Tuesday 16 July 2013

A Pervert Messes With A Young Woman On A Bus – See What Happens (VIDEO)

I came across this video while doing a search on for another story. I couldn’t help but enjoy watching this young woman stand up for herself. Sadly, too many sick individuals get away with a lot worse than this man, and many young girls, young boys, and women are afraid to do or say anything. This is how it often happens to victims of sexual assault and rape. They are often left with shame and the guilt after they were the ones who had been violated, and that is wrong. Yes, this is a bit fun to watch, but it’s important to remember this is where rape starts. It’s starts with some sick men feeling like that can do whatever they choose to another human being. introduced a campaign last spring called, Unite Against Rape. Women and men are sending in photos and quotes expressing their experiences about rape and their support for rape victims/survivors. The discussion of rape needs to continue, until the problem is dealt with, and solutions are found

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