Saturday 5 April 2014

Man-eating crocodile suspected of killing SIX people is finally caught after terrorising village in Uganda

Locals from of the Kakira village, in eastern Uganda, gather to look at the enormous man-eating crocodile believed to have killed six people
A man-eating crocodile suspected of killing at least six people has been captured off the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda.
The enormous beast, over 18ft long and weighing approximately a tonne, was caught after worried locals demanded wildlife officials hunt it down.
Its latest victim is believed to be father-of-two Bosco Nyansi, a local fisherman whose tattered clothing was discovered floating on the water.

Friday 4 April 2014

Ayo Feyikogbon Is Old And Hypertensive

The sun is not smiling at veteran Yoruba story teller, the arrow head of popular rested Yoruba series, Feyikogbon on NTA channel 7, Lagos.
ayo mogaji
Feyikogbon was one of the most watch television series with wide range of viewers in the yoruba speaking region. One could still remember the great legend, Akanbi Sunday Akinola popularly known as Ayo Mogaji and other characters such as Busari, Awero , Saamu, Ajobiewe, Bimbo, Sanusi, Alhaja Jinjin. Others include: Wunmi, disu and many other minor characters.
Inspite the huge acceptance and success of the most watched TV programme, the brain behind the series Ayo Mogaji is in a pitiable condition; sustaining at the mercy of good Samaritans and pension from Nigerian Army where he served. His small house at Ipaja, Lagos does not represent a picture of a theatre icon that has entertained and contributed to the moral standard of the society through national television in his active days.
In an interview, the 73yr old Ilaro born sage actor says that his deteriorating health status and old age have prevented him to feature in major threatre project. I’m old, still active and alive. I have been sick for over 5yrs, battling with hypertension and you know a hypertensive patient needs to relax and do away with stress”, he said.

Thursday 3 April 2014

UPDATE: Ibadan ‘Lunatics’ Have Been Confirmed As “Human Parts Dealers” — Police

Ibadan Horror: SEE "Madman" who sells raw human parts (+ LOOT PHOTOS)

THE Oyo State Police Command said, yesterday, that two of the arrested suspects, who disguised as lunatics, have confessed to be human body parts dealers.
This confirmation was made by the Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Indabawa, at the end of a security meeting with Governor Abiola Ajimobi.
About three “lunatics” on whom human parts were found were killed by angry youths.
Vanguard learnt that a woman who reportedly had 42 SIM cards on her and another man with a price list of human parts died in the hospital.
After the meeting, the CP also said that 42 lunatics had been withdrawn from major streets by the government. He said the move was to prevent them from further attacks.

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Alleged Rape Update: What Nigeria Police Is Saying About Oberese Rapé Saga

The truth is finally out. Ladies who go about looking for rich guys to blackmail and make cheap money should in all intent and purpose learn from the case of Ms Olanike Olaiya and save themselves the shame.
Lagos State Police Spokesperson, Mrs Ngozi Braide said Ms Nike, who accusedpopular musician Obesere of rapé is a blackmailer and 
extortionist. She said they both agreed they had ca'nal knowledge of each other but Nike was only trying to blackmail the singer afterwards. Below is the police position

State Security Service Paraded Catholic Priest And 20 Others For Alleged Child Theft [Photo]

Officials of the State Security Service paraded a Catholic priest and 20 others for their alleged involvement in child theft in Akwa Ibom State on Tuesday. 
SSS Deputy Director, Fubara Duke, said Rev Okono Joseph of St Peter’s Parish of the Owerri Catholic Diocese in Imo State, was arrested for buying two boys (three and four years) at N900,000. 
Fubara Duke, who spoke at DSS headquarters in Uyo, said the self-styled man of God bought the children in a secret deal from an agent sponsored by one Uche Joel Canice Onyekedru from Ogiri in Imo State.

Leaked Photo: Female Student Of Covenant University Doing Things At Bishop Oyedepo No-nonsense School

This is what happens when ladies fail to live strictly to the rules of their environment. Winners Chapel, owners of Covenant University are a bunch of no-nonsense people. 
To school there, you must be above board. But this girl, Bisi, decided to take her twerking character from the streets into the university and unfortunately for her the video of her secret act has leaked with everything she's got on display. See things below... 

See Leaked Photo of Female Student Of Covenant University 1

See Leaked Photo of Female Student Of Covenant University 2

Sadly, Covenant University has expelled Bisi over the mess. What is she going to tell her parent?

PICTURED: Dramatic moment police swooped on members of notorious Adams Family in series of dawn raids across London


Michael Adams, 48, and his wife Debra, 46, were seen shouting as they were bundled into a van by officers outside their home in Finchley, north London. Officers from the Metropolitan Police's Operation Octopod arrested a total of seven people this morning, including an accountant and a solicitor, in a series of raids across London. They also seized around £100,000 in cash from an office believed to be one of the Adams syndicate's headquarters.
The brother of notorious crime bosses Terry and Tommy Adams was arrested along with his wife in a dawn raid today as part of a money-laundering investigation.  
Officers from the Metropolitan Police's Operation Octopod arrested a total of seven people this morning, including an accountant and a solicitor, in a series of raids across London.  
They also seized around £100,000 in cash from an office believed to be one of the Adams 's headquarters.

Stunning Photos: "I Have The Sex Of The Angels, Why Would I Be Ashamed Of It?"

This is Claudette. Claudette is a husband, a grandfather and an award-winning cyclist. She's also an intersex sex worker. "I’d rather sell my ass than my soul; it’s harder but much cleaner," she told photographer Malika Gaudin Delrieu soon after they met.
Delrieu became enamored with Claudette's story, so much so that she decided to document her life in photographs. She dubbed the stunning series "La Vie en Rose." The images chronicle Claudette's daily life, from eyeing lingerie in a shop window to hugging Andrée, her wife of 52 years and the mother of their three children.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Ese Walters Gets Brand New Red Car As Wedding Gift (photos)

Taiwo And Kehinde Aromokun Mark Birthday
Twin sisters, Taiwo and Kehinde Aromokun clocked plus one yesterday and marked it last night at Intercontinental hotel, Lagos.

Missing $35,000 Rolex Later Found In Vagina

A Las Vegas woman hired to give a man a $300 massage allegedly snatched his $35,000 Rolex and concealed it in her vagina.
Christina Lafave, 25, is accused of stealing a watch belonging to Kenneth Herold on January 15 while giving him a massage at his room in the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel.
The case came to light now because Lafave's attorney, Chris Rasmussen, believes the watch was found via an illegal search-and-seizure and should not be admitted in court.

Judge Attempts to Mend Feud Among FRA Williams’ Children Over Father's N26b Estate

Justice Samuel Oseji of the Court of Appeal in Lagos Monday tried to seek a compromise amongst the four feuding children of the legal luminary and Nigeria’s first Senior Advocate, the late Chief Frederick Rotimi Alade Williams.
Justice Oseji, while delivering judgment in a suit filed by the two elder sons of the late legal icon, Ladi and Kayode, urged the four children to reflect on their childhood years when they ate together from the same plate and table. He further advised them to shun mundane riches that will perish and focus on their brotherhood.

Exposed! Nollywood Actor & Actress Caught Having Unprotected SEX!


The two people you see below are Nollywood actors. Although the two still claim to be on a movie set while having unprotected sex. But no marketer or producer has come out to claim the movie they said they acted in.
Both naked had little they can say for themselves and they both looked shocked when the photos were taken. The things we see in the entertainment industry – I’m sure you’ll recognize their faces and know their names if you love watching nollywood movies.

Nigerian Guy Proposes to Girlfriend on Arik Plane While Airborne (Photos)

Who says Nigerian men are not romantic, this young guy just proposed to his girlfriend on the early hours of yesterday while on their way to an unknown destination…
The young man was given a different seat from his fiancée on the trip but that still did not stop him as he left his seat and walk down to hers, brought out a ring and, as usual, the girl said YES 

Monday 31 March 2014

Rape Scandal: Obesere Faces Condemnation For Putting Alleged Raped Girl Picture On VCD/CD Cover

A lot of Nigerians yesterday condemned the act carried out by Obesere recently for putting the picture of his alleged rape victim on the cover of his newly released Video CD which explained what transpired between him and the said Nike Olaiya after the news got online yesterday.

'People complain about men who don't take responsibility. Here I am, wanting to be a father to my son': Young dad wins custody THREE YEARS after mother secretly put son up for adoption as a newborn

Worth the fight: Jeremiah Sampson, 26, now has full custody of his son, Hilkyah, 3

A 26-year-old Oklahoma student who did not know his girlfriend had adopted out his son has successfully won full-time custody of his child.
Jeremiah Sampson, of Coweta, has officially been a full-time single dad since Christmas last year.
However his battle to win back his son, three-year-old Hilkya, has taken three years and cost him almost everything he has.
In 2008, Sampson was recruited to play running back and receiver for Pittsburg State, a small public university in southeast Kansas, where he met his girlfriend, Tulsa World reported.

Man allowed HYENA to eat his genitals because a witch doctor told him it would make him rich

Mr Zulu, from Malawi, said he was told by a witch doctor that if he sacrificed some of his body parts he would become richThe man went into the Zambian bush while he allowed a hyena (not the animal pictured) to attack him. The animal first ate his toes before eating his genitals
A man has been left without genitals and with three missing toes after a witch doctor told him that losing his body parts would make him rich.
Chamangeni Zulu, from Malawi, has been hospitalised at Chipata General Hospital in Zambia, near the Malawi border, after he allowed the hyena to eat his manhood.
Mr Zulu told the Times of Zambia yesterday that he was promised by a witch doctor that by sacrificing his body parts he would become rich.

VIDEO: Soka Forest of Horror in Ibadan: More Victims Might Be Undereath Earth

Aja ale2Ibadan-forest people death

Rescuers who uncovered the Soka forest of horror in Ibadan say they are communicating with a victim on telephone. The victim said he was underneath earth in the forest but his phone had run out of battery.
The rescuers say they used native (Yoruba) means to detect the victims' location in the forest. They said Government's response in the horror has been unimpressive.

End Time Things! Like Rihanna Like Naija Babe See [Photo]

That is just disgraceful. Maybe she didn't know the top was transparent especially as her boobs are not actually that upright. Also look at that stomach. She should never go near belts again