Saturday 8 March 2014

Is It time To Bin Your Bra? Stars Hang Loose - Now Go Braless

Bras???? They don't need no stinking bras!These actresses have left their over-the-shoulder boulder-holders behind for a sleek and STUNNING look!

Mariah Carey wears lowcut dress at BET Honors at Warner Theatre.
Mariam Carey made sure she had everyone's attention, donning a dangerously low cut dress when she hit the stage at the BET honours at Warner theatre in Washinghton. It's wonder how the diva avoided a wardrobe malfunction. She put up quite a show when she put up seductively atop a piano and belted out her vocal chords.

But rather than being an anomaly, such public ditching of one's support act has become a recent trend among tars including Mariam carey, Rihanna, Slena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow e.t.c
And while we've all heard horror stories of what will happen if we plump for bralessness - breasts that swing down below our knees, back pain that could land us in hospital - new research suggests that wearing a bra could actually contribute to these problems.
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'Biola Alabi
Biola Alabi, the Managing Director of M-Net Africa has resigned her appointment from the multinational cable/satellite content company. She has since dropped her resignation letter a few days ago, and this is authoritative. According to findings made by The ELITES, Biola's resignation is mired in controversy. While some sources claim that she was forced to resign, others insist that she  did so out of her own volition.

Man Arrested For Having Sex With Pit Bull In Yard As Neighbors Pleaded With Him To Stop:

Bernard Marsonek, 57, was arrested early Wednesday after reportedly seen having sex with a pit bull in his Tampa yard by shocked neighbors who begged him to stop.The pit bull, not pictured, was one of eight taken from his property. He was charged with two counts of a felon in possession of a firearm, animal cruelty and sexual activity involving animals.
Tampa police were called to the house of Bernard Marsonek Tuesday afternoon after the 57-year-old convicted felon reportedly witnessed performing the sick act in broad daylight.

A Florida man is behind bars for allegedly having sex with a pit bull in his yard as shocked neighbors pleaded with him to stop.
Tampa police were called to the house of Bernard Marsonek Tuesday afternoon after the 57-year-old was reportedly witnessed performing the sick act in broad daylight.

Bernard Marsonek, 57, was arrested early Wednesday after reportedly seen having sex with a pit bull in his Tampa yard by shocked neighbors who begged him to stop.

PLANE VANISHES OFF VIETNAM: Search teams scour seas for signs of presumed crashed Malaysia Airlines flight carrying 239 passengers, including 3 Americans, to Beijing

Officials have lost contact with Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 passengers to Beijing

The relative of a passenger onboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 cries as she talks on her mobile phone at the Beijing Capital International Airport on Saturday.

Vietnam Air Force planes have spotted two oil slicks suspected to be from a Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 passengers and crew, including three Americans, that is feared downed in southeast Asia, the Vietnamese government said in a statement. 
Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur was only two hours into about a six-hour flight to Beijing when it lost contact with air traffic controllers early Saturday, the officials say. 

PHOTOS: Sales Girl And Manager Of A Big Restaurant Caught On Camera Getting Intimate In The Kitchen. (WARNING: Uncensored Photos viewer discretion advised)

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is an American chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Often referred to as Popeyes and sometimes as Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits. Is This Where The Chicke Source Comes From?

 See Image Below... WARNING: Uncensored Photos In Link Below, Under 21 Please Do Not Click Link Below As Doing So Make You Liable To What You View Afterwards & Also Means You Are Above 21 PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 

From The Archives: Bill and Hilary Clinton, Back In The Days (1972)

This is a photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton during their college years.

After the fall - Operation Babylift: Vietnamese Orphans Transported By Airplanes to America in 1975. [Photos]

 Operation BabyliftPhoto: Operation Babylift: Vietnamese orphans transported by airplanes to America in 1975.
The last Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) combat personnel left Vietnam in February 1972, but this did not signify the end of Australian air force involvement in conflicttorn south-east Asia. From March to June 1975, immediately before and after the fall of Saigon, up to ten aircraft and several hundred RAAF personnel contributed to the international effort to bring humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of refugees displaced by the war.

Friday 7 March 2014

Nudé Ladies On Display: Pictures From Brazil Carnival

Nudé Ladies On Display: Pictures From Brazil Carnival
Thousands of samba dancers took to the streets for the opening night of the annual carnival celebrations wearing just bodypaint, feathers, glitter on the streets of Sao Paulo for the opening of the country’s wild carnival festivities.
The carnival’s nudé display is considered an “act of farewell to the pleasures of the flesh,” before Lent period during which Christians are supposed to abstain from bodily pleasures. Nawao!
See the photos below…

15 Hard Lessons I’ve Learned From Life


Having reached a milestone of age and maturity in my life, I’ve come to realize a number of hard lessons I’ve learned, deserved or otherwise, that can only come from real life experience.  We live in the type of world where so many pretend to know so much, yet how many people have really earned real experience?  Let’s be honest:  life is often a bitch.  But the upside of a difficult life and suffering is the character that a man is rewarded with, that most valuable of traits.
Allow me to share with you some things I’ve learned along the way…

Your Past Doesn’t Have to Define Your Future, But Will Affect Your Present

No matter your background or what you’ve been told that you would amount to in life, success or failure is ultimately up to you.  I grew up in both lousy home and school environments and was often reminded how I was “bad” and would not amount to anything worthwhile.  You can probably guess what happened:  I almost failed high school, I was always in trouble, and subconsciously I believed I didn’t “deserve” a meaningful life, much less the far-flung idea of going to college.  My lack of confidence hit me hard when it came to social opportunities too.

5 Things I Learned As A Young Brothel Manager


My time managing one of Melbourne’s seediest and most corrupt brothels has taught me many things, things that I will remember and use for the rest of my life. But before I can tell you all what I learnt, let me give you some background on who I am, and how I got into the underground sex industry.
As a very quiet, introverted young man, I always seemed to struggle finding jobs. I struggled with self-confidence and could sometimes barely string a sentence together. I had just turned 18 and had therefore got my driver’s license, 18 being the legal age to drive in my state of Australia. My older female cousin, having revealed to me that she was herself a brothel manager, offered me some part-time work as a driver for some of the international girls that worked for her brothel. Her brothel was a very up-market, classy establishment in the heart of the city where the girls were gorgeous, always practiced safe sex and rarely did drugs. Please note that prostitution is legal and regulated in Melbourne.

The 14 Stages Of Grossness In A Relationship

Date One: "I don't poop or have body hair and I'm a poreless unicorn!" Five Years: "I think we got food poisoning from that taqueria, let's watch Netflix and fart on each other."

1. Date One
Shower and shave? Check. Series of exfoliating and hydrating face masks? Yes. Slathered body with expensive Sephora lotion made of garnets and children’s laughter? Check. I am a poreless wonder and my hair smells like an angel. Oh, almost forgot to bring curiously strong mints! 

Maheeda Without Clothes For New Video, Has Private Part Painted (PHOTOS 18+ ONLY!)

Guess what, controversial singer Maheeda, famous for posting revealing photos and releasing explicit official videos, did it again!
“Naija bad girl” is having the new music video for the single “Lasgidi Chick” shot, no surprise – Maheeda gets naked. Moreover, this new piece is being shot Frizzle N Brizzle Films, same people that shot Naija Bad Girl.
See what you are to expect from the mother of one, based on the behind-the-scenes photos:

Photos Of APC Leaders At the National Summit In Abuja

Nigeria's opposition party All progressives Congress (APC) held its National Summit at the Federal Capital Territory Abuja yesterday. The event which was heavily attended by the leadership of the party launched a "Road Map" and draft " Code of Ethics" for members. Several speakers at the event promised a new deal for Nigerian voters as wellas a desire to wrestle power from the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP).


Chiwetel Ejiofor, now a Hollywood star and a strong contender for the Best Actor Oscar tonight, beams broadly as he hugs his little sister on the stairs of their London home.
But just months after this snap was taken, Chiwetel’s life was hit by tragedy when his father was killed in a car crash, which almost claimed his young life, too.
His sister Zain, so happy beside him in the photograph, has now spoken of how that devastating heartache fuelled Chiwetel’s desire to be the best actor he could be –  and helped bring an intensity to his performance in 12 Years A Slave.
And should he triumph at the Academy Awards, he is certain to pay an emotional tribute to his father, Arinze.


Rafiu Elele
Notorious drug baron, Rafiu Akanbi Elele is currently standing trial in court in the United States, over multiple suspected cases of drug trafficking. The controversial socialite and a dye-in-wool fan of Fuji Czar, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (K1) was arrested in Lagos and extradited to the United States of America, USA, by officials of the International Police Force, Interpol. Before his arrest, Elele had been on Interpol's most wanted list for so many years. His eventual extradition was fallout of eight years of frantic searching, investigation and surveillance by Interpol. 
Sources indicate that Rafiu Elele has been singing like a canary to the Interpol. He is alleged to have quite a number of prominent Nigerians, who ran the drug cartel with him. It is gathered that the severity of Rafiu Elele's crime may earn him between 10 to 12 years in jail. 
Elele gained notoriety as a formidable kinpin of the illicit drug cartel in Chicago. Although, he is barely taller than a dwarf, Elele dominated the drug cartel in Chicago for so many years, like a collosus. He was known to have controlled a large cartel of the drug business for so many years before the bubble burst on him. According to sources, the genesis of Elele's trivial began in 2005, when the drug law agents in 
Chicago were alerted of his illicit involvement in drug business. It was gathered that an epidemic of drug-intake related disease broke out in Chicago during that time. This was later traced to some of the hard drugs being sold by Elele's boys to junkies. Before long, the Chicago drug law agents realised the severity of Elele's involvement in drug business and thus, decided to put a stop to it. Consequently, most of his boys and business associates were arrested, put to trial and sentenced to jail. Notable among those who was jailed was Akinyemi Akingba, a close friend and business associate of Rafiu Elele. 

Surprisingly, Elele could not be nabbed during the raid. However, he came so close to being arrested by the police, but he escaped in a manner which defiled natural logic. It was gathered that the Chicago police had acted on a tip off that the diminutive man was at Kato African Restaurant located on North Clark Street and Touhy Avenue, Chicago. Upon arriving at the restaurant, the police searched for Elele, without any success. Somehow, he had managed to escape few minutes before the police arrived at the venue. 

Photos from Actress Juliet Ibrahim's Birthday Party

Sexy Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim turned 28 recently and celebrated with family and friends at Buddha Lounge in VI on March 2nd. Her sisters Nadia and Sonia Ibrahim. Celebrity roll call- actress Jackie Appiah, Julius Agwu, Uti Nwachukwu, AY comedian, Yemi Blaq, Yomi Casual, Bovi, Okey Bakassi and many  more were there. 

Under-aged Girls Rescued From Brothel In Ibadan Nigeria (PHOTO).

Detectives from Anti-Human Trafficking section of the State Criminal Investigation Department, Oyo State Police Command stormed Sharp Corner Hotel, Orita Aperin, Ibadan on Wednesday February 26 and rescued four girls being used for prostitution, two of who were discovered to be under-aged. A couple, Mr Temitope and Mrs Helen Falusi, who were running the brothel, were arrested.

Briefing journalists on Friday at the police headquarters at Eleyele, Ibadan, the state Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Indabawa said that the command received information that the woman and her husband were bringing the young girls from Benin, Edo State to her brothel in Ibadan for prostitution.

Horrid Couple Sentenced to Death by Hanging For Starving Their Maid To Death (PHOTOS).

A Malaysian couple have been sentenced to hang for murdering their Indonesian maid by starving her to death, according to reports Friday that said she weighed just 26 kilos (57 pounds) when she died. In the latest case of abuse against the legion of Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia, the High Court ruled on Thursday that 26-year-old Isti Komariyah died of deliberate starvation in June 2011.

Judge Noor Azian Shaari said Fong Kong Meng, 58 and his wife Teoh Ching Yen, 56, consistently withheld food from the young woman during the three years she worked for them. “She was 26 and weighed barely 26kg when she was taken to the University Malaya Medical Centre with bruises and scratch marks on her back, arms and forehead,” The Star newspaper reported.

Isti was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. She had weighed 46 kilos (101 pounds) when she first started working for the couple. The court and the couple’s lawyer could not be immediately reached for comment. Malaysia relies on an estimated two million Indonesians who toil in plantation, construction, factory and domestic work — both legally and illegally.

Russian Navy scuttles warship in Black Sea to BLOCK Ukrainian vessels leaving Crimea port as region's parliament says referendum on joining Russia will be held next week

Barrier: A Ukrainian Navy officer looks at the Ochakov

The Russian Black Sea fleet has blockaded Ukrainian warships by scuttling an anti-submarine ship at the entrance to their port in Crimea.
Russian sailors scuttled the decommissioned warship Ochakov at the entrance to Donuzlav Bay, the location of Ukraine's Southern Naval Headquarters in the west of the peninsula.
It came as Crimea's parliament voted unanimously in favour of a snap referendum to decide whether the region should join the Russian Federation.

Chris Attoh's Sweet Message To Fiancee, Damilola Adegbite

Damilola Adegbite & Chris Attoh - March 2014 -BellaNaija 01
It's no more news that ex-Tinsel's Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbit will be walking down the aisle soon - in April.
Well, Chris took his official Instagram page a few hours ago to share a romantic message.
He posted the photo above with the caption “Imagine waking up to a face like this everyday for the rest of your life, with a great personality to go with it. Im truely blessed cus I wont have to imagine. Counting my blessing each day. Thank you all for all the congratulatory messages and the immense love you guys have sent our way.”

More Photos From (K1) Wasiu Ayinde Marshal's Birthday+ Daughter's Idayat & Ameenat Engagement & Nikkah - One More on Sunday

Ijebu Ode town stood still this week for King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal as two of his daughters, got married in the islamic/traditional way.
 Kwam 1 also marked his 57th birthday. More photos after the cut:

Thursday 6 March 2014

DAY 3: Photos From (K1) King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal's Birthday+ Daughter's Engagement & Nikkah Today - As Ameenat And Waidi Gets Married

Miami Dolphins Player -- Stop Attacking My GF's Breast-Feeding Pic

Miami Dolphins linebacker Philip Wheeler says his girlfriend is being unfairly attacked over a picture showing her breast-feeding their son ... and now he's calling for people to stop the boob hate, asap. 

Wheeler's GF is model Ashley Nicole -- who recently posted a photo showing her son latched on to her right breast inside of their home. She included the caption, "Was on the way out the door but then mommy duty called... Everything stops for him! #breastisbest #natureisbeautiful."

Problem is ... not everyone felt the same way -- and social media erupted with people trashing Nicole for posting the pic in the first place. 

Obesere Opens Up On Rape Allegation “We slept together in the same room and it was a mutual consent"

Abass Obesere

Popular Fuji musician, Abass Akande Obsere has opened up on the rape allegation levelled against him by a lady, Olanike Olaiya, a graduate of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, with whom he has a romantic and business relationship.

Abass Obesere
According to Obesere in an interview he grantedP.M.MEWS on Wednesday in Lagos, southwest Nigeria, Olanike’s rape allegation was concocted to extort between N5 million and N10 million from him.
On the night the lady claimed she was raped, according to Obsere, “We slept together in the same room and it was a mutual consent. We never had any grudges prior to that night and none ensued while we were there. All she is trying to do is blackmail me. How will someone build a house for 30 years and another person will just try to destroy it in one day?”
Obesere said the lady wrote in her statement to the police at the Special Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba, that she wanted money from him.

Does The Couple That Drinks Together Stay Together?

Josh and Afshin are copywriters at the same advertising agency, where they like to discuss women, sex and relationships over iChat…or as they call it: Guy Chat.
YOUNG SINGLE GUY: I just read that couples who drink the same amount are happier and have a healthier relationship. What do you think, bullshit or true?
OLD MARRIED GUY: Oh, totally true. The success of my marriage is based almost exclusively on drinking together.
YOUNG SINGLE GUY: It makes a lot of sense. I dated a woman last year who barely drank. She took pride in being a cheap date, but it made dinners kind of boring. And I felt a little guilty when I would order a few drinks and she was still on her first and only glass of white wine.

Couple In Court For Reportedly Fighting Nude In Public

A man and his wife were today arraigned in  an Abeokuta Magistrates’ Court  sitting at Isabo for allegedly fighting nude in public over alleged infidelity. The accused, Kehinde Soetan, 37,  and Aderinsola Lawal, 28, were arraigned for  breach of public peace. The duo, however,  pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The Police  Prosecutor, Augustine Ozimini, said that the offence was committed on Tuesday  at 2.30 p.m. at Obada Oko area of  Abeokuta. He alleged  that the couple fought and tore  their clothes  in public. ” Soetan claimed that he saw his wife with another man and enquired from her, who he was, but her lack of answer caused the fight,” he said.

Update On Obesere's Rape Case: You Won't Believe What Is Happening To The Lady He Allegedly Raped

There were indications, yesterday, that the case involving popular Fuji musician, Alhaji Abass Akande, also known as Obesere, arrested for allegedly raping a 29-year-old business woman, Miss Olanike Olaiya, in his Okota residence may have been  transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID.Sources told Vanguard, yesterday, that the embattled musician preferred the SCID to the  Isolo Police division because the DPO had insisted on the matter going to court. Normally, it is  the Divisional Police Officer at Isolo Division, Aminu Ibrahim, that should have ordered the transfer of the case to SCID for further investigations. But Obesere was alleged to have used his contacts in the police to have the case transferred to SCID.

Aisha Falode’s (AIT's Presenter) 19-Year Old Son Buried! Mother Pays Emotional Tribute To Him - Says “I am Devastated And Inconsolable”

Oloruntoba Oluwadamilola, the 19-year old son of ace broadcaster, Aisha Falode, who died on Saturday, 15 February 2014, was buried amid tears two days ago, Monday, March 3 in Lagos.

The funeral service was held at the Trinity House, Victoria Island, while the internment took place at Ikoyi Vaults and Gardens.
It was initially reported that Toba died in a car accident but family sources have revealed that Toba had actually been pushed off a 17 storey building by a young Arab man.
For his burial, to celebrate the life he lived, his grieving mum wrote an emotional tribute to him, titled “You Are Me, I Am You.”
See excerpts below:

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Court Orders Guru Maharaj Out Of Premises, To Pay N3.5m Damages

A Lagos High Court yesterday ordered Mohammed Sahid Ajirobatan Ibrahim, a.k.a Sat Guru Maharaj ji to immediately vacate a property located at House No. 23, D Close, 208 Road, 2nd Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos, an estate of the late Olufemi Akhamibo Orbih.
Delivering his judgment in a suit instituted by Sunday Ekhaegbah Orbih, the only surviving son of the deceased, Justice Gbajabiamila held that the property was obtained by fraud.
This judgement came after 14 years of legal battle on the said property.
The court held that the Will purportedly lodged with the probate registry of the court by the first defendant [Guru] on March 4, 1997, after the demise of the late Olufemi Akhamibo Orbih,  was a forgery and therefore, fake, invalid, null, void and ineffectual.

Governorship Slot Tears Oyo PDP Apart

Intrigues surrounding the quest to win the governorship slot of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo State is further tearing the party apart.

No one knows where the pendulum will swing. But everyone can confirm the battle for the governorship slot of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will be tough and testy. The aspirants who have risen to over 10 at the last count are expected to give themselves a good run. It is expected to be the fiercest primary in the South-West PDP.
The fading influence
This is because of the lingering battles in the Oyo State chapter of the PDP. It all started in 2007 when former governor, Rasheed Ladoja, was impeached by the machinery powered by late Ibadan strongman, Lamidi Adedibu. Ladoja’s deputy, Adebayo Alao-Akala, stepped in until the fiasco was upturned by the court. Since then, the party in Oyo State has known no peace. When Alao-Akala returned to the Agodi Government House in 2007, the crisis escalated. Adedibu held on to the structure while Alao-Akala played the good boy. When Adedibu passed on, Alao-Akala naturally became the PDP leader in Oyo. But the former governor’s leadership left the party further decimated. When it faced election in 2011, Alao-Akala had alienated too many people to win reelection. Once out of office, the PDP continued to suffer blows upon blows. The numerous factions cancelled out themselves. Supporters tore at one another. Party chieftains exchanged fire with fire. This was the situation when the last congress of the party held in March 2012.

More Photos From (K1) King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal's Birthday+ Daughter Engagement & Nikkah Today - Other wedding Holds On Thurs And Sunday

Pastor Caught F:nger:ng Female Church Member In The Church, Say's He Was Checking Her V:rg:nity

Thirty four-year-old Pastor Adekunle Kayode has been arrested by the Ogun State Police Command for allegedly f:nger:ng a member of his church (name withheld) to confirm her V:rg:nity.

The incident was said to have occurred on Sunday within the premises of the Jesus is the Way Evangelistic Ministry, Olorunsogo, Abeokuta.

A father of one, Kayode, was arrested by police detectives attached to the Kemta division after the victim allegedly narrated her ordeal to her father who informed the police.

Popular Fuji Musician, Abass Akande Obesere, Arrested For Alleged Rape

Abass Akande & Wife
The police in Lagos have arrested a popular Fuji musician,  Abass Akande, popularly known as Obesere, for allegedly raping a 29-year-old businesswoman, Olanike Olaiya, the Vanguard newspaper  is reporting this morning.
Ms. Olanike said the musician raped her in his Okota residence, Lagos. But Obesere, according to the report, is insisting that Ms. Olanike was his lover and that they had sex as consenting adults.
According to the report, Ms. Olaiya, a  National Diploma graduate of business administration from Ibadan Polytechnic, told the police that she knew Obesere through one of her friends, a certain Bola Okoro.


He had toiled all day enduring the scorching sun and finally he got to his place of rest. He sat down comfortably and positioned himself like a king expecting a meal to renew his vigour and satisfy those worms singing national anthem with tears in his tommy. Shock was an understatement when he beheld the food that was placed before him. A plate of food, a delicacy!... so inviting but the plate was stained with shit all around the tip of the plate. The hunger disappeared. How on earth can I call this a meal. It is not fit. With great sadness He gently pushed the food aside and said ''I love to eat this food but not as long as the shit is on its tip''.

God gave me a revelation years ago, it opened my eyes and prompted me into making a new commitment to God in my spiritual walk. I was made to see the trance of the story above. There are 2 types of virgins: IMPURE VIRGINS & PURE VIRGINS.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

To The Person Who Left My Sister This Unbelievably Judgmental Letter... - Written By Dad On The Run

An open letter to the miserable person who slipped this message under my sister's door in a hotel in Colorado. 

dad on the run
Dear Parent of Infinite Wisdom, First of all, I only write this in order to reassure my sister and brother-in-law that they are not doing anything wrong. You are undoubtedly a nasty person regardless of the situation you find yourself in and how others are treating you, so on the off-chance you even see this I hold little hope it will affect your outlook on life. Is it fair for me to judge you by one nastygram?

Tinsel Stars Chris Attoh And Damilola Adegbite To Marry In April

They may seem too hot for this to be true, but yes it really is happening! Former Tinsel actors Damilola Adegbite and Chris Attoh are getting married. The handsome Ghanaian actor is officially off the market as he is getting ready to marry his girlfriend and Tinsel/Flower Girl co-star Damilola Adegbite. The two lovebirds who have been dating for a while now are getting married on April 12th,2014 in Lagos.

*God Given Glory At The Oscars* As Twitter Reacts To Best Actor Oscar-Winner Thanking God & Himself In Acceptance Speech

Actor did first mention God and family after taking Academy Award for his amazing performance in Dallas Buyers Club

Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey, 44, triggered a love-hate reaction and a viral video Sunday when he thanked God profusely after winning the best actor Oscar!

"First off, I want to thank God, 'cause that's who I look up to. He's graced my life with opportunities that I know is not of my hand or any other human hand. He has shown me that it's a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates". - Matthew McConaughey