Saturday 9 March 2013

A Song For Mama by Boyz 2 Men


  1. Sweet Mother Sweet mother I no go forget you for the suffer wey you suffer for me. Sweet mother I no go forget you for the suffer wey you suffer for me. When I dey cry, my mother go carry meshe go say, my pikin, wetin you dey cry ye, ye, stop stop, stop stop make you no cry again oh. When I won sleep, my mother go pet me, she go lie me well well for bed, she cover me cloth, sing me to sleep, sleep sleep my pikin oh. When I dey hungry, my mother go run up and down. she go find me something when I go chop oh. Sweet mother I no go forget you for the suffer wey you suffer for me When I dey sick, my mother go cry, cry, cry, she go say instead when I go die make she die. O, she go beg God, God help me, God help, my pikin oh. If I no sleep, my mother no go sleep, if I no chop, my mother no go chop, she no dey tire oh. Sweet mother I no go forget you, for the suffer wey you suffer for me. You fit get another wife, you fit get another husband, but you fit get another mother? No! And if I forget you, therefore I forget my life and the air I breathe. And then on to you men, forget, verily, forget your mother, for if you forget your mother youve lost your life.

Happy Mother's Day!

World's Youngest Gay Couple Marry In The US

Two teenagers from Memphis, Tennessee have reportedly become the youngest married black gay couple in America. According to The Scoop Entertainment, David Harris and Tre'Darrius Anderson tied the knot in Washington, D.C., in January. They are both 19. The teenagers got married in front of the Lincoln Memorial surrounded by family and friends, as same sex marriages are illegal in Tennesse. They later posted a video of their special day on YouTube. The three-minute clip shows the grooms getting ready for their wedding and making their commitment in front of their assembled guests. It has already been viewed and shared thousands of times. News of their apparently 'history-making' wedding has stirred up a huge response from the online community. One commentator said: "gay or straight. 19 is too young to get married. Congratulations! I wish for you a long, and happy marriage!" Another wrote: "That's the nastiest most, most disgusting thing I have ever seen!!!!!! Harris and Anderson' nuptials are set to feature on an upcoming episode of My Teenage Wedding. Eight states, including California, currently give gay couples all the benefits of marriage through civil unions or domestic partnership, but don't allow them to wed.

Warning: 18+ Tourist eaten by lions(viewer discretion is advised) Video

A Shocking Documentary On Seagulls

This video is about an island in the ocean at 2000 km from any other coast line. Nobody lives, only birds and yet you will not believe your eyes! This film should be seen by the entire world, please don't throw anything into the sea. Unbelievable, just look at the consequences!


All things being equal, the hip-hop trio who reigned supreme in the 80's entering into the 90's known as Salt 'n' Pepa are heading to Lagos, Nigeria. The highly successful trio from Queens & Brooklyn, New York, USA, we hear would be headlining a concert in Lagos, come Wednesday, May 1, 2013. 

Photos: Nollywood Actress Ronke Oshodi-Oke Delivers Baby Boy

The actress delivered a baby boy  last night in the US. It will be recalled that Ronke left the country some months ago to prepare for his coming. Another picture of the baby and his father below

Photorama: Pictures from Florence Ita-Giwa's 67th birthday party

Nkiru Anumudu and Abba Folawiyo with friend
 Ene Lawani and Oge Okoye
Abby Ikomi and Nina and Muka with Lanre Ogunlesi
Daisy Danjuma and Karen Koshoni
 Iyanya and Gbenro, friend and Victor Olaiyan
Donald Duke and Nduka Irabor and Erelu Abiola Dosunmu

Proposal wash-out as romantic couple swept off their feet by enormous wave

Even the most carefully laid plans can be disrupted by the force of nature.
Matthew Hartman was down on one knee, just at the point of proposing to his girlfriend Lis, when a giant wave rushed in from the ocean and swept the couple completely off their feet.
The pair were completely engulfed and ended up back on Laguna Beach, where Lis, happy but wet, accepted Matthew's offer. Fortunately, the whole thing was caught on video.

Gov. Akpabio presents 2 Toyota SUVs to Tuface, wife; to sponsor 29 to couple’s Dubai wedding

Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State shocked guests at the traditional wedding of the Nigerian hip pop sensation on Friday when he announced a gift of two brand new Toyota Prado SUVs to the musician and his wife, Annie Macaulay.
At the event in Eket, Mr. Akpabio also announced that the state would bankroll an all-expense paid trip for 29 delegates from the state to attend the white wedding of the couple fixed for Dubai, the United Arab Emirate on March 23.

Mum-to-be stunned as face appears in her baby bump

The expectant mum and her husband couldn't believe what they were seeing when this imprint of a face showed on her belly
Karen McMartin's bump
Karen McMart

IT could be a scene from the movie Alien.
But expectant mum Karen McMartin is hoping her unborn tot will be of the cuter variety.
The mum-to-be and her husband David, of Kilwinning, North Ayrshire, couldn’t believe their eyes when a perfect imprint of a human face appeared in her bump this week.
The couple - who also have a daughter, Chloe - took this snap of the upside down face as it stared up at them.
Karen McMartin and husband David
The startling image may bring back memories of the 1979 Sigourney Weaver science fiction horror in which a killer alien bursts out of the stomach of astronauts impregnated with its egg.
But luckily the impression was just created by Karen’s belly button and a mark on her tummy appearing as a nose and mouth as the baby moved position.

Men don’t have eyes for other women when they are with me – Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar
Actress, Halima Abubakar, tells ’Nonye Ben-Nwankwo about her life and career.
You released your first movie recently. What prompted you to join the league of movie producers?
I have always wanted to produce my own movie. I had wanted to do it five years ago, but I felt it wasn’t the right time. I was busy with other jobs. I shot my movie two years ago. But we had a little problem with the camera. There were some issues with the voice and everybody had gone and I couldn’t call them back. I didn’t want to dub. We had to recall some people and I added new cast. But I said I would bring it out this year and that was what I did.
What is the movie, The Mistresses, all about?
It is basically about single ladies who date married men and married men who lie that they are single in order to deceive ladies and fulfill their sexual desire. Some of the girls are not worried that what they do is wrong.
Actresses date married men and some of the men who eventually marry them do not tell them they are married. Is your movie based on happenings in the movie industry?
There are so many actors that I have not met or worked with. There is no way I can put one person’s story or what I read in the papers as my story for a movie. This is what happens in every sector. It is general. This is my first job and maybe that is why people are talking about it.

Maheeda: The pathetic but inspiring story of prostitute-turned gospel singer

The story of Caroline Sam, the gospel singer popularly known as Maheeda, is pathetic but inspiring. She was raised as an orphan who hit the street at a tender age of 13 to fend for herself during which time she became a prostitute. In fact, Maheeda could not ascertain her real names because she was raised by foster parents whose name she adopted.
Now, things have changed as Maheeda has turned her life around and eventually became someone to reckon with in the music industry.
The light skinned and slim built mother of one stormed the music scene about two years ago with a single, Oko Yapa that rocked the airwaves. Indeed, Maheeda attracted attention not because her song was extra-ordinary but because of the fact that she appeared weird so much that her almost nude pictures were everywhere, and she was living big.
Recently, the 'Naija Bad Girl' as she's used to be called, turned a new creature by giving her life to Christ, which has made her embrace gospel music as against the secular that shot her into the limelight.
TS Weekend engaged the talented singer in an interview session and she opened up on a number of interesting issues that include her experience as a prostitute, her growing up as an orphan and her marriage to a Whiteman. She also spoke extensively about the turning point of her life as well as her music career. Enjoy it:

Kanu Loses $9m (N1.4bn) In Hotel Business

Ex-Nigeria star Nwankwo Kanu has lost N1.4bn (about $104m) and a top executive of his hotel has been arrested and charged to court.
Managing director of Hardley Suites Hotel in Lagos, Ayoola Gam Ikon, 49, has been arrested and charged to court for the alleged fraud, according to a PM News report.
Operatives of the Inspector General of Police Monitoring Unit arrested Ikon, the managing director of Hardley Suites Limited situated at Waziri Ibrahim Crescent, off Elsie Femi Pearse Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, for allegedly stealing the N1.4bn belonging to the hotel owned by Kanu.
Also arrested along with him over the alleged fraud is a hotel staff, Oke Samuel.
They were arraigned before an Igbosere Magistrate's court on a 19-count charge of felony to wit, obtaining money under false pretence.

Uhuru Kenyatta Wins Kenya Presidentail Election

Uhuru Kenyatta

 Uhuru Kenyatta,has been declared winner of last Monday's presidential election in Kenya. The son of the former Kenyan president was declared winner after polling  6,173, 44 votes to defeat his closest rival, Ralia Odinga, who garnered 5,340,546 votes.

Friday 8 March 2013

VIDEO: What would you do if you walked into a murder in progress?

Video: Pranked while sleeping

Pranked while sleeping. Some not taste good (harmful), but some really damn funny. SHARE!

Kelly Rowland Hated Her Dark Skin


Via HuffPo reports:
Kelly Rowland recently opened up about this unfortunate time in her past during an interview with Cherise Nicole from CNikky, while attending the 2013 Essence Black Women In Hollywood luncheon last month.
“You know what I had great women in my life to help me overcome that. I remember I went through a period where I didn’t embrace my ‘chocolatiness.’ I don’t know if that’s a word, but I didn’t embrace my chocolate lifestyle. Just being a chocolate, lovely brown skin girl and being proud of that. I remember Tina Knowles, Bey’s mom and I remember being out in the sun and I was trying to shield myself from the sun and she said, ‘Are you crazy?’ She said ‘You are absolutely gorgeous’ and she just told me how beautiful I was and how rare chocolate is and how gorgeous the skin is, all of this stuff. And I was just like ‘Yeah!’ Like a light went off. So between her and my mother and then me sitting out in the sun a little more, just to be a little more chocolate. You just embrace it. You embrace everything that you are as a woman, even your flaws too,” Kelly told
We’re glad that Mama Knowles was able to step in and knock some sense into Kelly, because not realizing her skin’s awesomeness is too much for us

Video: Lion Attack Victim on Phone When Lion Broke Free

The intern killed by a lion at a sanctuary was on the phone with a co-worker before being mauled.


Britain's Most Tattooed Man: 80% Of His Body Covered....Now Struggling To Find Work

body art
body art
Body Art (left) changed his name from Matthew Whelan (right) after becoming obsessed with tattoos

He has also changed his name to King Body Art The Extreme Ink-ite or, alternatively, King of Inkland.
Mr Whelan says body modification is a culture, a way of life and almost a religion.
Body Art has expressed his wish to educate the world on his colourful beliefs.

But he also volunteers at the office of Liberal Democrat MP John Hemmings in Yardley, in Birmingham.
Mr Whelan, from Birmingham, said: 'I've got so much respect for the history of body modification.
'It's an art and a culture and when a group of kids stare at me, I'll talk to them an explain the history of it.
'People who do what I do treat their body like a temple. Like Christian's have Jesus, we have our bodies.'
He says he has wanted tattoos since the age of nine after seeing his Dad's and Uncle's.
King Body Art The Extreme Ink-ite loves how colourful his body is after getting tattoosKing Body Art The Extreme Ink-ite has his name legally changed to reflect his interests
King Body Art The Extreme Ink-ite loves how colourful his body is after getting tattoos
body art
body art
Mr Whelan has 80 per cent of his body covered in tattoos, including his eyeball that he had tattooed white 

He's Britain's most-tattooed man, with 80 per cent of his body covered in ink. 
But 33-year-old Mathew Whelan is now struggling to find work as a result of his devotion to body art.
After spending 300 hours in the tattooist's chair and having paid more than £20,000 for designs, Mr Whelan is currently volunteering in the office of a Liberal Democrat MP.

The enthusiast got his first one, a British Bulldog with a blank scroll, at the age of 16.
Snakes, scorpions, eyeballs and vampires are among the illustrations that cover 80 percent of his body.
He even has one of his eyeballs tattooed white. 

Meet 'Body Art'. THE most tattooed man in Britain

Body Art got his first tattoo when he was 16 and has built up his collection ever since. He became obsessed with ink when he admired his father's and uncle's
Body Art got his first tattoo when he was 16 and has built up his collection ever since. He became obsessed with ink when he admired his father's and uncle's
Body Art was obsessed with tattoos from a very young age
Mr Whelan was obsessed with tattoos from a very young age

Mr Whelan said: 'I'm fully aware of the risks involved. For my eyeball, I went to the opticians beforehand and got several opinions.'
He has set up his own non-profit organisation, called Modify, to help those with body modifications to work.
He said: 'For me it's a lifestyle. I have a personal belief in skinology and bodistry which is my adaptation of skin and story of the body.
'I don't see why someone should be discriminated against just because of the way they look, so I want to help those people as much as I can to find employment.'
The ex-wrestler now works as a body modification model and volunteers for the Liberal Democrats.
He said: 'When I die I want to leave my body to a museum or a member of my family.
'There's someone in Canada who has already asked if he can have my skull to use as a paint pot.'

Photos: Peter Okoye (P Square) And His Ex-girlfriend back in '97

see more photos.....



Photos: Annie Idibia Engagement Pictures.

"I've worked hard since I was 17.....I'm 83 and Tired" - Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby "I'm 83 and Tired"
I've worked hard since I was 17. Except for when I was doing my National Service, I put in 50-hour weeks, and didn't call in sick in nearly 40 years. I made a reasonable salary, but I didn't inherit my job or my income, and I worked to get where I am. Given the economy, it looks as though retirement was a bad idea, and I'm tired. Very tired. 
I'm tired of being told that I have to "spread the wealth" to people who don't have my work ethic. I'm tired of being told the government will take the money I earned, by force if necessary, and give it to people too lazy to earn it. 

How A Woman Escaped From Ritualists’ Den In Abuja

Miss Ladi Okoro
Miss Ladi Okoro

A young girl of 18, Miss Ladi Okoro who works at Mararaba, a suburb of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, must have heard tales of how people fall victims of ritualists, yet she had not experienced one until Wednesday, 6th March, 2013 when some ritualists picked her and 2 others from Mopol Junction in Mararaba, after the young girl had closed from work.
Ladi who narrated her experience in the hands of the ritualists to DailyPost said she could only remember when the driver of the red taxi that picked them from the junction stopped for them to get into the car.
According to Ladi, it was like a movie scene as she only realized she was in trouble when she woke up midnight to discover that she was not in the house but in the midst of some strange faces.

My Ex Wife Was Foolish - Kayode Salako (Foluke Daramola's new hubby)

Thirteen years of marriage between Lagos Socialite, Kayode Salako and his ex wife ended irreconcilably, Kayode got married to the highly endowed actress, Foluke Daramola who already had two kids from her previous marriage.
In an interview recently, Kayode revealed that his ex-wife, Bukola was foolish to have left the house for another woman to move in. He further stressed that it wasnt because of Foluke she left the house and that the question anybody should ask her is 'did I bring Foluke Daramola to her house, did she catch me on Foluke Daramola, did she catch us kissing and romancing, did I impregnate her, did I marry her before she left the house. Why should an established married woman pack her things and leave the house for a girlfriend to come and live if that woman is not foolish.'

PHOTOS: Check Out the Groom, 2Face Idibia at his Traditional Wedding Live!

Chief suspect in teenage bus stabbing pictured on morning of schoolgirl's brutal murder

A post mortem today revealed Christina Edkins, 16, who had tweeted of fears about men following her on public transport, died from a single stab wound to the chest on the bus in Birmingham city centre. Hours later, a 22-year-old man was arrested 100 yards from where the attack took place and is being quizzed at a police station in the city on suspicion of murder. Detectives are urging anyone who saw the man, described as black and in his early 20s and was wearing a black hoodie with a distinctive 'tiger' motif, to urgently get in touch.

The touching cheat sheet written by woman for her friend suffering from short term memory loss

A woman who suffered from short term memory loss was given a cheat sheet that answered her most frequently asked questions. 
The patient's cognitive trauma came after a mysterious illness, possibly meningitis, and her best friend came up with the idea to type out some helpful reminders about what was going on when the forgetful woman had bouts of confusion. 
The sheet provides background information on what the woman suffered but handles the delicate issue with the humor and ease that only a true friend could provide.
A friend in need is a friend indeed: A woman typed up this cheat sheet to help her friend suffering from short term memory loss to remember why she was in the hospital

PHOTORAMA: Creme-de-la-creme Of Nollywood Stars @20th Presidential Dinner

Bukky Wright, Fred Amata, Fathia Balogun, Genevieve Nnaji, Dakore Egbuson-Akande, Iyabo Ojo, Uche Jombo & Hubby, Joke Silva, Olu Jacobs, Rita Dominic, Dayo Amusa, Bimbo Akintola, Oge Okoye and more at Nollywood @20 Presidential Dinner that took place last Saturday in Lagos. See more pictures after the cut.....

Thursday 7 March 2013

News Crew Runs Up On Man Beating His Wife In Court Parking Lot! [Video]

View more videos at:

AP9 Releases New Photos Of Ice-T’s Wife CoCo


Ice might want to come check his dirty dog wife…
Late last year, a few shady pictures surfaced of rapper Ice T’s wife CoCo getting her love in the club on with a random rapper by the name of AP.9. The pictures showed a very married CoCo and her colossal cakes all cuddled up with AP right in a public club for everyone to see. The struggle rapper is continuing his quest to expose Ice-T’s whooty wife CoCo. AP.9 is claiming he smashed her to smithereens but this time, he has proof!

AP.9 tells KMEL radio that Coco already confessed to Ice T, and that he and Ice have already discussed the scandalous affair.

Attacked with truncheons and chewed by dogs: Harrowing torture video that shows Fijian soldiers beating prisoners triggers global backlash

Star footballer admits girlfriend who had his child was murdered, dismembered and fed to his pet ROTTWEILERS in Brazil

SOURCE: Daily Mail
A star Brazilian footballer broke down as he admitted that his former girlfriend was murdered, dismembered and fed to dogs.
Bruno Fernandes de Souza, 28, a goalkeeper who was tipped to play for Brazil at the 2014 World Cup, is accused of having Eliza Samudio killed to avoid paying child support after she gave birth to his love child.
The former Flamengo player had previously denied any knowledge of what happened to the 25-year-old, but told a Brazilian court yesterday how his best friend Luiz Henrique Romao had paid someone to kill her.
He admitted that although he hadn't ordered his former lover to be killed, he had 'accepted' it.
The goalkeeper is accused of planning Ms Samudio's abduction and murder with eight others including his wife Dayane, another former lover, a cousin and former policeman Marcos Santos.
It has been alleged that he watched as Santos tortured her and then helped him to chop her body.
Parts of the woman's corpse are alleged to have been fed to Bruno's pet rottweillers, while the rest was buried in concrete.

Photorama: K1 De Ultimate Celebrates 56th Birthday

Photo Credit E247Mag
Popular Fuji musician, KWAM1 De Ultimate turned 56. He was joined last Saturday, by hundreds of fans, friends and children to celebrate it at the highbrow Niteshift Coliseum, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos.

Video: Nigerian Nollywood Movie; School Runs

This intriguing story x-rays the ambiguous phenomena in a college. Melissa is a naive, intelligent and God fearing student who is admitted into an all-girls college but unfortunately paired with mischievous, corrupt and wild senior Felicia (Martha Ankoma) who bullies and persecutes Melissa constantly. Here comes a twist when Felicia and friends soon replace hate with a strange passion to have Melissa in their gang at all cost. Do you have a word for Melissa? This is an expository must watch movie.

Video: The Future Technology Incredible!

Video: Inside Nigerian Gay Church Led By Rev. Jide Macaulay, General Overseer Of House Of Rainbow Fellowship

My GAY Church Was Led By The Holy Spirit - Rev. Jide Macaulay, General Overseer Of House Of Rainbow Fellowship, First Ever Nigeria Gay Church

Despite the Federal Government's intolerance for Gay activities in Nigeria, Reverend Jide Macaulay, has damned all consequences and reopened his gay church, House of Rainbow in Lagos.

Its primary vision is to reach out to sexual minorities in Nigeria, UK, and around the world.

Rev Rowland Jide Macaulay is a confirmed and ordained Pastor who founded the House Of Rainbow Church in 2006. He openly held Sunday services in a Lagos hotel hall decked out with rainbow flags until the public revolted against the church.

Davido’s Billionaire Father Forces Him Back To School: Built An Entire Department At Babcock University For Him And His Manager.

David ‘Davido’ Adeleke's billionaire father,  Mr. Adeleke has reportedly built an entire department at Babcock University (where he is currently a provost) for Creative Arts, which will have Davido and his manager Kamal as the only students for now. According to our sources, he wants his son to graduate with a degree.

He also bought a car which takes the boys to and from school as they work to combine academic commitments with show business.

It is also likely that his celebrity cousins, Bayo ‘B.Red’ and Sina ‘Sinarambo’ Adeleke will be joining them soon.

Nollywood Actress Monalisa Chinda Speaks On Romance With Lanre Nzeribe - ‘I’m happy finding love again.’

It is no mre news that beautiful and Ikebe super actress Monalisa Chinda has found love again in the arms of millionaire businessman, Lanre Nzeribe. Here is what she said to a soft-sell magazine about their romance -  “I’m happy and fulfilled that I’m in love again and i’m glad it’s for real this time.”
We heard from close sources that Lanre was the one who bank-rolled her daughter’s lavish 5th birthday party held at the Oceanview last month.

PHOTOS: Women Getting A Detailed Security Search By A Male Guard; Embarassing & Funny

Chris Brown Smoke Marijuana On Stage In Ghana

The ' Chris Brown Live in Ghana ' concert took a wild twist in the early hours of Wednesday when the headline artiste, Chris Brown, smoked marijuana during his performance and called on his audience at the Accra Sports Stadium to do same.
The laws of Ghana criminalize the possession or usage of Indian hemp popularly called wee or ganja; and for an American R'n'B singer to boldly smoke the narcotic substance in public and ask his live audience to do same in the presence of law enforcement personnel, raises a controversy that would certainly remain on the showbiz scene for some time.
Barely an hour into his awesome performance, Chris Brown paused and then asked the charged audience: 'How many of y'all smoke weed?'
The question drew a loud response from the crowd, with some pushing clenched fists skywards and yelling to affirm they were wee smokers.

PHOTOS: Spanish Man kidnapped By Nigerian Lover Repatriated From Spain

Jose Anthonio Murili Turrillo
 The Edo State Police Command has rescued a Spanish, Jose Anthonio Murili Turrillo who was kidnapped and held captive in a hotel room in Benin City since last Saturday by his Nigerian lover.
The victim was said to have been lured from Spain by 28 year-old , who was said to have been repatriated from Spain. Along with one Kenny Oyemwina, 25, they held the Spanish hostage and took all the money he had.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Couples: Music's 10 Most Powerful Pairs

Pop stars need love too, and sometimes they look no further than the Billboard charts to find their perfect pairing. Each of these real-life musical matches – ranging from country icons to R&B royalty – is a powerful pair in its own right; but which team is the greatest sum of its individual parts? Check out the *ranked list and see which romantic team takes the crown as music’s most best-selling couple. (you will never guess ... or rightfully know the couple in the No1 spot)

Photos: Celebrities At Nse Ikpe Etim's Wedding

Famed Nigerian actress tied the nut on Valentine's day. She married her beau, UK based ...
professor,  Clifford Sule at a registry then the couple had a wedding celebratory dinner the next day, February 15th at Sky Lounge at Eko Hotel. which drew a slew of Nollywood A-listers. Nse will be moving to love with her new Husband soon and a white wedding is in the works. Congratulations darling.

PICTURED: Pope seen for the first time since he retired - and he's chilling out in his favourite baseball cap

Relaxed: The former Pope was seen walking in the grounds of Castel Gandolfo wearing a white baseball cap days after his retirement
The former Pope has been pictured for the first time since he retired, walking in the grounds of his summer residence wearing the baseball cap he only usually wears in the summer months.
Dressed all in white and complete with the matching cap, the Emeritus pope looks like he is enjoying every minute of his retirement.
The picture was published in the infamous glossy Italian weekly Chi, the same magazine that ran pictures of a topless Duchess of Cambridge on holiday in France.
Relaxed: The former Pope was seen walking in the grounds of Castel Gandolfo wearing a white baseball cap days after his retirement
Meanwhile Vatican officials 'gagged' cardinals gathered for the election of the next pope from speaking to the media amid reports the conclave has been delayed again.
American cardinals who had been scheduled to hold their third media briefing in as many days cancelled it less than an hour before it was to have started at Rome's North American College, where they are  staying.
A spokeswoman for the American cardinals said 'concern' was expressed at Wednesday's closed-door meeting 'about leaks of confidential proceedings reported in Italian newspapers'.
As the meetings were delayed in Rome, the ex Pope Benedict XVI, 85, was pictured walking with the aid of a stick through the gardens of his summer residence at Castelgandolfo on the outskirts of Rome where he will be living until his new apartment - a renovated convent in the grounds of the Vatican are ready.

BREAKING NEWS: Schoolgirl, 15, stabbed to death on bus during morning rush-hour 'by a friend'

Rush-hour horror: Police at the scene in Hagley Road, Birmingham, where a schoolgirl was stabbed to death on a bus this morning
Rush-hour horror: Police at the scene in Hagley Road, Birmingham, where a schoolgirl was stabbed to death
 Police have launched a murder investigation after a schoolgirl was stabbed to death on a bus.
The commuter horror is believed to have happened during rush hour at 7.37am today in Birmingham.
On social networking sites, unconfirmed reports have said 'a 15-year-old schoolgirl had been stabbed by a friend'.

Photo: 19-Year-Old Girl Delivers Baby With two Heads In Northern Nigeria

Residents of Malumfashi local government area of Kastina state were on Tuesday thrown into confusion following the mysterious birth of a baby with two heads by a 19-year-old housewife, Zainab Dahiru.
It was gathered that the weird and horrible looking baby was delivered with two heads, with the mouth occupying the centre of the head region.
DailyPost observed that the strange creature was Zainab’s first child and was delivered at Malumfashi General Hospital.

Two Brothers Rape Stepsister To Death In Asaba

For allegedly raping their six-year-old step-sister, Precious Kankamor to death, a 19-year-old boy, Felix Inia and his 16-year-old brother, Stanley are currently being detained at the Delta State Police Command, Asaba, Delta State.
The sad incident occurred at Ogbe-Ijoh community, Warri South Local Government Area of the state.
The duo allegedly carried out their dastardly mission last month when they were left with the victim at home while others had gone out for the day’s activities.

Chris Brown and Wizkid perform together on stage in Ghana

Chris Brown and Wizkid performed on stage in Ghana last night March 5th at the rLG's Hope City Launch Concert at the Accra Sports Stadium. Chris Brown was the headliner for the concert and brought Wizkid on stage to perform with him.