Thursday 6 June 2013

London Protest Of Shame Against President Jonathan.

As at this Morning the Organiser of yesterday's Anti-Jonathan protest are still under hiding as they covered their faces throughout the few minutes they were standing around the City of Westminster, in the United kingdom.

About 6 Nigerians were involved in the protest, with Asians and North Africans hired to carry placards, that described President Jonathan as a Dictator.
If President Goodluck Jonathan's decision to take the fight to Boko Haram is one of the reasons he is branded a Dictator, we sincerely want more of such dictators. 

The Question we need to ask these organisers and their Sponsors includes:-
1] Why were they covering their faces to the public.
2] Why did they choose to use foreigners to protest against their own country?
3] Are there no Nigerians living in the city of London that will agree to their terms and reason(s) for the protest?
4] Why were the foreign protesters also covering their faces with the playcards?

 How can Nigeria be good when we as individuals have not worked on ourselves to be able to dis-cipher good form evil, allowing ourselves to be used by "Failed" underground politicians, both former and present people in power, it's so saddning.
Lastly, the decision of the President to declare the state of Emergency in the 3 North Eastern states has the an overwhelming support of Nigerians. As far as we are concerned, you are either In SUPPORT of President Jonathan and our Troops in the Fight against Terror Or you are SUPPORTING Boko Haram.

Anyone has the right to protest, but soiling the name of Nigeria for a tinny financial gain is counter productive, as We have no other country to call our own, than Nigeria.

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