Sunday 9 June 2013

Popular Pastor's Name Found on list of People who Bought Fake Degrees

Prophet Uebert Angel Mudzanire who once grabbed headlines when he claimed to be Zimbabwe's most educated pastor, was left with more questions than answers after it emerged that the flamboyant man of God's name appeared on the list of people who purchased fake degrees from a bogus United States university.
According to the US government, Dixie Ellen Randock, Steven Karl Randock, their daughter Heidi Kae Lorhan, Roberta Lynn Markishtum, Kenneth Wade Pearson, Richard John Novak, Blake Alan Carlson, and Amy Leann Hensley - all from Spokane in USA - sold false and fraudulent academic products to nearly 10,000 people from 131 countries in an illegal and unethical online business that saw the gang making an income of over US$7 million.
It is alleged that the fake academic qualifications, which ranged from counterfeit high school diplomas, fabricated college and graduate-level academic transcripts, to 'professorships', were sold between 1999 and 2005 to 9,612 people - with the miracle money prophet Uebert Mudzanire being part of the fake degree buyers - at least according to a list published on the 28th of July 2008 by a US newspaper called the Seattle Spokesman-Review.

However, in an interview with a UK based online media, Nehanda Radio, Prophet Angel allegedly professed ignorance over the said fake degree.
"How do I buy a degree like you were saying, this is Business Administration, Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration when I have got degrees in Finance from the University of Salford (UK), postgraduate qualification in Education from the University of Bolton (UK). Why would I want Business Administration, with all due respect, I respect people who have done Business Administration and I know it's a very good programme.
"But I can't buy a Business Administration degree when you (I) have business finance. Business finance degree is a combination of business administration and finance. You don't need to have business and in this case you understand we have what you call top ups in the UK. If I have two degrees in finance and if I wanted top up, I don't even need to do a year, if I just wanted a degree. So you get a lot of these things," the 35-year-old self proclaimed miracle worker is said to have told Nehanda Radio.
Asked why his name (Uebert Mudzanire) was on a leaked U.S. Department of Justice list of people who bought the fake degrees and diplomas, Prophet Angel said he did not know why and would be taking up the issue with those that had published the list.
The Spokesman-Review who published the list are a daily newspaper based in Spokane in the U.S. State of Washington. It is the city's only daily publication and has the third highest readership among daily newspapers in Washington. They published the list in 2008, way before prophet Angel even became so popular in Zimbabwe. In Fact, he was still based in UK by then.
Prophet Angel was known and Uebert Mudzanire during the time that he was based in UK. His name only changed from Mudzanire to Angel when he came back to Zimbabwe to launch his church's head quarters in Harare.
In October last year, Prophet Angel - a father of four - stunned Bulawayo residents when he preached to them for only 30 minutes in a sermon where 'talked' of nothing other than bragging about his education and flamboyant lifestyle. The heavily guarded prophet was in the company of SIX BODY GUARDS and his nine-year-old son who also had two huge body guards by his side.
"A lot has been written about my visit to Botswana and a lot is untrue except for two things which are having a beautiful wife and being flamboyant. Yes, my wife is beautiful and I am flamboyant, that is true. People say a lot. Recently I bought a Lamborghini for US$58,000, my duty is to provide for my family," said the prophet during the sermon.
"Some of you might think I became a pastor because I am not educated - it might shock you that in Zimbabwe, I am the most educated pastor. I taught finance in the UK," said the eloquent English speaking pastor whose name is found on list of people who bought fake BBA degrees through the internet.

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