Saturday 20 July 2013

Exclusive - Funke Akindele Breaks Silence On Crashed Marriage.

IT'S OVER! FUNKE AKINDELE WALKS OUT OF TROUBLED MARRIAGE!  ...The full story behind the separation
Via - Stella Dimokokorkus 

Funke how do you feel now that your marriage has ended after just a year?you must be going through a hard time right now. People are laughing at you.     

.......thank you for calling Stella.  First of all let me clarify that I have not replied any sms or spoken to anyone on this development before now and neither have I threatened to sue anyone, I do not know who sent out that sms denying that my marriage is over,that was what neccesitated me sending out a press release so as not to confuse the public, especially my fans whom I'm so passionate about.  I've been unable to pick calls due to my busy schedule on set and I needed to settle down before picking any calls,so you called at the right time.

 I will address this issue now and thereafter face my career and try to concentrate on the things i have on my plate at the moment...Yes my marriage has crashed.
Let the people who are laughing at me continue laughing,my job afterall is to make people laugh.let those who are without sins or mistake cast the first stone.let them continue judging me.God is the overall judge,he is the one i look up to.

I am shocked funke.why the silence all these while why?why facebook?

Its my private life,i know i am a public figure but i am entitled to some privacy at least . what has happened has happened,No one is beyond mistakes.i will take corrections from this and apply where necessary from now on- i bear Mr Kehinde Oloyede no ill feelings.

She didnt want to continue the interview and I had to respect her wish and stop probing.

Funke Akindele reverts to maiden, removes Oloyede from her social media accounts

Following an official statement released a few hours ago by Funke Akindele's camp confirming the end of her one year marriage, the star actress has removed her estranged husband's name, Oloyede, from all her social media accounts.

She's also spoken for the first time about the end of her marriage. She told Stella Dimoko Korkus:
First of all let me clarify that I have not replied any SMS or spoken to anyone on this development before now and neither have I threatened to sue anyone. I do not know who sent out that SMS denying that my marriage is over. That was what necessitated me sending out a press release so as not to confuse the public, especially my fans whom I'm so passionate about.
Yes my marriage has crashed. Let the people who are laughing at me continue laughing.  My job afterall is to make people laugh. Let those who are without sins or mistake cast the first stone. Let them continue judging me. God is the overall judge. He is the one I look up to.

No expense spared! Lamborghinis, Ferraris Mercedes and Bentleys are hired by TEENAGERS in deprived London borough to 'show off' at their school prom

But teenagers in Tower Hamlets have tried to shrug-off this economically-tough climate and spared no expense in hiring many expensive supercars, which often cost more to buy than their own homes.Teenagers in one of Britain’s poorest boroughs are hiring expensive supercars to help celebrate the end of their school days.

Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys are being rented by 16-year-olds in Tower Hamlets, East London, for their National Record of Achievement (NRA) ceremony, a prom-like event that marks the end of compulsory schooling.
Many of the cars would cost more to buy than homes in the area.

Our ten year battle to save Dad's sanity: In a raw and candid interview, Frank Bruno's daughters unburden their souls about their troubled father

Frank Bruno's daughters are hoping he is over his mental problemsAsk sisters Nicola and Rachel Bruno to describe their relationship with their father, boxing legend Frank Bruno, and they fret over the question for some time before choosing the word ‘fragile’.
They love him, of course, and he loves them; that goes without saying. It’s just that things have been so very difficult and painfully raw between them for such a long time. 
For the first time in almost ten years — a decade marked by misunderstandings and periods of emotional distance — they feel they are in a ‘good place’ as a family. Good enough to talk about the one fight Frank has yet to win.

Pictured: The Horrific Moment A Woman Smashes Her Head Clean Through The Car Windshield in China … And She Survives

Rescue effort: Firefighters work to cut the woman free after the car she was traveling in crashed into the back of a lorry in China
Rescue effort: Firefighters work to cut the woman free after the car she was traveling in crashed into the back of a lorry in China
Via - Daily Mail 
A Chinese woman miraculously survived a car crash which saw her head smash through the windscreen and become wedged in the hole.
The unnamed woman was a passenger in the car when it hit the back of a truck in southern China's Guanxi province.
The force caused the woman, who wasn't wearing a seat belt at the time, to fly forward into the windscreen.

Ray Blaze - You Go Wound [Official Video]

“Finally the official video of Belgium’s finest Afrobeat act of the year Ray Blaze is out, he calls this one “You Go Wound”.This guy came out from nowhere and he’s definitely making a lot of buzz already with this new catchy tune, a creative fusion of Afrobeat with Coupe Decale which is to set you get to dancing till your feet gets sore. So bless your ears and eyes with this audacious masterpiece. [Produced by Eminik]“

Friday 19 July 2013

Photos From Wizkid's Birthday Party In Plush Nightclub, London

Wizkid had all the fun in the world yester-night! He had his 23rd birthday party celebrated in London at plush nightclub, Funky Buddha. The private party was with intimate friends including Liam of one direction,

Woman Jumps Into Lagos Lagoon At Leventist Bus Stop In Lagos

Via - National Mirror 
In what appeared to be a suicide mission, a 45-year-old woman, identified as Ruth Amusan, allegedly jumped into lagoon at Leventist bus stop on Lagos Island yesterday and got drowned.
Witnesses said the woman jumped into the lagoon about noon, after ruminating by the bank of the lagoon for hours.
Observers had initially thought she was enjoying the fresh breeze from the lagoon. They were, however, taken aback when she suddenly dived into the lagoon. Her body was taken out of the water when it floated later.
The National Identity Card recovered from Amusan showed that she resided at No 1, Sule Street, Ijegun, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos.
Documents in a black polythene bag found at the bank of the lagoon, where witnesses said the woman had sat down for hours before jumping into the water, include Union Bank Savings Withdrawal Voucher, Union Bank Savings Deposit Voucher and Dividend Cheque of N8,000 issued by Union Registrars.


Condoms are one of the most popular and effective methods of protection against both sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. However, in order to provide this protection, condoms must be used consistently and correctly. So do people know how to use condoms the right way? According to a recent review of dozens of studies published in the journal Sexual Health, it looks like a lot of us could use a refresher course. Check out the infographic below for a sampling of just a few of the condom use errors uncovered in this research. For information on how to use a condom correctly, check out this helpful page from the CDC orthis page from Planned Parenthood.

Patience Jonathan Opens Up On Rift With Amaechi

Contrary to her earlier denials of involvement in the political crisis rocking Rivers State, wife of President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience, on Wednesday opened up on the matter.
She told 16 bishops from the South-South, who visited her at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, that her misunderstanding with Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, started about four years ago in Anyugubiri in Okrika when she appealed to him to engage her people in dialogue instead of demolishing a part of their community.
Mrs. Jonathan said the governor, whom she described as "hot tempered," did not only ignore her advice, he went a step further by sacking the chairman of the local government for holding a reception in her honour.

Man, 20, Rapes 9-year-old Girl to Death

Via - Vanguard

CALABAR - A 20-year-old man, Chijioke Nwakor, from Aniocha Local Government Area of Anambra State is now in Police custody for allegedly raping a nine-year-old girl to death.
The suspect who is currently detained at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), state Police headquarters, Diamond Hill, Calabar is alleged to have engaged Miss Alice Eneji in a marathon love making which resulted in the girl’s death.
Chijioke told the officer heading the homicide unit of the state CID, Mr. Joseph Inuyashe, that he was born in Aniocha Local Government Area, but grew up in Onistha, Anambra until recently when he relocated to Okuku-Yala Local Government in Cross River State where he is living with his parents.
He said since he came to Cross River State, he had abstained from women, regretting that his first attempt to make love to a girl of his desire has resulted in tragedy.
He said: "I used to see the girl everyday in Okuku-Yala, where I stay with my parents. I don't know what pushed me last Monday to approach her.

Nigerian Dies At JFK Airport In New York

Nigerian, identified as Gunseye Adekunle, 50, of New Jersey, collapsed and died on July 13 at the JFK International Airport in New York.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quotes local media as reporting that the man died after suffering a heart attack at Terminal 4 of the airport while preparing to board an Arik Air flight to Nigeria.
The two teams of first responders failed to reach him because their electronic identity cards could not open the secure doors at the newly renovated Delta terminal.
“A call went out for help but what happened next was a massive mix-up. You had all the assets needed to keep this guy alive, but they never really had the chance to help him.
“A Port Authority police emergency operator got the call at about 6:30 a.m. and was told Adekunle was “unresponsive” but breathing.

Actress Oge Okoye shares Photo Of Her Uncompleted New House

Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye shares the picture of her multi-million naira mansion on her Instagram Page
with the caption; #Hardwork Pays!

Annie Idibia And Daughter Poses With Her Wedding Gift 'Poche' Car From Senate President David Mark

Actress Mercy Johnson Spotted Lounging With Daughter At The Airport

Spotted in the picture is Mercy and her pretty little princess, Purity at the airport, waiting to board a flight.


Top Ghanaian stars, including Majid Michel and Eddie Watson Jr.,  have arrived in Lagos for the premiere ofe Yvonne Nelson's movie, House of Gold. The premiere of the movie is scheduled to take place on Friday (July 19), at Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The actress herself has been busy promoting the movie, which stars Yvonne Nelson, Ice Prince Zamani, Omawumi Megbele, Eddie Watson, Francis Odega, and Luckie Lawson. The movie was directed by Pascal Amanfo.


Following speculations that are marriage may be in trouble, Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, has broken her silence, to say that her marriage is still intact. The actress sent a tersely worded text message to The Nation newspaper (which also carried the story about her alleged marital difficulty), which read: 

 “I read in the newspaper yesterday that I am divorced. What proof do you have? And I am taking this to court because my marriage is intact. You guys are rumour mongers. Funke Akindele Oloyede.”

Today The City Of Detroit Declared Bankruptcy, The Largest City In U.S. History To Do So.

The folks at the Overpass Light Brigade have this to say:

"Back in March, the people of Detroit had their democratically elected government besieged by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, who appointed an "emergency manager" with unchecked powers. Today, that same emergency manager declared the city bankrupt, proposing the city " most of the money owed to secured creditors while pension funds, unions and unsecured bondholders would receive, in some cases, 10 cents on the dollar."

Just another bailout for the 1% on the shoulders of the 99%.

From The Detroit News:

Amazing Pictures - A Duck Story

A Duck Story from San Antonio , Texas
Michael R., an accountant at Frost Bank, watched a mother duck choose the concrete awning outside his window as the unlikely place to build a nest above the sidewalk. The mallard laid ten eggs in a nest in the corner of the planter that is perched over 10 feet in the air. She dutifully kept the eggs warm for weeks, and one afternoon all of her ten ducklings hatched.

Michael worried all night how the mother duck was going to get the ducklings safely off their perch in a busy, downtown, urban environment to take to water, which typically happens in the first 48 hours of a duck hatching. Next morning, Michael watched the mother duck encourage her babies to the edge of the perch with the intent to show them how to jump off. Office work came to a standstill as everyone gathered to watch.

The mother flew down below and started quacking to her babies above. In disbelief Michael watched as the first fuzzy newborn trustingly toddled to the edge and astonishingly leapt into thin air, crashing onto the cement below. Michael couldn't stand to watch this risky effort nine more times! He dashed out of his office and ran down the stairs to the sidewalk where the first obedient duckling, near its mother, was resting in a stupor after the near-fatal fall. Michael stood out of sight under the awning-planter, ready to help. More pictures after the cut......

Amazing Pictures - Confluence Of Rivers

Confluence of Jialing and Yangtze rivers in Chongqing, China

Confluence of Mosel and Rhine rivers in Koblenz, Germany
Via - Interesting Amazing Fact 
Confluence of the Rio Negro black and the Rio Solimoes sandy near Manaus, Brazil

Thursday 18 July 2013

African Doctor Invents Female Condom with 'Teeth' to Fight Sex Assault/Rape

A South African doctor has created a female condom that puts teeth in the fight against rape.

The Anti-rape condom, called "Rape-aXe," features rows of jagged hooks designed to attach to a man's penis during penetration. Once attached, the condom can only be removed surgically, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, the condom's designer
According to Human Rights Watch, South Africa has one of the highest rape rates in the world, and many women in the country live in constant fear of being attacked. One South African doctor, Sonnet Ehlers, is saying enough is enough — she sold her house and car to finance and invent a female condom laced with sharp tooth-like hooks that clamp onto an attacker’s penis upon penetration. The design is controversial, with many saying that the device is a “medieval” solution, but Ehlers believes it’s a way to make rapists think twice about the crime they’re about to commit.

Woolwich Murder Suspect Michael Adebolajo 'Has Teeth Knocked Out During Prison Attack'

Michael Adebolajo, one of the men accused of murdering Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, is believed to have been attacked in prison
Michael Adebolajo, one of the men accused of murdering Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, is believed to have been attacked in prison
Via - Daily Mail 
Terror suspect Michael Adebolajo, one of the men accused of murdering Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, is believed to have been attacked in prison.
Reports claim the 28-year-old, of Romford in Essex, was set upon at HMP Belmarsh in south east London yesterday.
Reports say he has had two teeth knocked out in the attack.
The Ministry of Justice has confirmed an investigation is underway but has refused to comment further.
A Prison Service spokesperson said: 'The police are investigating an incident that took place at HMP Belmarsh on July 17.
'It would be inappropriate to comment while the investigation was ongoing.'
Adebolajo is accused of hacking Fusilier Rigby to death together with Michael Adebowale, 22, near Woolwich Barracks in south east London on May 22.

Abacha's Daughter Lash-Out At Prof. Wole Soyinka On Twitter

Via - Nairaland 

Gumsu Sanni Abacha claims "Wole Soyinka is a "Mad Empty Professor that lives on bad mouthing his Motherland and continent for Dollar and euro!"

Fatima Gumsu Sanni Abacha is one of the daughters of the late General Sanni Abacha

Response from 'Nairalanders' below;

VIDEO: The Juice - Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Talks To Toolz

The Queen of African movie screens, graces the set of the Juice with Toolz, and gives us insight into her acceptance into the ranks of the Times 100 most influential people in the world,future music collaborations, embracing her full physique as a woman, and the physical side of things with the man in her life " The Captain".

Mandela 'Steadily Improving' On 95th Birthday

Via - CBC News 

South Africa celebrated Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday on Thursday, a milestone capped by news that the former president's health was improving after fears that he was close to death during ongoing hospital treatment.

Schools around the country honoured the anti-apartheid leader in morning assemblies, and numerous groups have asked people to volunteer 67 minutes to charity to match what they say are the 67 years that Mandela served his community.

How to undress for your husband 1930s style: LIFE's step-by-step guide to stripping in the bedroom after claims that disrobing the wrong way was driving up America's divorce rate

How to undress for your husband 1930s style: LIFE's step-by-step guide to stripping in the bedroom after claims that disrobing the wrong way was driving up America's divorce rateA curious collection of photographs from the 1930s has shown us just how different life was for the American family just 75 years ago - particularly for women.
The images, published originally in LIFE Magazine in 1937 and again on this week, illustrate step-by-step how a wife should - and should not - undress for her husband.
Using burlesque dancers as models, Allen Gilbert, who was promoting his new Manhattan School of Undressing, gave readers a few pointers and lamented in the article that wives with a faulty 'disrobing methodology' were largely responsible for America's ballooning divorce rate.

Tina Turner And Beau To Tie The Knot After 27 Years

If anyone knows a thing or two about bad marriages it’s R&B legend Tina Turner. That’s why the 73-year-old “Proud Mary” singer waited 2 decades to tie the knot again. Turner and Erwin Bach, her boyfriend of 27 years, plan to wed this Sunday in a civil ceremony in Switzerland, reports.
Turner and Bach have lived together in Zurich, Switzerland, for more than 15 years. The couple plan to have a Buddhist celebration at their home near Lake Zurich on Sunday, according to Turner recently applied for Swiss citizenship after renouncing her American citizenship.
Turner’s last marriage to musician Ike Turner ended in divorce in 1976, after years of abuse. Ike died in 2008 of a cocaine overdose.
Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images


THE NATION reports that a socio-political group, under the aegis of the Arewa Rapid Response Network (ARRN) has threatened to retaliate the attack on four northern governors at the Port Harcourt International Airport on Tuesday.

In a statement signed by the national coordinator of the ARRN, Mallam Yakubu Ahmed, the group warned the perpetrators against allowing the chain of events in Rivers to snowball into a national crisis capable of truncating the nation’s democracy.

Governors Rabiu Kwakwanso (Kano), Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu (Niger), Sule Lamido (Jigawa) and Murtala Nyako (Adamawa) were attacked by supporters of the Minister of State, Mr. Nyesom Wike. Their host, Governor Rotimi Amaechi, also came under attack.

Eye witnesses said the mob attacked the convoy of Amaechi and the four governors with stones and clubs, smashing the windshield of some of the vehicles, including the coaster bus in which commissioners rode. They were also shouting obscenities at the convoy.

Jay Z and Beyonce Mobbed in Toronto, Canada [Photos]

Beyonce and Jay Z in TorontoAging rapper Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce Knowles were mobbed by fans and paparazzi as they took their infant daughter Blue Ivy Carter out to lunch at the Cafe Nervosa in Toronto today. Beyonce, 31, was all smiles as the couple left the cafe with their daughter. But her smile quickly vanished when the fans and paps surrounded them. A frightened Beyonce ran to their waiting limo, leaving Jay Z, 43, to navigate the crowd with their baby in his arms.

Wednesday 17 July 2013


Freed Major Al Mustapha first port of call just as he was left off the hook by the court on Friday12th July, 2013, was the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Ikotun, Lagos where he met the General Overseer, Prophet T.B Joshua. After many years in prison, Mustapha felt the Man of God deserves a prompt visit due to the prophecy he shared with him on his life and the plight he experienced. A freelance journalist, Halima Babingida according to online reports traced him to the cleric who shared why the embattled former Chief Security Officer made hisn first visit from the prison to the synagogue..
From the prison, the first port of call was T.B. Joshua's place. Efforts to get in touch with Prophet T.B. Joshua to know what his visit was all about was like a blind man trying to put a thread through the eye of a needle. What a hard situation!

From The Archive(s): Asiwaju Bola Tinubu And Dele Momodu in London 1993

Bola Tinubu of TVC Television and Orinited hotels and Dele Momodu of Ovation.


Kenyan singer, Iryn Namubiru while performing on stage in the United states some days ago decided to thrill her fans some more by letting them feel her delicate part. What an immoral show of shame.


IT'S OVER! FUNKE AKINDELE WALKS OUT OF TROUBLED MARRIAGE!  ...The full story behind the separation
Via - E24-7 
It's official! The May 3, 2012 marriage of star actress, Funke Akindele, to Kehinde Oloyede, real estate developer and son of the former Iyaloja of Oshodi, has crashed, writes BIODUN KUPOLUYI. The hubby announced via his FACEBOOK WALL:

The marriage which suffered many hiccups shortly before it became known to the public, continually overwhelmed The Return of Jenifa star due to shocking and disturbing tales of extra-marital relationships that have led to not less than10 love children traced to Kehinde. The spate at which the estranged hubby's sexcapades played out nearly turned the hitherto adored actress to an object of ridicule and the topic of rile discussion among professional colleagues and fans. It worsens with caustic and cynical comments online. According to close family sources, the kitchen became too hot shortly after the marriage, as issues that did not surface prior to the wedding kept rearing their ugly heads and left unresolved. Kehinde, showed no remorse though after much pressure and damning reports in E24-7 Magazine, he admitted one of his mistresses, Modinat, and then three months pregnant for him was actually carrying his baby.