and Arif Ali, two brothers previously convicted of cannibalism, are taken to a local court after they were arrested again for cannibalism, in Sargodha, Pakistan
Two convicted cannibals have been rearrested in Pakistan after a young boy's head was discovered in their home.
The gruesome discovery of a three-year-old's head was made in the house of Mohammad Arif Ali, 35, and his brother Mohammad Farman Ali, 30.
The pair, from the small town of Darya Khan in the country's interior, had previously served two years in jail for cannibalism and were only released last year.

Baby has extra limbs removed after being born with four hands and four feet in Chinese hospital

Doctors at a hospital in Huizhou city, in China's Guangdong province, released this picture of the baby with four hands and four feet before surgery
Doctors have successfully removed a baby's extra limbs after it was born with four hands and four feet.
The child is now in a stable condition at a hospital in China's southern Guangdong province four days after the surgery.
The 13-day-old boy, from Huizhou, was born joined to a headless parasitic twin joined at the torso on April 2. That has now been removed.

Yinka Ayefele’s Felele Mansion On Fire [Photo]

Yinka Ayefele’s mansion is on fire. We currently don’t know what caused the fire, but his journalist friends have started broadcasting the pictures of the scene on blackberry. We hope they put out the fire soon.

Relations Weep At Hospital As They Are Denied Access To Victims [Photos]

But amidst the tears, wailing,  and anguish that was tangibly present yesterday at the various hospitals victims of the Nyanya Motor Park bomb blast were taken to, tension was worsened as relations were denied access to them.
Security was tense as relations and journalists also were barred from gaining entrance to the emergency unit of the hospital.
The entrance of the emergency unit of the National Hospital, Abuja was cordoned off to people as heavily armed policemen took over the place right from the entrance of the hospital.
Some of the relations who came to see their loved ones looked worried and distraught as they were not allowed access to them.

Monday 14 April 2014

British High Commissioner To Nigeria Donates Blood To Victims Of Blast

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Dr. Andrew Pocock was seen at the National Blood Transfusion Centre, Wuse 3, Abuja this afternoon donating blood.

Abuja bombing: 71 dead, 124 injured, 16 luxury buses, 24 other vehicles burnt

A massive explosion ripped through a bus station during the morning rush hour in Nigeria's capital, killing at least 71 people and wounding 124 in a bombing that marked the bloodiest terrorist attack ever in Abuja.
President Goodluck Jonathan visited the scene and blamed Boko Haram, an Islamic extremist group which operates in the northeast of Nigeria and which has been threatening to attack Nigeria's capital. One official said he believed the bomb buried in the earth while the emergency management agency said the explosives were apparently hidden in a vehicle.
The blast destroyed 16 luxury buses and 24 minibuses and cars, said police spokesman Frank Mba, who gave the death toll.

Internet Scam: Seven Undergraduates Arrested In Lekki Raid

A surprise dawn raid on two houses in the Lekki area of Lagos on April 6, yielded the arrest of seven suspects, all undergraduates studying various courses in some of the nation’s tertiary institutions.
The undergraduates, who are within the age-range of 21 and 29 years, include Elete Fred Debi, a 500-level student of Physics/Production Technology of the University of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. Others are: Ese Iriruaga, 300-level student of Geology,  Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State; Couson Jimmy, 300-level student of Computer Science, Benson Idahosa, University, Benin-City, Edo State; Anthony Onos, 200-level student of Political Science, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State; Omene Stephen, 200-level student of Computer Science, University of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State; Kome Emmanuel, 200-level student of Petroleum Engineering, University of Port-Harcourt and Shola Muyiwa of the Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Delta State.

Bomb Hidden Inside Volkswagen Golf Vehicle - Witness

The explosive device that went off at Nyanya motor park killing an estimated 200 people was hidden in a Volkswagen golf vehicle that was driven into the park and detonated, a witness has said.
The witness, who is also the driver of one of the high-capacity buses caught in the blast, said this to PREMIUM TIMES at the park.
This is contrary to earlier reports that the bomb was placed in one of the high-capacity buses.
The witness, Dalhatu Garba, also said the bomb exploded when most of the buses in the front row where full and ready to convey passengers.
“We just heard a loud explosion and many people died instantly. In fact, many people were scattered into pieces,” he said.
Mr. Garba explained the usual scenario at the park to shed light on the magnitude of the attack.
“Apart from our buses, many other smaller cars also come in to pick passengers especially those going on long journey,” he said.
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