Friday 17 October 2014

Prision Warden Tied Up And DANGLED from roof of Brazilian prison

At risk: A group of prisoners at Guarapuava prison tie up a warden and prepare to dangle him from the roof
This is the horrifying moment a Brazilian prison warden was tied up and dangled from the jail roof by inmates who have seized control of the complex.
The uprising at the Guarapuava prison in the south of the country began on Monday when inmates on a work detail over-powered guards, taking 12 of them hostage on the building's roof.
Authorities trying to gain control of the prison uprising managed to win the release of one of 12 prison guards yesterday, but the others have been stripped naked, tied up and badly beaten by masked prisoners gathered on the rooftop, in scenes that have shocked Brazil.
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Squirrel Steals Airplane

This is the first time you will watch a squirrel pilot flying airplane, not only flying it but stealing it from a human and then doing stunts in the air and at last landing it safely. Don’t getconfused, first of all let me clarify that it is a fake video, just made for entertainment. The video was uploaded 5 months ago on a “hobbywars” YouTube channel. On this channel you will find videos of only airplanes. The video is entertaining millions of people on internet all around the world. Even i found it quite entertaining, hence, i am sharing it with you guys, hope you people will like it.

SEE Prophet T.B. Joshua Carrying Three Bags Of Rice On His Head

Could this man of God  truly be an embodiment of humility!

\You might be wondering if the person carrying the bag of rice in the photo is one of those people who loadgoods on and off lorries.
Well, this is no load carrier. This is Prophet T. B. Johsua, Pastor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), whose building collapse last month killed at least 115 worshipers in the church

The Effects Of Marijuana On The Body

Marijuana comes from the Cannabis plant. The flowers, seeds, leaves, and stems of the plant must be shredded and dried before they can be used. Most people who use marijuana smoke it, but it can be mixed into food, brewed into tea, or even used in a vaporizer. One of the ingredients in marijuana is a mind-altering chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

When you inhale marijuana smoke into your lungs, it is quickly released into your bloodstream on its way to your brain and other organs. It takes a little longer to be absorbed when you eat or drink it.
The effects of marijuana on the body are immediate. Longer-term effects may depend on how you take it, how much you take, and how often you use it. Since its use has long been illegal in the United States, large-scale studies have been difficult to manage.

In recent years, the medicinal properties of marijuana are gaining acceptance in mainstream America. Medical marijuana is now legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia. THC and another ingredient called cannabidol (CBD) are the main substances of therapeutic interest. National Institutes of Health-funded research into the possible medicinal uses of THC and CBD is ongoing.

In addition to medicinal use, recent legislation has made marijuana a legal recreational drug in Colorado and Washington State. With the potential for increased recreational use, knowing the effects that marijuana can have on your body is as important as ever.

Countdown To The Next Big Thing From K1 Wasiu Ayinde Marshal Tagged "NIGHT WITH K1 D UNUSUAL...At the Prestigious Eko Hotel Arena. [Photos]

Thursday 16 October 2014

Tomatoes found growing in human sewage on a railway line in Essex

News ImageThe union claims the practice, which dates from the early days of rail travel, creates a serious hazard for track maintenance workers. RMT will continue to fight for an end to this disgusting and dangerous practice and it's the greedy, profiteering train companies who should foot the bill.

Alicia Keys & Husband Swizz Beatz Hold Protest to Bring Back Our Girls Outside The Nigerian Consulate

Alicia Keys holds up a sign while leading a protest outside the Nigerian Consulate on Tuesday (October 14) in New York City. "Today is my son's birthday and it is also making me stand in solidarity with all the mothers of the Chibok girls who have been abducted for six months and are still missing. And it is just outrageous that that's going on," Alica shared at the protest.
Keys, 33, and Swizz protested along with 30 women who chanted “When do we want them? Now! Now! Alive!” Keys is pregnant with the couple’s 2nd child.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Taiwo Oshadipe Buried Amid Tears In Lagos....Pictures From The Cemetery

Taiwo Oshadipe of the Oshadipe singing duo was buried today at Victoria Court Vaults, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos, without fanfare. There was no dust-to-dust rite.

Photo credit: Encomium

Popular Gospel singer, Taiwo Oshadipe who died penultimate Friday after battling chest pain, has been buried. She was laid to rest today at Victoria Court Vaults, in Lekki, amid tears. 

Advert of woman’s breasts posted on side of van causes 500 car crashes in just 24 hours

Advert of woman's breasts on side of van causes 500 car crashes in just 24 hours
An advertisement showing a woman’s bare breasts has reportedly caused more than 500 accidents in one day in a poorly-thought out PR campaign.
The photograph showing a woman cupping her breasts with a thin blue strip across the nipples was posted on the side of 30 vans in Moscow, Russia.
The advert simply read: ‘They attract’.

Why Nigerian Born Chef , Olamide Fashina Was Stabbed To Death In London - He 'Crawled' For Help Before Dying after stabbing 'over £400 debt'

Amazing stories Around The World, first broke the news with photos of Nigerian born chef who was stabbed to death by gang of boys in Thamesmead, london yesterday after an argument over money. 
Olamide Feshina, 25, known as Ben and nicknamed Trigger, was cornered in an estate in Thamesmead, south east London, by the group who reportedly attacked him over an unpaid debt.
He was seen “crawling” along Wolvercote Road in search of help before collapsing. A member of the public dialled 999.
An air ambulance landed in the playing field of a nearby primary school and doctors and a paramedic performed surgery in the street in a 30 minute battle to save him before he was pronounced dead at around 2.30pm yesterday.
Grief-stricken family members arrived at the scene minutes before his body was taken away by an ambulance at 9.30pm.

Passengers' Terrified As Cabin Walls CRACKED And Plane Shook Violently, forcing emergency landing on American Airlines flight

Culled From - Dailymail.
An American Airlines spokesman says a blown air duct is being investigated as the possible cause 
Passenger James Wilson asked his Facebook friends to 'pray for us' after the plane 'started coming apart'

An American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing when its cabin walls began to break apart as terrified passengers looked on.
Flyer James Wilson said travellers on Monday's flight from San Francisco to Dallas knew something was wrong when they felt the fuselage begin to shake violently and heard popping noises outside the Boeing 757 shortly after take-off.
Astonished travellers feared the plane would crash as interior panels on both sides of the cabin pulled apart from the walls, exposing insulation, and they felt a change in cabin pressure due to a possible blown air duct.
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Tuesday 14 October 2014

How Yinka Ayefele's Father Died While Celebrating His Birthday.

We broke the news first of the demise of Pa J.T Ayefele, the father of popular gospel artiste, Yinka Ayefele.  Pa Joshua Taiwo Ayefele, died on Sunday,  October 12, while celebrating his 76thbirthday in Ipoti Ekiti.

Gays Have Gifts and Qualities to Offer the Church – Vatican Says

UNBELIEVABLE: Gays Have Gifts and Qualities to Offer the Church - Vatican Says 1

A new Vatican document released after a week of key meetings between Pope Francis and 200 Catholic bishops has signalled a seismic shift on the Church's attitude towards homosexuals, saying they have "gifts and qualities to offer" the Christian community.
The Relatio Post Disceptionem, read to the assembly called the "synod" in the presence of Pope Francis, proposes a modern interpretation of "irregular" families such as co-habiting or homosexual couples, paving the way for a less judgmental and lenient attitude towards them.

Linda Ikeji's Friend Who Almost Destroyed Her, Exposes Bola Tinubu - Alleged He's A Former Drug Baron. [See Proof]

Candy Crush Games Developer King Valued At Over $7bn

The games developer behind Candy Crush Saga, King, has been valued at over $7bn (£4.2bn) after it raised $500m listing on the New York Stock Exchange.
It sold 22.2 million shares priced at $22.50 per share – the mid-point of the range the firm had initially set, BBC reports.
King said it plans to use the money raised for “working capital” and “other general corporate purposes, which may include acquisitions”.

Have you seen the daughter of the King of Saudi Arabia?

Don’t be surprised, but the daughter of the King of Saudi Arabia is a beautiful, modern woman, who doesn’t mind going out in public wearing only a scarf on her head and showing a bit of her hair, World Observer reported on March 30.
Adlah sat in for an interview with the French newspaper “Le Figaro” and shared her views about marriage, Hijab, work for women and social media.

Golden Toilet Gifted By Saudi King To His Daughter On Her Marriage

Saudi Arab king family spend $ 3,00,00,000 for his daughter Marriage Dress. She looks like a pyramid

Monday 13 October 2014

1971: When Life With A Lion Was Glamorous

Audrey Hepburn may have had a pet deer, but the award for most dangerous and bad-ass exotic pet likely goes to the equally beautiful actress Tippi Hedren, who shared her quaint Sherman Oaks, California home with a massive full grown lion named Neil. Along with her family members, husband Noel Marshall (a writer and producer) and Hedren’s daughter from another marriage, a then-teenaged Melanie Griffith, we can see how Neil integrated into the family’s activities and home.


The J Pods system was first mentioned in 2012 and now the solar powered system is going to be built and tested. Individual carriages will be suspended on a rail system in New Jersey and create an alternative network which is hoped to relieve pressure on the existing systems. The J Pods will suspend over existing infrastructure.

Transport For London (TfL) Unveiled 250 New “Driverless” Tube Trains

Transport for London (TfL) have recently unveiled plans for 250 new “driverless” Tube trains as part of an upgrade that could cost about £16bn
The new trains, which have been designed by London’s Priestman Good, will initially have an operator on board but will be designed to be fully autonomous. The space freed up from lack of an operator means that passengers can enjoy the view from the front of the train, something that has yet to be possible

Revealed: Terrifying Last Moments Of Doomed Air France Flight 447 Which Crashed Into Sea Killing Everyone On Board Because Pilots Were Sleeping

Two out of three Air France pilots were sleeping minutes before one shouted ‘F***, we’re dead!’ and their plane plunged into the sea with the loss of all 228 people on board.
Horrific details of the last moments of Flight 447, which claimed the lives of five Britons and three Irish doctors, have emerged in a disturbing new investigation into the 2009 disaster involving an Airbus 330. Published in the October edition of Vanity Fair magazine, it raises terrifying questions about safety aboard civilian passenger jets.

This Lady's Boob - Your jaw will DROP when you see what this model can do with her boobs

Remember when burlesque performer Michelle L'Amour twerked her waythrough Beethoven's Fifth Symphony? You really should (but click through for a refresher if you don't). Well, just shy of a year later and there's another jiggy rendition of classical music to appreciate — above, model Sara X bounces her breast to the beat of Mozart's classic "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik." It's mesmerizing; in her video's description Sara clarifies the music is from a 1936performance by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra — you know, just in case that's what you were curious about after watching.

Linda Ikeji Taken Down By Google Was All About Publicity Stunt - By Chi-Chi Nwa' Africa

Via - Chichinwaafrica.

Bravo I must say! But For how long can one think they can fool people just for some cheap publicity stunts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan and at the same time not a hater. What I cant stand is the way I feel violated with all the bull crap of "claiming google shut her down"

Well, sit back, relax and enjoy this read....For I will take my time to explain to you how Linda and her friend Mr. Dee played a nice stunt on her readers.

University Of Lagos Students Use Sachet (Pure) Water To Put Out Fire

Tragedy struck today, October 12, at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) when a female hostel Building, [Madam Tinubu Hall] caught fire.
The outbreak started at about 4am in the hostel leading some students to jump from the second floor of the building,

The fire was however said to have been put out quickly and no casualties were recorded.
The extent of the damage caused is still unknown as no official statement has been issued by the school authorities.

Signs Of End Time: A Man Had Sex With A Snake [Photo+Video]

A man had sex with a snake and it's on video and it's all over the Internet [viaThe Daily Dot]. That's crazy, you're probably thinking right now. I kind of want to see that. Guess what? You don't. You think you want to. You think you want to understand the logistics of a man having intercourse with a snake. I thought I wanted that once too. But I was wrong. I was young and naïve and wrong. That was five minutes ago.


The Presidential bid of the All Progressives Congress chieftain, Major-General Mahammadu Buhari gathered momentum in Lagos Sunday as he paid a visit to the State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola SAN, to deliver a special invitation to the formal declaration of his intention to contest the nation’s 2015 Presidential Election.

Sunday 12 October 2014

Buhari Visits Raji Fashola To Invite The Governor To His Presidential Bid Declaration [Photos]

An All Progressives Congress Presidential Aspirant and former Head of State, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (left) being welcomed by Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN (right) during a visit to invite the Governor to his Presidential bid declaration at the State House, Marina, Lagos on Sunday, October 12, 2014

The heartbreaking reality of Ebola: Photos show brutal effects of virus on Liberia victims and their loved ones as death toll rises to 4,033

Grief-stricken: These photos, taken by photographers John Moore and Mohammed Elshamy, show the grim reality of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, West Africa. Above, a woman crawls toward the body of her sister as an Ebola burial team takes it away for cremation
It has claimed the lives of more than 4,000 people across the world so far. 
Now, a series of photos has captured the grim reality of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, West Africa.
The shocking images, taken by photographers John Moore and Mohammed Elshamy, show the brutal effects of the virus on victims and their loved ones.
One features a woman crawling desperately toward the body of her sister as a burial team carries it away for cremation on Saturday, while another shows the victim's mother and young daughters weeping as they come to terms with their loss.
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Yinka Ayefele & Laolu Ayefele (L.A Flexy) Loses Dad.

Pa Joshua Taiwo
Tungba Gospel music singer, Yinka Ayefele & his brother Laolu Ayefele (L.A Flexy) lost their dad today. Pa J. T Ayefele died this evening. May God give the entire family the grace to bear the painful loss.Our sympathy and condolence.

More details later.