Saturday 21 June 2014

Ibadan Stands Still, Markets Closed As Arisekola Is Buried - Those Who’ll Miss Arisekola Alao Most [More Photos]


Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, stood still yesterday as prominent Christian and Muslim clerics, top politicians, captains of industry and beggars, among others, stormed the Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba, Ibadan to bid Alhaji Abdulazeez Arisekola-Alao farewell.

Arisekola, who was the Aare Musulumi of Yorubaland, died in a London hospital on Wednesday. His remains were brought to Nigeria for burial yesterday morning.
The corpse was conveyed to Ibadan through the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway in a Cardilac Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) marked EBONY 11.

World Cup Fan & Father of Four Caught By Camera Exchanging Numbers With Brazilian Girl on Live TV Broadcast

A passionate England  fan  was caught on TV  flirting and exchanging phone numbers with a Brazilian woman at the World Cup.

Carl Wenz a father of four was at England's opening match with Italy on Saturday when TV cameras filmed him holding a mobile phone as he spoke to a female Brazilian fan.

Fans Blast Nollywood Actress Toyin Aimakhu For Using 'OZONE' Relaxer

Toyin Aimakhu, shared a picture of her husband trying to help her relax her hair because he refused to give her money to go to the salon. Some said the act was romantic while others said she should have used a better relaxer instead. Toyin actually replied one of them, read it below after the cut....

“I get prophetic messages to impregnate my church members” – Nigerian Pastor

 Timothy Ngwu, second from right and two of the concubines
Timothy Ngwu, second from right and two of the concubines
The Police in Enugu State have arrested one Timothy Ngwu, the General Overseer of Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity, located at Ihe/Owerre, Nsukka in Enugu State, Dailypost reports.
Before his arrest on Friday, the self acclaimed Pastor, who said he was obeying God’s command, has put no less than 20 members of his church in a family way.

Signs Of End Time? That Awkward Moment When Words Fail

Gay Wedding Train
This photo of a gay couple on their wedding day, is circulating online and has pretty much gone viral. The image shows a groom and his groom wearing white and aqua blue tuxedos for their nuptials.
But what’s most noticeable is that the “she-male” added a train to his own tuxedo to signify that he’s the woman in the marriage. More photos of gay couple weddings after the cut....

Dreams Fall Apart: Story of Nigerian Ex-Bank Manager Dying In US Hospital - Has Been on Life Support For 15 Months A Must Read Story.

Ebere Ukwu
Ebere In Coma With Her Eyes Open
Inside the intensive Care Unit of Wake Medical Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, seven thousand miles from her country home, Ebere Ukwu sleeps, eyes open; kept alive by the hospital’s life support machine. Her fate is hanging between faith and modern medicine. Her life didn’t have to come to this painful circle. She was an ambitious dreamer that wanted to explore her young world and excel. The ICU room wasn’t supposed to be her final destination. But early spring of 2013, her exciting life of adventure suddenly collapsed during a visit to the Emergency Room for minor aches, pain and high body temperature.

Why Kaun (Edible Potash) Should Not Be In Your Kitchen

Credit: Blessing Ekum 

If you are a lover of traditional African/Nigerian dishes prepared the old-fashion way, then you must have, at some time, come across the ingredient known as edible potash. More commonly known as kaun among the Yoruba, kanwa among the Hausa and akanwu among the Igbos, Natron, and the Ghanians Kauwn, a sesquicarbonate or hydrated carbonate of sodium, is a mixture of different substances with sodium constituting about 30 per cent and other minerals such as potassium, iron and zinc in varying proportions.

Ikeja Lagos Beauty Parlours: Home of Deadly Glamour

Ikeja beauty parlours

From the dingy shops and dubious tools of self-acclaimed hairdressers under the Ikeja Bridge, Lagos, come a most unexpected service: breast enhancement.
The Lagos traffic snakes along the main road from the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, crawling sluggishly towards the bridge which leads to the Oba Akran Road. A similar scenario plays out under the bridge where rows of shops line both sides of the road. Smartly dressed young men and women are everywhere, clustering around these shops, while some are by the road side calling on pedestrians, trying to entice them for patronage.
This place is known as Ikeja Under Bridge. It is an area that has always been home to both male and female artisans in the beauty business.

Wizkid Shares Pictures Hanging-Out With Chris Brown

P-square Peter & Paul Okoye's Globacom Commercial B.T.S Pics

00 (2) 
The music duo, Psquare shot a new TV commercial for telecoms company Globacom/GLO and shared some behind the scenes (BTS) photos from the shoot on their instagram pages.

Arisekola Alao Buried Beside Mum Amid Tears •Why He Prepared His Grave

Arisekola Alao Funeral
The city of Ibadan literally stood still on Friday as the remains of the Aare Musulumi of Yorubaland, Alhaji Abdul-Azeez Arisekola Alao, were buried amid wailing and crying.
The main bowl of the Lekan Salami Sports Complex where prayers were held for the late Islamic leader was thronged by eminent personalities from across the country, representatives of the Federal Government, politicians, religious leaders, community leaders and the ordinary folks.
The body of the late business mogul and philanthropist, which had arrived in Nigeria from the United Kingdom, was received at the Ibadan toll gate end of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway by Governor Abiola Ajimobi; his wife, Florence, and other dignitaries, from where it was driven to the Lekan Salami Sports Complex.

Friday 20 June 2014

Is Jeremy Meeks The Hottest Criminal Ever? ‘Sexy’ mugshot goes viral after Facebook post by California police
This model-like mugshot showing 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks is taking thousands of Facebook users by storm after its posting on Wednesday.

Oh, he's guilty, all right — of taking thousands of women's breath away.
A chiseled, baby-blue-eyed felon’s mugshot has stolen the wind from a recent California gun sting after its Facebook posting by Stockton police — drawing more than 5,000 ogling comments, 1,000 shares and 20,000 “likes.”
"Being that sexy is illegal?" one astonished admirer wrote.
Joelin Coleman (left), 44, and Terry Bailey, 22, were also taken into custody with Meeks but have received dramatically less attention online.
"Lord have mercy...." chimed another.
"I've got handcuffs! !!!!" wrote another.


There is good news for women who think age is a barrier to conception.

A woman said to be 60 has just been delivered of a baby at a Lagos hospital. For 31 years, Mrs Omolara Irurhe was globetrotting not for pleasure but in search of a child.   She was a guest in the best hospitals. But in 2010, her journey ended in the most unlikely hospital and country when she began an Invitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment at the St. Ives Hospital in Lagos. On Monday, what began as a seed hope four years ago culminated in the delievery of a bouncing baby girl.


  On 1st of May 2014, I wrote to the then APC National Interim Executive Council Chairman, Chief Bisi Akande reporting to him the overwhelming unfavorable report I had received from across the Country on the status of our Party. I informed him that I had spoken to Party members and leaders across the country and that the feeling was unanimous regarding the downward trend of things. I emphasized that the latest problem arose from the Congresses, which were very poorly managed nationwide and suggested to him that the National Interim Executive Council meeting be immediately convened to address the problem. My letter was dispatched to him by email and copied to about twenty-five key leaders across the country. There was a delay in convening the IEC meeting that I requested and during the period of delay my letter got leaked to the press by someone from Ogun State. It was this alarm that I raised that forced the convening by the Governors of a Leadership Caucus meeting and eventually a National Executive Council Meeting that decided on the hosting of an elective Convention. I have since become aware that in initiating the call for an elective convention, a secret plot by some individuals to retain the status quo leadership headed by Chief Bisi Akande in pursuit of some personal agendas had been jolted.

Ara! The Female Musician Who Predicted Kefee’s Death -

KEEFE and ARA 600x454 Meet Ara, The Female Musician Who Predicted Kefees Death
 Her name is Ara and you all know her as a female drummer and singer, but when did she add spiritual things to her acts? I don’t know. Ara, who is a friend to Late Kefee, disclosed on a Best of Nollywood’s chat forum that she had a dream concerning Kefee’s death and that she even called her to pray hard to avert it.
Her name is Ara and you all know her as a female drummer and singer, but when did she add spiritual things to her acts? I don’t know. Ara, who is a friend to Late Kefee, disclosed on a Best of Nollywood’s chat forum that she had a dream concerning Kefee’s death and that she even called her to pray hard to avert it. - See more at:

“Early this year, I had a dream and contacted Efe of NOW music as he’s the only one I could call and told him to please organise a forum for all musicians to assemble and pray against death amongst us (please confirm from Efe). It’s sad we had to lose my girlfriend, sister and colleague…so sad.

Woman Whose Son Was Killed In Abuja Demolition Commits Suicide

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Pandemonium took over the popular Kubwa-Zuba expressway yesterday, when angry natives of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) staged a protest on the ever busy expressway following the death of a woman and her son during the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) demolition of Aluguyi Village, popularly known as Lungu Village in the FCT.
The protesters who started the protest at about 12 noon, barricaded the expressway with burning tyres and bricks, protesting over the lives that were lost during what they described as unannounced and inhuman demolition of the community by the officials of the FCDA.

Mocking England's Misery: Memes poke fun at Gerrard & Co after their disastrous defeat at the hands of pantomime villain Suarez

Royal blue: This picture has superimposed the Queen's head on to that of one of the Uruguay coaching staff, making it look as if Suarez has the monarch in a headlock

England's 2-1 defeat to Uruguay has left millions depressed today, but these images lampooning captain Steven Gerrard and even the Queen might raise a wry smile. 
The memes also celebrate Luis Suarez, the destroyer of Roy Hodgson's side's World Cup hopes, and show the Liverpool striker who scored twice last night as Superman and even with Her Majesty in a headlock.
Others included a dig at Gerrard, whose backheader led to Uruguay's second goal, and a Scotland fan celebrating wildly with Uruguayans in Sao Paulo.
Here are some of the most popular:  

Peter Okoye flaunts P-Square's New Cars Including 2014 Bentley On Instagram (Photos)

Psquare just took delivery of their new rides and Peter Okoye flaunted them on his instagram page.....After they madeup, they each took delivery of new rides..

Welcome to Squareville... #2014bentleyGT #2014wrangler #testimony The same God will bless u all.Crazy Squareville... New arrivals... Don't worry God will do same for u.. #hardworkWe are talking cars close to about N100m......Talking about Lagos Big Boys.{LBB}

Left Alone With A Sex Offender, A Teacher Is Raped In Arizona Prison

A teacher at an Arizona prison was alone in a room full of sex offenders before being stabbed and sexually assaulted by a convicted rapist, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press about an attack that highlighted major security lapses at the facility.
The attack occurred Jan. 30 at the Eyman prison's Meadows Unit, which houses about 1,300 rapists, child molesters and other sex offenders. The teacher was administering a high school equivalency test to about a half-dozen inmates in a classroom with no guard nearby and only a radio to summon help. The Department of Corrections issued only a bare-bones press release after the attack, but the AP pieced together what happened based on interviews and investigatory reports obtained under the Arizona Public Records Act.
After the last of the other inmates left, Jacob Harvey asked the teacher if she could open the bathroom and then attacked her, records show. Harvey is accused of stabbing her in the head with a pen, forcing her to the ground and raping her.

Teen Opens World’s First Pawn Shop For $15,000 Sneakers

Chase Reed opens pawn shop for sneakers
Forget stocks. Sneaker futures are making Wall Street look like a swap meet.
High-end kicks are becoming the currency of choice in New York, and one 16-year-old is taking advantage of the trend — using his own five-figure stock of 45 mint-condition basketball shoes to open the world’s first sneaker pawn shop.
“Young kids don’t have jewelry. They don’t have cars,” said Troy Reed, dad of young entrepreneur Chase “Sneakers” Reed. “But what they do have is the thousands of dollars worth of sneakers in their house.”
Chase, a 10th-grader at Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem, still marvels over pictures of the freshest sneaker designs online and waits in line for hours to add to his collection. Only now he and his father are also getting them from fellow “investors” who want quick cash.

New Billionaire Dr. Dre Leaves $5,000 Tip For Waitress

Dr Dre Louis Stewart Collection
Rap producer Dr. Dre was blessed by electronics giant Apple, Inc., so he’s blessing others by sharing the wealth. Dre, 49, left a $5,000 tip for a waitress at a West Hollywood venue on Thursday, Radar Online reports.

Via - Page Six:

Kelly Rowland Flaunts Her Baby Bump

 Songbird Kelly Rowland posted this beautiful Instagram photo displaying her growing baby bump. Unlike her barren Destiny’s Child bandmate Beyonce who hid her alleged surrogacy, Kelly is proud of motherhood. The baby is the first for newlyweds Kelly and her manager Tim Witherspoon.

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Thursday 19 June 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Jonathan Appoints Bode George’s Wife, Roli, As New NDLEA Boss

The appointee is the wife of a former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Bode George.
President Goodluck Jonathan has appointed Roli Bode-George as the new Director General of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA.
The appointee is the wife of a former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Bode George.
Mr. George, a leader of the PDP in Lagos, is currently a delegate, appointed by the president, at the National Conference. His conviction for fraud, when he served as head of the Nigeria Ports Authority, by a High Court was upturned by the Supreme Court.

Oyo Govt Sends Speaker, SSG, Two Others to Bring Body From UK •Burial Tomorrow

 THE Deputy President General of Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Alhaji Abdul-Azeez Arisekola Alao,69, on Wednesday died in London, few hours before he was due to return to Nigeria.
His remains will be brought to the country today and the burial will take place tomorrow.
Oyo State governor, Senator Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi, officially broke the news of the death of the spiritual leader to both President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo.
The state government has declared Friday as a public holiday, while it declared seven days of mourning, during which the flag will fly at half mast.   

Arisekola’s Death: Oyo State Declares Public Holiday - Died Of Postrate Cancer

Oyo State Government has declared, tomorrow Friday, June 20th, 2014 a public holiday following the death of  Alhaji AbdulAzeez Arisekola-Alao who passed on yesterday in a London hospital. The Government also declared 7 days of mourning, during which flags will fly at half-mast in the state. 

Muslims in north and south of Nigeria have been thrown into a mourning mood following the death on Wednesday of deputy president-general of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Alhaji AbdulAzeez Arisekola-Alao.
"The President notes that Alhaji Arisekola-Alao will always be remembered and honored, especially for the remarkable entrepreneurial skills with which he established many successful businesses and created jobs for numerous Nigerians, as well as for his religious leadership and philanthropic gestures," Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan said in a statement by his spokesman Reuben Abati that was obtained by correspondent.
"He [Jonathan] prays that God Almighty will receive Alhaji Arisekola-Alao's soul and grant him eternal rest."

UPDATE: Governor Amaechi Released, But Plane Remains Impounded in Ondo

The Rivers state Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, who was barred from travelling to Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital, for a political rally and then detained for over an hour by a detachment of soldiers, has been released.
“They have finally released him and he is currently on his way to Akure airport,” an aide of the governor said in response to PREMIUM TIMES enquiry. “But as he travelled, the soldiers are following him behind.”
After the governor arrived the airport in Akure, he found that his plane had been impounded. “He is currently stranded in Akure and it is not clear whether he and his entourage will be able to secure space in a commercial plane.”

Governor Amaechi Ambushed By Federal Government Security Agents - PRESS STATEMENT

The Rivers State Government is concerned about the safety of Governor Amaechi who is right now being held hostage commando style by soldiers and federal government security agents in Odudu, Ondo state.
Governor Amaechi as Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ forum and as an APC governor and chieftain had left Port Harcourt this morning for Ekiti state where he was to join his brother governor in his last mega rally before the elections.

Governor Amaechi was ambushed and refused entry into Ekiti by military personnel acting on orders from above. He made to turn back and return to Akure where his chattered aircraft was parked but was chased and rounded by armed soldiers and security personnel in Odudu, Ondo state. According to the captain who led the operation, he had orders not to allow the governor entry or exit.

Man Sets Wife Ablaze For Giving Birth To Only Female Children

Mrs. Monica Nwakpuke, a middle-aged woman, barely escaped the cold hands of death when her husband, Paul, allegedly hired assassins to set her ablaze for giving birth to only female children for him.

The culprit, Paul, a patent medicine dealer, who hails from Ebonyi State, was alleged to have hired assassins to kill his wife because she could not give him a male child. The assassins were said to have trailed the woman to her father’s house where she was taking refuge over the lingering case of the male child issue, with the purported plan by her husband to eliminating her.

Ekiti Election: How APC, PDP, LP Fare In Different Local Governments

Via - Premiumtimes

Barely 72 hours to the gubernatorial election in Ekiti State, the candidates are putting finishing touches to their campaigns. Except something unexpected happens to trigger a major swing in choice, many of the electorates have probably decided whom to vote for.
Naturally, all the candidates are talking up their chances in the poll – nobody goes into a challenge believing they are going to lose. However, every candidate has areas where they wished things were a lot favourable than it is now.

Woman With Exploded Boobs Photos

Ms Brockhurst says it was 'a terrible time' when her breast implants started to leak and became lumpy. She is pictured just after the initial boob job
A gym instructor who paid £4,000 – N1m for a boob job was horrified when surgeons first made her breasts too big – and then the implants exploded inside her.

Kim Brockhurst, 51, went under the knife hoping to increase her 32AA breasts by two cup sizes. But she was shocked when she came round after the surgery to find she had a pair of huge DD breasts.

Ms Brockhurst says she learned to live with her oversized chest until she discovered she had been given faulty PIP implants which had burst, leaking industrial grade silicone into her body.