Thursday 22 November 2012

Father, Son and Daughter Arrested in Bank Robberies

A father, son and babe may be amenable for annexation as abounding as seven banks in two states, according to authorities.
Ronald Scott Catt, 50, and his two children, 20-year-old Hayden and 18-year-old Abby were arrested endure anniversary on accuse they beggared a acclaim abutment in Katy, Texas.
Deputies with the Fort Bend Sheriff's Office in Texas say the family, which afresh confused to the area, could aswell be amenable for several added robberies in Texas and their built-in Oregon.
During the Oct. 1 robbery in Texas, two figures, who arise to be Ronald and Hayden Catt, entered the coffer in disguises and accretion accoutrements afore abrogation with money and jumping into a breach car apprenticed by Abby Catt.

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The breach in the case came if authorities were able to clue down the characteristic orange vests the men wore to a bounded Home Depot. A analysis of the surveillance band showed the ancestors purchasing the disguises at the store.
Eric Lundeen told ABC News he knows the Catt ancestors and said they seemed like "really solid association members".
"He was a individual dad. I anticipate he absent his wife and he had the albatross to yield affliction of his kids and I got to acquaint you, he was there for them," Lundeen said.
The ancestor and son duo are getting captivated in the Fort Bend County Jail on $140,000 bonds afterwards getting answerable with robbery.
Abby Catt's band has been set at $100,000.

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