Thursday 28 February 2013

‘Love has to be personal and special’ – Kim Kardashian tells Eku Edewor

US TV reality star Kim Kardashian was recently in Nigeria for singer Darey’s ‘Love Like a Movie’ concert.
Other than causing a frenzy in the country, she got talking with Studio 53 Xtra’s Eku Edewor where she opened up on her life as a TV star, businesswoman, foodie and how she would love to be a crime investigator…
Welcome to Nigeria, how are you?
Thank you and I am so excited to be here.
Well, we are so excited to have you. I think a lot of Nigerians didn’t believe you would be here, so it’s just amazing.
That’s what I saw, on Twitter, a lot of people kept asking if I was really going to come to Nigeria then people were like ‘She’s really coming!’
How do you feel like to be here for the Love like a movie concert?
I’m really excited. I don’t think we have had anything like this in this states. From what they described to me; the circus to the ballet, I’m really excited.

What does love mean to you?
I think it’s really individual and personal for everyone, that’s why I think tonight will be such a great experience because love is so different to everybody whether it’s you know, you love your family or your boyfriend, husband or whatever it maybe, I think it’s personal and special.
What advice do you have for young Nigerians because you are a huge role model?
I would just say never get discouraged and if you plan what your goals are and never stop even if you get stopped on the way, if you really are focused you can get there.
How was your experience acting in a movie?
It was amazing, Tyler Perry did the film so working with him was such a dream come true, I think everyone would love the movie and it is a little scandalous. Its intense, his films are very intense and are very powerful and this is one of his best yet.
And is acting one of the things that you want to continue to do?
Yes, I think so, even if it is a challenge for me but it is a bit of fun and I would like to try more.
Since we are here for a music concert, we know you’ve also tried your hands at music at some point, do you see yourself going back to music?
Never, that was something that was a challenge because it was something I never did before. It was something that I did not particularly enjoy, it was not me, so I did not feel authentic doing it. You have to really enjoy what you are doing and when we did that and I gave the proceeds to a cancer foundation, it just kind of made it a fun thing for a good cause but it wasn’t something I enjoyed.
You are a bit of a foodie I know, we’ve seen you on TV all the time, you guys are always at restaurants. Have you had the opportunity to try any of our Nigerian cuisine yet?
I have not but I heard there are some amazing food when we get to the galleria. I am excited to try that.
You are a businesswoman, you’ve done acting, singing. Do you think you’d steer into anything off the wall like politics?
Probably not politics, I mean never say never but like I always say if I wasn’t doing what I was doing now, I would love to be a crime scene investigator.
I love forensics and I love law too. If I had the time…I’m fascinated by a lot of crime scene investigating
(cuts in)
 What do you want to leave behind after all this?
I think that all this is fun and great but I think that real life is when you start a family. I want to be known as someone that was a kind person to everyone.
What is your favourite Darey’s song?
When I got the call to come down here, I wanted to do a little investigating to see what’s going on, so I looked up on YouTube a song of his. But I’m more excited to see him. I don’t have a favourite song because I haven’t been familiar with him for a while but I am so excited about tonight because for me it would be my first time seeing what Nigerian music is all about, and I know you guys lost a musician Goldie my heart goes out to her.
Thank you for speaking with us.

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