Saturday 30 March 2013

Happy 'werewolf' Girl Says She's Proud Of Being Special [+Video]

Supatra Sasuphan says she doesn’t spend time thinking about the rare condition she has that leaves her with thick hair on her face and body, a determination to live a normal life that makes her an inspiration to all who know her.
Supatra, an 11-year-old Thai girl who’s known as Nat, suffers from hypertrichosis, or Ambras syndrome, a genetic condition marked by excess hair on the face and body. It’s so unusual that there have been only 50 documented cases since the Middle Ages, when sufferers were feared as werewolves.

Pregnant Ex-Girl Rams New Pregnant Girlfriend With Car And Baby Daddy Says It’s Because “He’s Handsome” (About To Have 6 Kids)

A pregnant woman was seriously injured Thursday morning when another pregnant woman intentionally hit her with a car, pinning her against a southwest Houston home, police said.
The incident happened in the 9600 block of Ravensworth Drive, where Christopher Chaney lives with his pregnant girlfriend, Alise Kelly.
Chaney said his pregnant ex-girlfriend, 26-year-old Shareyll Hunter, showed up at the house Thursday morning and started arguing with Kelly.
“I was in my house asleep, and then one of my kids’ mothers came,” Chaney said. “I mean, they been texting and talking over the phone saying they want to fight each other and meet up right here and do it.”
Police say a pregnant woman ran down her pregnant rival with a car and pinned her against this house.

Photo: Man after successful heart transplant holding his own heart!

                                                                   Man after successful heart transplant holding his own heart!

Govs, ACN chiefs, others in Ikenne for Awolowo •How the 2006 crash occurred

Via - Tribune
Eminent personalities in the country have continued to condole with the matriarch of the Awolowo dynasty, Chief (Mrs) HID Awolowo, over the death of her son and Publisher/Vice-Chairman of the African Newspapers of Nigeria (ANN) Plc, Chief Oluwole Awolowo.
Those who visited the family’s residence in Ikenne, Ogun State, on Friday, included governors of Ondo and Ekiti states, Dr Olusegun Mimiko and Dr Kayode Fayemi.
Former governors of Ogun, Osun and Lagos states, Chief Olusegun Osoba, Chief Bisi Akande and Senator Bola Tinubu, also visited the family.
Mimiko, who signed the condolence register opened by the family in honour of the deceased, said the death was a great loss.

Now Lil Wayne Claims He’s Epileptic

Lil Wayne Epileptic

Rapper Lil Wayne is attempting to deflect rumors of his alleged drug use by claiming to be an epileptic. Epilepsy can be an acute (new) or chronic (longstanding) disruption of signals in the brain that results in controlled or uncontrolled convulsions (seizure activity).
In an interview with LA’s Power 106 on Thursday, Wayne, 30, said epilepsy is the reason behind his multiple hospitalizations — not his reported addiction to Promethazine/Codeine prescription cough syrup (aka Sizzurp or Purple Drank), which can also cause epileptic seizures.
Promethazine/Codeine is not prescribed for epilepsy.

Wale Ft. Tiara Thomas -Bad (Official Video)

Tiara Thomas explains how she met Wale and how their groupie anthem “Bad” was created

Tiara Thomas and Wale

Singer Tiara Thomas, best known for her duet with Wale on his single “Bad”, explained how the groupie anthem came about.
“I was in Atlanta with one of my friends I went to school with; she was my manager at the time. She’s like,’Hey, let’s go to Atlanta for spring break, just to go somewhere,’ Thomas recalls. We went and I had a fake ID. I was under 21 at the time and we just wanted to go to the club. So we went to the club and Wale was there. It was like, ‘Hey, there’s Wale, let’s take a picture with him.’ Wale listened to it, and he really liked it,”
She continued:

No big deal posing semi-nude – Ex-beauty queen, Sandra Iwu

Sandra Iwu tells ’Nonye Ben-Nwankwoabout her love for modelling
Via - Punch
 How did modelling start?
My modelling career began in Lagos at Catwalk Studio, Ikeja. That was where I was groomed and I began runway modelling.
Before now, the profession was frowned upon. How were you able to convince your people that you wanted to be a model?
I was already in gymnastics before I became a model. So my parents felt that it was one of those extra-curricular activities that keep children going. So, I had no problem with them.
You were once a beauty queen, tell us what made you participate in in that pageant.
I had watched several beauty pageants and I felt that one day, it could become my turn to show the world what I have got. The interest and courage of stardom made me to contest and I did. Starting from my days at Lagos State University where I became the Most Beautiful Girl in LASU in 2006 and Miss Galaxy in 2007/2008.

Why opposition parties failed to pick Buhari as consensus candidate in 2011—Utomi

Via - The Sun
Perhaps, the most authoritative account of what led to the collapse of the planned alliance of presidential candidates before the 2011 presidential election is Professor Pat Utomi’s. He was a presidential candidate who met with other presidential candidates to decide on who to present as candidate against President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) few days before the election. There was hope in the opposition camp. But it snapped. What went wrong? Professor Utomi, in this interview, gave an insight.

Akolade Arowolo, who allegedly murdered his banker wife, Titilayo Arowolo, said on Thursday 'my ex-wife preferred her ex-boyfriend'

Via - Vanguard
LAGOS - Akolade Arowolo, who allegedly murdered his banker wife, Titilayo Arowolo, Thursday, told an Ikeja High Court that his late wife preferred her ex-boyfriend to him and their baby.
Arowolo said this while giving testimony in his self defence.
He told the court that they got married on August 8, 2008 and were blessed with a child.
Arowolo, who is a graduate of Genetics from the University of Lagos said he met his wife during his post-graduate programme when he helped her to sort out some academic challenges, pointing out that one of the reasons they had problems in their marriage was because of ego and immaturity and not because of violence.

King Sunny Ade, others not on list of richest African musicians

Via- Punch
A new survey that produced '10 richest African musicians' may have been influenced by mere swagger and gossips, writes Chux Ohai
Ace Nigerian musicians King Sunny Ade and Wasiu Ayinde, aka K1 are surprisingly missing from a list of richest African musicians published by an international online magazine, Africa Answers.
The omission of the artistes, whose careers span several decades, from the list is the subject of a debate that is currently rippling through the Nigerian entertainment circles.
The list, a periodic ritual by Africa Answers, includes Tuface Idibia, BankyW, D'Banj and P-Square among 10 wealthiest artistes on the continent.

12 Shocking Facts About Nigeria

Fast-forward to September, 2011. By this time, my doubt had given rise to a burning desire to know the specific things that make us great as a nation–that make us the most blessed people on earth. I felt if I did find these specific facts, they would need to be shared with Nigerians and the world in spectacular ways. To achieve this aim, I discussed the idea with my friend, George Okewih, and our subsequent brainstorming led to the birth of The Green Heritage page on Facebook to promote our cultural and natural heritage to Nigerians and the world. It’s been eighteen months of rigorous research since, and now I am convinced that my late lecturer was right.

Friday 29 March 2013

Photos: New Couple Alert: Ashanti is off the market

Ashanti and beau

R&B singer Ashanti was probably thinking “Nelly who?” as she strolled out of a restaurant with her new beau. Ashanti, who clearly has an affinity for roughnecks, stopped by the trendy Ivy restaurant to have a bite to eat with her mystery man in Los Angeles on Wednesday (March 27). Her ex, rapper Nelly is currently datingbisexual groupie Tae Heckard, who is probably lining up her next gullible celebrity target as I type this.

Filipino Crucifixion Re_Enactment On Good Friday Draws Penitents And Onlookers (PHOTOS)

 Philippines -- Devotees in villages in the northern Philippines took part in a bloody annual ritual to mark Good Friday, a celebration that mixes Roman Catholic devotion and Filipino folk beliefs and sees some reenact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
The crucified devotees spent several minutes nailed to crosses in Pampanga province while thousands of tourists watched and took photos of the spectacle, which the church discourages. Earlier in the day, hooded male penitents trudged through the province's villages under the blazing sun while flagellating their bleeding backs with makeshift whips. Others carried wooden crosses to dramatize Christ's sacrifice.

Exclusive! Kim Kardashian Names Her Baby

Kim Kardashian baby names
Kim Kardashian, who claims she’s pregnant with Kanye West’s baby, has chosen a name for the baby.
Kim appeared on last night’s Tonight Show where she discussed the highs and lows of being a first-time expectant mother. When Jay Leno asked her about baby name rumors, she gladly cleared that up.
“We have a list,” she told Leno. And some of them are ‘K’ names, some of them aren’t. [North] is not on our list, she said with a smirk.
“But you know what name I do like,” she said with a smile. “I like Easton – Easton West. I think that’s cute.” Kim added that the name Easton is not on Kanye’s approved list of names… yet.
Kim didn’t mention if “South” or “Mid” were on the list of approved baby names.

Chinese man keeps himself alive for 13 years with HOMEMADE dialysis machine

Hu Songwen

Hu Songwen uses his dialysis machine three times a week. He says it has kept him alive for 13 years

Three times a week, Hu Songwen sits on a small toilet in his home in a rural east China town and fires up his homemade dialysis machine.
Hu, who suffers from kidney disease, made it from kitchen utensils and old medical instruments after he could no long afford hospital fees.
He was a college student when he was diagnosed in 1993 with kidney disease, which means waste  products cannot be removed from his blood.
He underwent dialysis treatment in hospital but ran out of savings after six years. His solution was to create his own machine to slash his costs.

South Korean Soldiers Strip to Train in Snow and Ice

snow1 South Korean Soldiers Strip to Train in Snow and Ice picture

American marines are known for their stamina “from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.”
Surely most of us in our right minds, however, would agree that stripping to perform military maneuvers in freezing snowy temperatures is a lot to ask, even from a marine.

A few years ago, China began conducting snowy training maneuvers.
South Korea has since followed suit, as today solders in the national army have been conducting their military training partially naked in what can only be called arctic temperatures.
snow2 South Korean Soldiers Strip to Train in Snow and Ice picture
This training applies to both male and female soldiers, and the drill exercises are performed in the Pyeongchang region, some 50 miles from North Korea, where the 2018 Winter Olympics are slated to take place.
“I put the fact that I am a member of the Special Forces before the fact that I am a woman. So I have been thinking only about accomplishing my mission flawlessly,” one female soldier told the press.
The purpose behind the rigorous exercises is to strengthen the physical and spiritual capabilities of the soldiers in training, who must learn to maintain their duties in any situation.
These special military forces live and die by the creed that they can do anything that is expected of them, even if others cannot.
Overcoming freezing weather, 20 degrees below zero in some areas, would seem to be extreme military training, to say the very least, especially when performing these maneuvers wearing about as much clothing as one would don at the beach on a hot summer day.
Are these maneuvers taking that American Boy Scout mantra of being prepared a bit too far?
Not according to these hardy souls.
One can only wonder that if this half-naked attire works in freezing temperatures, what would be an appropriate costume for the beach in summer?
Food for thought, no?

Photo: The Worst Construction Mistakes Of All Time

Nobody is perfect but if you’re constructing a bridge or a bathroom you better be damn close. There is no room for error as any mistake can pose as a serious health hazard or, even worse, an awkward situation.

Unfortunately though, the world is filled with imbeciles who do make these mistakes and it has been well documented.

Senator, Ex-Militant Leader Abscond With N2.2bn

Fresh tension has gripped the Niger Delta following the revelation that a former senator from Bayelsa State and ex-militant leader have absconded with N2.2bn meant for pipeline surveillance contract.
The money released by the Presidency was to pay some ex-fighters in Rivers State for oil pipeline security services.
Findings by National Mirror revealed that the ex-senator and the former militant leader (names withheld) fled the country shortly after the Presidency released the fund.
The duo allegedly took possession of the money in collaboration with some officials of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, and a second generation bank where the money was lodged.
The Presidency, which was said to be rattled by the development, had paid the money to the bank account of a company controlled by ex-militant fighters in the bank through the NNPC ostensibly to stem the escalating tempo of crude oil theft and pipeline vandalism in the region.

Photos: Amina Tyler, Topless Tunisian Femen Protester, Tells Of Fear Of Being 'Raped And Beaten' By Police (INTERVIEW)

amina tyler

Amina Tyler, taken by Italian photojournalist Cristina Mastrandrea
The unlikely story of a feminist Tunisian teenager who posted a topless picture of herself and was threatened with death by stoning was a story that captured the imagination of the world's media.
Since her story hit the headlines, she has disappeared from view. Italian journalist Federica Tourn believes she was the last person to interview Amina Tyler before she disappeared.
At that point, she was thinking of leaving the country, Tourn said. But she agreed that she would pose for a final set of photographs, leaning against a wall where she had written, in Arabic, “A woman’s body is not a sin.”

So where is Amina? Some say she is in a psychiatric hospital, and many have expressed fears for her life.

Photos: Stars Who Wish They Hadn't Stripped (EXPLICIT PICTURES)

Culled From: The Sun UK

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook topless
KELLY Brook first went topless as a teenager after being offered a load of money but she wishes she had kept her top on.
The 23-year-old actress told how she was “naive” to have got her boobs out on screen.
She told the Radio Times: "To be honest, Albatross was naivety and not knowing that I could say No. I had no idea what was going to happen and thought I was going to be shot from behind.
"I think if you're going to do a nude scene, be honest and natural. Otherwise I'd be starving myself for ever, which I just couldn't do! It's not something I would do again."
The problem stars face is once they’ve appeared topless, it’s all over the web for everybody to see. For ever.
Good news for gawpers, bad news for the star.
Below are six more stars - including a Hollywood fella - who got their boobs out on screen and for modelling shoots but ended up regretting their decision to do so.

Since then, she’s bared her boobs loads of times, like in the 2010 movie Piranha, above.
“Of course I look back on it and think there was something about it that was... was very young,” she said.
“It was good money but, yes, to have someone of that age posing like that. I think that’s probably not great.
“I don’t think I [felt that way at the time] but I didn’t do it for very long anyway.”

UNBELIEVABLE: 17-year-old spends eight years in jail for ‘wandering’

It was a moment of joy recently for the mother of a prison inmate that had been awaiting trial since 2005. Mrs. Maria Emmanuel danced and shouted with joy on the court premises of the Lagos High Court, sitting in Igbosere when Justice Deborah Oluwayemi released her son, Paul Samuel.
Five other awaiting trial inmates were also released by the court. They included Fatai Amidu, Adebayo Owuade, Gabriel Samuel, Mike Ofoje and Lawal Karimu.

My regrets about my uncle’s death – Segun Awolowo

Via - The Sun
The first grandchild of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Segun Awolowo, yesterday, lamented the death of the publisher of the Tribune Newspapers, Chief Oluwole Awolowo. Segun, who fielded questions from journalists in Ikenne, Ogun State on the death of the late scion of the Awolowo family said his uncle lived a fulfilled life.
While describing the death as a great loss, Segun said the only regret of the family and his children was that his grandmother was still alive. His words: “He lived a fulfilled life until he had an accident and was sick. We will him miss deeply. He was an embodiment of love and justice. His children and all of us will miss him terribly, because he was a father to us all. “It is unfortunate that Mama is still alive seeing this but we all come with our different destinies from God. He set different dates for all of us to return home.

Thursday 28 March 2013

Woman, 45, earns up to £360 A DAY cuddling men as the UK's first 'professional snuggler'

The day job: Kitty Mansfield earns up to £360 a day cuddling up to men as the UK's first professional snuggler
The day job: Kitty Mansfield earns up to £360 a day cuddling up to men as the UK's first professional snuggler

Everybody loves a good cuddle, and one woman is capitalising on people's need for regular hugs as the UK's first professional snuggler.
Kitty Mansfield, from Ramsgate, Kent, opens her arms to people who 'crave intimacy' and want to cuddle up on the sofa, or even in her bed, and is earning up to £360 a day doing it.
The 45-year-old is happy to get cosy in front of a film or while listening to music depending on what her customers want.

Photo: Fashionista Kim

Which of Kim Kardashian's maternity looks is your favorite? We have the scoop on each and every one from her stylist, Nicola Formichetti

Rashidi Yekini Was Murdered Says His Lawyer

Ten months after the death of Nigeria's all-time leading scorer, Rashidi Yekini, his lawyer, Mohammed Olanrewaju, has alleged that his client was killed.

The lawyer has also manipulated members of Yekini's family as accomplices in his death.

"If I'm to file a charge against anybody it will be against his mother, his immediate sister and two brothers.

"Yekini was forcefully taken out of his house in Ibadan by herbalists and his mother was present during all of this. He was hit in the head with some charm-like stuff before he was locked in chains and taken away to Apete area in Ibadan.

Photos: Nigerian Ladies Paid To Get Pregnant For Childless Couples

Nigerian ladies have devised another survival strategy by getting pregnant for childless couples for a fee.
These ladies, called surrogate mothers, have even taken to the internet to advertise themselves to couples who are desperately in need of children.
Surrogacy is a process whereby willing ladies are contacted by either couples or fertility clinics to help carry pregnancies on behalf of childless couples.
It often happens where married women find it difficult getting pregnant or where they have issues with their wombs.
Through medical science, a couple’s sperm and egg are collected and fertilised and then implanted into the surrogate mother who in-turn carries the pregnancy till it is due for delivery. The surrogate mother may then be flown out of the country or kept away from prying eyes and monitored till she is delivered of the baby.
Most of these Nigerian women who registered on, have their photographs on the website with assurances to their prospective customers that they would offer effective service.

Michael Jackson’s Family Seeking £26billion In Compensation From Tour Promoters AEG

According to reports the star’s children Prince, 16, Paris, 14, and 10-year-old Blanket, along with his 82-year-old mother Katherine, believe Jackson was left sleepless because of pressure he faced from the entertainment giants ahead of the start of his This Is It comeback tour.
In the end the 50-year-old overdosed on surgical anaesthetic two weeks before the show. TMZ also claim the family believe the hiring of Jackson’s jailed doctor Conrad Murray and the failure to supervise the treatment was negligent.

Photos: Nollywood Star Ayo Mogaji's Dressing Goes Gaga

                                             Ayo (in blue) with other guests at a movie premiere.


Photo: Inside Nigeria Prision [Awaiting Trial Inmates]

Photo: PROUD DAD - Naeto C Cuddling His New Born Baby

Naeto C, son of Nigerian Former Ambassador to Ireand and former aviation minister Chief (Mrs) Kema Chikwe   is thanking God for his new baby, here's what he wrote:

Thanks 2 every1 for all the messages…words arent honestly enuff to express this moment…its ironic especially for some1 like myself who is used 2 putting words 2gether…mayb later…but right now i’m just Thanking God w/my Family and enjoying my son’s company! I wish u all similar moments at some point(s) in your lives!

We Are Coming For You” – Robbers Write Residents In Ogun State

Residents of Lambe area of Ogun state have received an audacious letter from some fearless robbers urging them to give them a welcoming hospitality when they attack their community in the coming days.

The daredevil men of the underworld who described themselves as friends of the community said in the letter written in Yoruba language and pasted conspicuously on many walls on Akin Akindele, Community Road and Jelili Popoola Streets, that they are coming ‘very soon’ and are not afraid of the police or other security agencies.

Home Remedy For Menstrual Problems

The best way to treat menstrual problems would be to have parsley juice, in combination with any other juice. You can mix 75 ml of parsley with beet, carrot or cucumber juice, of the same quantity.

Take a cup of water and add a piece of fresh ginger to it. Make sure to pound the ginger before you put it in the water. Boil the water for a few minutes and then, strain it. Mix a little sugar to the decoction and consume it, after it cools down a bit. Repeat this three times in a day.

Sesame seeds prove to be beneficial in case of menstrual problems. Take half a tsp of powdered sesame seeds, with a glass of warm water, two times a day.

Consumption of unripe papaya is beneficial for securing a proper menstrual flow. It is also good for girls whose menses have ceased due to stress or tension.

Thousands of armed vigilantes takeover Mexican town, arrest police and shoot at tourists after 'commander' is killed and dumped in the street

Takeover: A group of around 1,500 armed vigilantes have seized control of Tierra Colorado in Mexico this week

Takeover: A group of around 1,500 armed vigilantes have seized control of Tierra Colorado in Mexico this week

Thousands of armed vigilantes have taken over a town in Mexico and arrested police officers after their 'commander' was killed and dumped in the street.
The self described 'community police' and arrested 12 officers and the town's former director of public security, who they accuse of taking part in the killing of Guadalupe Quinones Carbajal, 28, on behalf of a local organised crime group.
The 1,500-strong force has also set up improvised checkpoints on the major road running through Tierra Colorado, which connects the capital Mexico City to Acapulco, a coastal city popular with tourists less than 40 miles away. 

Photos: 'I'm not ashamed of my body': Kim Kardashian proudly displays her pregnancy curves in bejewelled figure-hugging dress

Kim Kardashian silenced her critics on Wednesday with another show-stopping outfit - and insisted she is not 'ashamed' of her pregnancy curves.
The reality star posted a message on her blog explaining she is not trying to 'hide' her changing figure with clever styling, as some of her naysayers have suggested.
And as she emerged from the Trump Hotel in SoHo, New York, today, she certainly made her point by wearing a figure-hugging grey dress which clung to every curve.
Here we go again! Kim Kardashian emerges from her hotel on Wednesday as she starts her second day of promotional duties in New York
Here we go again! Kim Kardashian emerges from her hotel on Wednesday as she starts her second day of promotional duties in New York

The ensemble, complete with zip detailing, was adored with jewels across the sleeve and front, giving the pregnant TV personality a few more extra pounds to carry around.
Kim, 32, topped off her look with silver stilettos, perfectly set make-up and didn't have a hair out of place as she headed to a luncheon, held in her honour and hosted by DuJour magazine, at The Darby restaurant.
On Tuesday Kim took to her blog following a hectic day of TV interviews, where she told her fans that she is by no means attempting to disguise her changing shape.
After earlier admitting to having put on 20lb so far during her pregnancy, Kim posted: 'I see comments from many people that I only wear black and I’m trying to hide my pregnancy or I’m ashamed, which is so beyond ridiculous!' More photos after the cut....

Photo: Criminal lawyer Leads Double Life As Pop Star And Regularly Performs To Thousands

A woman who is a criminal lawyer by day is leading a secret double life as a pop star by night may sound like the premise for a TV show.
But Bowie Jane is the real deal, working full time as a straight-laced barrister during the day, but unbeknown to her colleagues and clients, she moonlights as a pop siren by night - often performing in front of thousands.
The 27-year-old regularly rushed from the quiet court room to the stage, where she swaps her wig, robe and briefcase for Lycra suits and black nail polish.

BREAKING* NEWS! Six Burnt To Death In Benin-Ore-Lagos Road Auto Crash

Six persons were burnt beyond recognition in a ghastly motor accident that occurred in the early hours of Tuesday at Km 27, Benin-Ore-Lagos Road.
The accident involved an articulated truck with registration number XB 455 JRT and a Toyota Hiace commuter bus numbered BEN 308 XB.

Nicki Minaj Goes topless in New Video “Freaks” (Explicit)

University Apologizes for ‘Stomping On Jesus’ Assignment

Ryan Rotellas and Deandre Poole
Florida Atlantic University officials have reversed their decision to suspend a student who objected to a highly offensive classroom assignment, WPTV reports.
Florida Governor Rick Scott has demanded a detailed investigation into the activities of professor Deandre Poole, right, who instructed his class to write the name “Jesus” on a piece of paper, place it on the floor and stomp on it.

Beyonce Supports Gay Marriage

Beyonce supports gay marriage

The gay marriage agenda has gotten full support from bandwagon jumper Beyonce Knowles Carter. Beyonce and her aging rapper husband Jay Z will jump on any bandwagon rolling.
Hours after the debate on Prop 8, California’s controversial ban on gay marriage, raged in the Supreme Court, Grammy winner Beyonce came out in vocal support of marriage equality.
In her singularly intimate style, the 31-year-old posted a handwritten note that read, “If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it,” giving the lyrics to her anthem “Single Ladies” deeper resonance.
She also caption the photo: “#WeWillUniteForMarriageEquality.”
Earlier, Beyoncé had posted another Facebook message—“It’s about TIME!!! #EQUALITY #MarryWhoYouLove”—and attached a photo of the Human Rights Campaign logo.

Video: Davido bares it all

In this interview with Ebuka on Rubbin' Minds, Davido opens up like never seen before, talking how the mystery girls make it to his bed and the pictures.....he also spoke about how he decided to take charge of his business and how his music career began and family. Enjoy the interview with Omo Baba Olowo.

Video: Davido Answers Ebuka's 10 Questions

Video: Davido Talks On Wizkid

Planned Easter Attacks: Bomb-Laden Car Intercepted in Kano (photos)

Planned Easter attacks: Bomb-laden car intercepted in Kano
The Kano State Police Command said yesterday that it had foiled plans by some suspected terrorists to attack Kano city.
This is even as Christians in the North are expressing fears of likely attacks by terrorists on Easter Sunday.
The Commissioner of Police, Musa Daura, told journalists at a press conference in Kano that detectives had averted what would have been another tragedy as they intercepted an explosives-laden Volkswagen Golf car.

Photo: Women Arraigned for Cutting Neighbour With Blade (Caution: Some may find the picture disturbing)

Two women - Temitope Abigeal and Temitope Remi - have been arraigned before a Chief Magistrate's Court in Ebute Meta on a three count of conspiracy, assault and grievous harm.
Abigeal (26) and Remi (28), both choristers at a Cherubim and Seraphim church at Progressive Road, Ebute Meta, were said to have assaulted Hannah Okurabe (18) with razor blades at Abule Nla junction, a few metres away from the church.
The March 17, 2013 incident was said to be the result of an earlier fight over the church's choirmaster, Joseph Unuigbe.
A father of two, Unuigbe is married to Folashade, who is also a member of the same church.
The charge read, "That you Temitope Abigeal and Temitope Remi at about 18.30 hours at Abule Nla junction, Apapa Road, Ebute Meta West, Lagos in the Lagos Magisterial District did conspire amongst yourselves to commit felony to wit assault and thereby committed an offence punishable under section 409 of the criminal law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2011.

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Son of late Sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Oluwole Awolowo Dies at 70

Yoruba socio-political and cultural group, Afenifere, has mourned the death of Chief Oluwole Awolowo, the publisher of the Tribune Newspapers. The deceased is a son of the late Premier of the Western Region of Nigeria, Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo.
“The entire Afenifere family mourns the passing away of the scion of our illustrious leader’s family, Chief Oluwole Awolowo. His death is a big pain and loss to all of us who are followers of the sage. We pray that the Almighty will strengthen our Mama and the entire family in this difficult moment. May his amiable soul rest in perfect peace,” the group said in a statement by its spokesperson, Yinka Odumakin.
Oluwole Awolowo died aged 71 on Wednesday evening.
Details of the death are still sketchy and no official statement has been released by the Awolowo family. Family sources say the deceased had been sick and in a foreign hospital for some time. His mother, chief (Mrs) Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo is still alive.

Behind the Scenes Photos: Waje Goes Nude In Her New Music Video

Photo: Pero Adeniyi; 2face Idibia's baby mama Of Three Kids Spotted In Lagos

Pero Adeniyi, 2face baby mama of three kids was spotted in Lagos over the weekend. Information suggests she's been around for a while now and was even in Lagos during 2face and Annie's March 8th traditional wedding in Eket Akwa Ibom. Pero told close friends she was in Lagos for business and will be returning to her US base some this week.

Pero and 2face have three kids together, Rose, Justin and the baby she had last year. She also has another child with ex husband, Tunde Borokini. 

Kim Kardashian’s ‘Nigerians are apes tweet’ causes commotion on Twitter

Via - Daily Post
Kanye West’s baby mama, Kim Kardashian trended for the wrong reasons on twitter last night over a 140 character tweet. Kim Kardashian allegedly tweeted that ‘Nigeria is such a disgusting country. I couldn’t wait to leave. lol Scott said their women look like apes and I agree’.
It went viral in minutes and so many Nigerians reacted negatively to it – many were disappointed with her for saying such after allegedly ‘being paid so much’ for her recent trip to Nigeria – Darey’s love like a movie concert.