Saturday 11 October 2014

Video+Photos: Bird Allegedly Turns To Woman In Lagos - 'Said To Have Confessed On How She Killed Her Husband'

witch woman
There was drama at the G-cappa Estate area of Ilupeju, Lagos, this afternoon, as a bird allegedly turned to a woman.
According to eyewitnesses at the scene, the bird reportedly fell from a high tension wire and landed on the ground and turned into a woman.
Eyewitnesses further say that the woman, after the transformation, began to confess on how she killed her husband.

White attorney Confronted Police Officers For Arresting Innocent Local Handy Man In Rich Suburb Because He's Black

'Just because he's black doesn't mean he's here to rob a house. He works for us, he's been in this neighbourhood for 30 years.'
Questions: She discovered he was being arrested on suspicion of robbing a house almost a mile away

This is the moment an attorney stopped police from arresting a disabled black man on suspicion of burgling a house almost a mile away.
Jody Westby came out of her house in Foxhall Crescent, Washington to see an officer preparing to search 64-year-old Dennis Stucky, a local handy man who told officers he was disabled.
Demanding to know why he was being detained, Mrs Westby was told police received reports of a burlgary and stopped him as a possible suspect.

We Only Had One Round Of Sex – Woman Accused Of Killing 78-year-Old Man During Sex


She is 30 years old but that did not stop her secret love affair with 78-year-old politician, Adedayo Deru. But on September 30, 2014, it all ended – with the man collapsing on his lover’s chest and dying on the spot.
In a case that has underscored the thin line between pleasure and pain, Deru went from a steamy sexual session on his lover’s bed to a roadside where his corpse was dumped after his death.
The woman in the eye of the storm, Ijimo Ibrahim, a hairdresser, was still finding it difficult to explain her situation to police investigators at the Department ofCriminal Investigation of the Ogun State Police Command, Eleweran, Abeokuta, when our correspondent visited on Wednesday. The police wanted to know how her lover died and how his body got to a roadside in the dead of the night.
Ibrahim, who was never married, has two children with two other men. Sitting on the floor with agony etched on her face, Ibrahim narrated how her lover, who was married to another woman, died.
“He only came for sex in the mornings so that his wife would not suspect,” the fair complexioned woman said, as her face revealed that she would prefer not to relive the sordid details of the affair.

Friday 10 October 2014

Lynch Mob Use Butcher's Meat Cleaver To Castrate Rapist They Caught Attacking Teenage Girl In Alleyway

Suresh Kumar is left bleeding and in shock after being beaten and castrated after locals in Ganganagar, in India's northwestern Rajasthan state, caught him trying to rape a teenage girl 

An Indian man who was caught trying to rape a teenage girl is in a critical condition in hospital after locals chopped off his genitals with a meat cleaver.
Suresh Kumar was set upon in Ganganagar, in India's northwestern Rajasthan state, after locals heard the girl's screams for help.
After finding the 40-year-old pinning the girl against a wall, a lynch mob dragged him to a butchers shop where they beat him with sticks for an hour before castrating him.  

Pastor Confesses To AIDS Diagnosis, Adultery, Drug Use In Front Of Congregation

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Juan McFarland (pictured), a highly respected Montgomery, Ala., pastor, bared his soul on September 14th as he stood in front of his congregants and revealed to them how he had full-blown AIDS had still had numerous sexual affairs with church members, mishandled church funds, and abused illegal drugs all while preaching damnation for sinners from his bully pulpit, according to WFSA News.

Police Arrest Pastor With Human Skull •Unseen Spirits Forced Me To Reveal The Secret - Suspect

Pastor Clement Oyetunde is a cleggy man with the Cherubim and Seraphim Church in Osun state. The 35 year old "man of God" was paraded by men of the Osun state police command yesterday October 9th after he was found with human skull and other charms at his church premises in Modakeke in Osun

Bloody Randy Naija Pastors - By Charlyboy

DSC 4941resized2 Bloody Randy Naija Pastors

Ol boy my mouth no fit talk, but my fingers no go fall my hand. Kai! Blood of Jesus.  I like the truth because a lot of people can’t stand the truth; it makes many of us uncomfortable because many of us are just living out our fake lives.
This write up is about all the sex scandals going on in the church, about The Bloody Randy Men of God who are busy screwing their female congregation, breaking marriages and turning the bible upside down to fit their slimy nature. So, if you are one of those Jesus people who can’t see the flit in your church, sorry, keep living in denial.

Ebola Scare: American Passenger Bundled Off U.S. Flight After Sneezing And Joking 'I have Ebola!' [Photo +Video]

An American passenger, who does not have Ebola, was detained by four officers and taken to the airport's medical center in Punta Cana after he sneezed and yelled: 'I have Ebola!'
The man had reportedly been sneezing and coughing through the four-hour US Airways flight - an early sign of the often fatal disease.
video taken by one of the passengers in the middle of the Boeing 777 shows passengers standing up ready to leave before a flight attendant on a speakerphone tells everyone to sit down

The Drama Between Linda Ikeji and Mr Aye Dee. The Shocking True Story Of Friend Turned Foe

A new twist to the copyright infringement saga emerged on Thursday, as Linda in a blog post on her website revealed that Aye-Dee who reported her to Google and threatened to sue was a long lost friend with the cyber name: Alex 1976AD

According to report culled from her blog, she revealed how the perceived enemy AyeDee (Alex 1976) secretly gave the reasons for attacking her blog as personal reasons......
Read full excerpts below: (Be warned! This is a very long script you're about to read)

Google Restores Linda Ikeji’s Blog After 24 hours

Popular gossip blogger, Linda Ikeji early this morning around midnight friday, (12:05am) got her blog restored back by google. The embattled popular Nigerian blogger announced the news on twitter. The blogger who blogs at was shut down by Google for 24 hours due to a claim about alleged plagiarism/copyright infringement by a cybersquatter with the twitter handle ‘AyeDee.’ Prior to its shutdown, 

I hear it’s a record. Normally it takes weeks or months to restore a deleted blog. But not LIB,” she tweeted six minutes after midnight.

In a follow up tweets, she explained that Google had restored the blog after verifying that the allegations of plagiarism were “bogus and deliberate sabotage.”
On Thursday night, a few hours before announcing the restoration of her blogger site, Ms. Ikeji had directed readers to her new site,
The blog was shut down on Wednesday.

Thursday 9 October 2014

Linda Ikeji Bounces Back @

Linda Ikeji
In an interesting turn of events yesterday, visitors to Linda Ikeji's blog ( suddenly discovered that their beloved entertainment/gossip hotspot was offline. It turned out that Google had taken the complaints of plagiarism quite serious and had deleted Linda Ikeji's blog.However, the Diva blogger she is back Again! You can now access Linda Ikeji's content via 

Linda Ikeji Ignored My Warnings - Aye Dee, Man Behind Popular Blog’s Fall, Speaks

Aye Dee
Aye Dee
We reported yesterday about Linda Ikeji's issues with a blogger, Mr. Aye Dee and Google, over copyright material, a case which made Goggle to shut down her popular blog site.
Things took an interesting twist when the gossip blogger, Linda Ikeji,  released personal statement/ information about the man who made it possible for Googgle to shut down her site.
The man in the middle of the storm gave his own side of the story to Premium Times.
Read excerpts below:

Man Had A 17-Hour-Long Erection And Two Pints Of Blood Drained From His Penis

Here's Jason Garnett, 23, from Harrogate!

It all started when Jason Garnett woke up with morning glory that refused to go. He went for a jog and even had an ice bath to get rid of it but after it started to get painful, he eventually decided to go to A&E.
The hotel worker was diagnosed with priapism – a painful and dangerous condition where the penis remains erect for longer than usual.

Doctors revealed they'd have to draw out blood to reduce the pressure and removed two pints from the 23-year-old.

The Yorkshire chap was quoted in The Sun discussing the treatment: "Seeing them stab my penis with a needle was a horrible experience. The pain was ten out of ten."

110 Million Americans Are Infected WIth An STD At Any Given Time

With the ongoing Ebola outbreak and the patient that has died in Dallas, many people have had their eyeson Health News. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reminding Americans that sexually transmitted diseases continue to be a hidden epidemic. 

People At The International Highline Meeting Festival Slept On Hammocks Hanging Hundreds Of Feet Above The Italian Alps

People At The International Highline Meeting Festival Slept On Hammocks Hanging Hundreds Of Feet Above The Italian Alps

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Cybersquatting: The Man Who Accused LINDA IKEJI of Copyright Infringement Is The OWNER of LindaIkeji.Net!

MrAyeDee v Linda Ikeji Cybersquatting? Wait a minute, Is the Man Who Accused LINDA IKEJI of Copyright Infringement OWNER of LindaIkeji.Net?According to a twitter handle owned by @MrAyeDee, celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji was accused of copyright infringement of his works. He reported these infringing activities to Google and what resulted was a take down of his articles/works on her site and also a take down of articles/works of other persons who she also allegedly had been infringing on their works. He also claimed with the rate and way things looked, Linda Ikeji’s site could be shut down within a week.


Add caption
If you go to the image below is what will greet you on Linda Ikeji’s Blog. That’s no more news.
Now see the news after the pics below.
Linda Ikejis Blog removed Reasons Why Linda Ikejis Blog was SHUT down #LindaIkeji
Linda Ikeji’s Blog is unarguable the biggest thing online in Nigerian & Africa before the take down.
The blog was ranking the 10th most visited website in Nigeria beating most of the top businesses and newspaper companies online with HUGE advertising budget.

Nigerian Pastor Asks Members To Raise $1m For Ebola Control In Liberia

Moved by the helplessness of Liberians stricken by the Ebola virus, Senior Pastor of the Day Star Christian Church of Nigeria, Sam Adeyemi, has launched a passionate appeal to its members and well-wishers to pool more than $1 million (one million dollars) towards ameliorating the epidemic in Liberia.

The pastor, who made this known during the Sunday service of the church at Oregun, Ikeja, has made a personal pledge of not less than N1m (one million naira) to the fund, which he hopes would be delivered through a credible organisation like the United Nations or any other body that will ensure effective usage.

Photos Of Grandmother Who allegedly "kidnapped" Her Own Granddaughter In The UK

A Nigerian grandma (grandmum) traveled to the UK to check on her son's baby mothe's well being, Moronke Temilola and grand daughter, Lily, only to kidnap the girl and flee. 

BREAKING NEWS: Bala Ngilari Sworn In as Adamawa Governor

Bala Ngilari, the deputy governor under impeached Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State, has been sworn in as the new governor of the state.

The acting Chief Judge of the state, Justice Ambrose Mammadi, swore Mr. Ngilari in Wednesday, hours after a federal court in Abuja sacked the acting governor of the state, Umar Fintiri.

Dogs Attacked My Brother Inside Our Flat ─ Seven-Year-Old

Omonigbo before and after the attack
Four-year-old Omonigho Abraham is currently battling for his life at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, after his scalp was eaten by two dogs.
The dogs chewed the skin and exposed the victim’s skull during the attack which happened on Thursday on Adegboyega Street, Akesan Estate, in the Igando area of Lagos.
PUNCH Metro had reported last week that the police seized the two dogs for attacking Omonigho.

BREAKING: Abuja Court Sacks Fintiri As Adamawa Governor, Orders Nyako’s Deputy Ngilari To Be Sworn In

A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has asked the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, not to go ahead with Saturday’s governorship bye election in Adamawa state.
The court also ordered that the deputy governor of ousted Murtala Nyako be sworn in immediately to complete the deposed governor’s tenure.
The court judgement follows a suit instituted by Mr. Ngilari asking the court to declare him governor on the grounds that his resignation letter, which he forwarded to the speaker of the state Assembly on the eve of the impeachment of Governor Nyako, was null and void.

Video: The Truth About Tiwa Savage With Olisa

Episode 6: She came, we saw, she conquered and is still dominating the game. Meet our latest guest on "The Truth" with Olisa - the tall, beautiful and super talented first lady of the Mavins, Tiwa Savage. So much has been said about Tiwa Savage's rise and how her success has redefined how women entertainers are perceived within a male-dominated industry. We caught up with the African queen and Tiwa talks a little about everything - the Mavins, 323 Entertainment, the music industry, family and her marriage to Tunji Balogun aka Tee Billz. We had a great time chatting with Tiwa and we hope you do too.

Most Expensive & Unique Luxury Watches

Steve Jobs once said, “It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” Watches help us in managing this precious resource. They not only show time, but also are great fashion accessories. Some watches are not made for all, they are unique and very expensive.
Here is a brief overview of the 15 most unique watches in the world.

The Revenge Of The Buffalo: The King Of The Jungle Was Felled - Spectacular Photos Show How Helpless Lion Was Trampled To Death By Buffalo Stampede

The large herd of buffalo spotted the lion in the long grass at the Kruger National Park in South Africa and trampled the big cat to death by goring his body and stamping on his head. The stampede was captured on camera by game ranger Lyle Gregg, who said the lion, which was well-known to rangers, had earlier taken a beating which had left him injured.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Jules Bianchi Crash: Video Emerges Online Of His Horror Smash At Japanese Grand Prix [Photo+Video]

VIDEO: Footage appears of horror Bianchi crash at Japan GP
A video has emerged online showing the shocking moment F1 driver Jules Bianchi crashed at the Japanese Grand Prix.
Bianchi suffered a severe head injury which required surgery in the smash and he is now fighting for his life in hospital.

The world's most expensive burger has arrived in London

A London restaurant has created the world’s most expensive burger using Canadian lobster, Kobe beef and black truffle brie.
Chris Large, head chef at Honky Tony restaurant in Chelsea came up with the ‘Glamburger’ dish which costs £1,100 and is served in a golden bun.
It also contains  Iranian saffron, Beluga caviar and a hickory smoked duck egg covered in edible golden leaf.

Naked Rambler Sent Back To Jail - For Walking Out Of Prison Wearing Nothing But Boots And Socks

Naked Rambler: Stephen Gough has been jailed for two-and-a-half years (Picture: PA)
A former Royal Marine dubbed The Naked Rambler has been jailed for walking out of prison only wearing boots and socks.
Stephen Gough, who has featured in a BBC documentary, was found guilty of breaching an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) banning him from being nude in public.

Winchester Crown Court heard Gough refused to put on clothes when he strolled out of prison on the day he was released after he served a sentence for a previous breach of the Asbo.

Watch What Happens When A Prominent Rapper Tries To Defecate On Stage {Photo+Video]

Daylyt tried to sh*t on everyone else
Daylyt is quite the prominent battle rapper, garnering acclaim on the URL circuit, and even being featured on Ab-Soul‘s latest albumThese Days. However, he’s equally known for being a pretty controversial figure, threatening to do a wide range of crazy, ill-advised things during his battles, including what he just recently attempted to do: defecate on stage.

"I Slept With 50 Men A Night..." - CONFESSIONS OF A PROSTITUTE

From a poverty-stricken home in Edo State, Nigeria, the luring promise of greener pastures abroad led Vera Benjamin into a journey of hardened prostitution, filled with unspeakable horrors and inexplicable encounters. The cause? Demons from the pit of hell

After her deliverance, she is Divinely commissioned for a new job - winning the souls of the harlots in Greece she once worked with.

Nigeria Reacts To South Africa’s $5.7 Million Seizure

The Asset Forfeiture Unit of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has seized $5.7 million (R64 million) for yet another arms deal between South Africa and Nigeria.
This is the second multimillion-rand arms deal between the two countries in the past month that has resulted in the money being frozen in South African banks.
Last month, R103 million in $100 bills stashed in suitcases was seized at Lanseria Airport, north of Joburg.
The money was frozen in both cases for allegedly being the proceeds of illegal transactions.

Doctor Pulls Three-Inch Cricket Alive From Patient’s Inner Ear [Photos, Video]

A doctor then had to carefully remove the twitching creepy-crawly, using tiny tweezers to pinch the bug and pull it out of the ear. A video taken of the incredible procedure was posted online.

Experts have suggested the cricket crawled in the ear in search of shelter during daylight hours.

Michael Sweet, lecturer at the University of Derby, an expert on invertebrate biology, identified the creature to Daily Star Online as an Indian house cricket.

Hot Photos: Pregnant Kelly Rowland Strips for Elle Magazine

First time soon to be mum Kelly Rowland stripped for Elle magazine and talks about raising a child in the spotlight. When asked what kind of celebrity mum she will be, Kelly replied; “I just plan to play it by ear. Everybody has their normal. And sometimes, award shows are a part of that. I have girlfriends who have that experience, and they’ll say ‘You know, I just really didn’t want to be without my child today.’ And it’s just that simple. It’s about finding your normal, whatever that may be.”

Delaware Mother Charged After Daughter Brings Heroin To Daycare

Ashley Tull

A Delaware mother was arrested on Monday after her four-year-old daughter unknowingly brought roughly 250 packets of heroin to her daycare, and passed them out to classmates thinking they were candy, police said.
Ashley Tull, 30, of Selbyville was charged with drug possession and endangering the welfare of a child after her daughter brought the drugs to the Hickory Tree Child Care Center on Monday morning, Delaware State Police said in a statement.

Secret Life Of Killer husband: 'Chef' Who Murdered And Dismembered Transgender Wife Was Really A Male Prostitute Who Hid Job From His Family

A transgender woman murdered and cooked by her husband in their swank Australian apartment was a “high-class” prostitute using profits from sex work to support her family in Indonesia.

Mayang Prasetyo was charging up to $435 an hour for her services, marketing herself online as a “top high-class Asian shemale.’’

Video - Boko Haram militants attack A Village With Heavy Artillery

Passengers watch in horror as two Ryanair planes collide on Dublin Airport runway - leaving one with top of its wing ripped off

ryanairThe Boeing 737s heading to Edinburgh and Brussels ran into each other in the darkness at Dublin Airport early this morning. Passengers managed to take photos of the aftermath and revealed how the tip of one plane's wing was missing. It was left lodged in the rear wing of the other plane. Passenger Andrea Cunningham, who was on the way to Edinburgh, said: 'I thought the plane was going a little bit too fast before the plane was taking off. You could feel the plane tug and then we stopped.' Ryanair has apologised for the disruption. An investigation is to be carried out by the Irish Air Accident Investigation Unit.

New 'Scrotal Shield' Which Covers Entire Genital Area Is Developed For Safer Sex

Scroguard is worn with a condom and reduces skin on skin contact, lowering the risk of catching infections like herpes or genital warts which are transmitted through contact with skin

A 'scrotal condom' has been developed to cover the entire crotch area during sex, to lower the risk of catching sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
Scroguard is worn with a condom and reduces skin on skin contact, lowering the risk of catching infections like herpes or genital warts which are transmitted through contact with skin.
It has been designed people who want extra 'peace of mind', men with a high sex drive who enjoy sexual variety and couples and individuals who 'love to swing', developers said.
Scroll down for video 

Monday 6 October 2014

Thirty years ago, Richard Branson started Virgin Atlantic. But what made him decide to go into the travel business in the first place?

As he reveals in a new film put together by HP Matter, it all came after getting stuck in Puerto Rico while trying to get to the British Virgin Islands. 
“They didn’t have enough passengers to warrant the flight, so they cancelled the flight” he explains.

'You drive a better car than me!' Man Spots Homeless Lady He Gives Money To Everyday [Photos + Video}

Rage: Daniel Ayala was enraged when he saw the beggar he gives money to driving a brand new Fiat
This is the moment a man saw the elderly homeless woman he gives money to every day - driving a new car.
Daniel Ayala walked past the Shell garage on his way to work for weeks to hand a few notes to the panhandler sat on the corner.
One day, he missed lunch to give her $4.
But he was sent in to a foul-mouthed rage on Wednesday when he passed by to see her in a 2013 red Fiat.

The Shocking Death Of Popular Ibadan Based Socialite And Businessman Otunba Lekan Abass Who Died On His Way To See Sick Wife Who Also Died Ten Days Later

The city of Ibadan was thrown into mourning with the sudden death of its illustrious son and daughter, Otunba Lekan Abass and his wife, Folake, in quick succession. Ten days after the Ibadan-based socialite gave up the ghost as a result of cardiac arrest, his wife, who had been in coma for weeks, also died.
Otunba Abass’s death was said to have occurred after a call he received from his sister-in-law telling him that Folake’s health had seriously deteriorated. As he drove to the hospital in company with some friends, Otunba Abass reportedly developed partial stroke. His condition deteriorated so rapidly that he lost control of the car he was driving and it crashed into a wall. The first aid assistance his friends gave was futile as he breathed his last a few metres from the closest hospital.

My Last Moment With Taiwo Oshadipe, By Manager

Taiwo Oshadipe
Add caption
Again, the Nigerian entertainment industry recorded another painful loss last Friday when the news of the sudden death of Taiwo Oshadipe, one of the singing duo of the popular Oshadipe Twins broke.
Even as many are still pained about the loss, their manager, Olu Akinsanya, who initially declined any comment on the incident due to shock, has revealed that the actress and singer might have died of complications arising from chest-related pains.