Saturday 7 September 2013


They are rogues. They are selfish opportunists. They stole and still stealing from us. All they did was promise and promise all the time. Yes you are right, call them thieves again.

Governor Okorocha, is a political opportunist. He does not have the interest of Ndigbo at heart. He has made a lot of false promises. So wha
t? He is working his way to the top to be the first Igbo executive president in Nigeria. If he is a qualified criminal with all the credentials of shrewdness as Nigeria wants, then let him ride on. This man has changed the face of Owerri urban. He is the first governor after Mbakwe to bring development to rural areas in Imo state even though he neglects Mbaise. I must give it to him, he has done tremendously well. If Evans Enwerem, Achike Udenwa, and Ohakim did just 1/10 of what Okorocha is doing in Imo state now, our state would have progressed more.

Governor Okorocha no doubt has his flaws but I am beginning to like his audacity. Yes dear governor continue to rule and ruin us. It does not matter any more if you sold Owerri to Muslims to achieve your presidential ambitions. I am with you. Just do not relent, do not mind your detractors. Just become the president and every sin will be forgiven. One only needs to take a ride and see the roads in Imo state, the rehabilitated Concord hotel, even the federal roads in owerri that used to be death traps have been renovated. The most outstanding is the Owerri Umuahia federal road. I wish the same is true in Abia state.

How about monumental structures? I heard that there are art works in all the major roundabouts in Imo state. This governor pays stipend to students even though they have no lockers and chairs to write on, even though they have no modern classrooms at least they have stipends to buy akara. Yes it is better than not having both stipend and classrooms. Lol yes and hell yeah Okorocha for president. Let us go there. Let one of our own criminal be the president.

Orji Uzo Kalu they say is another criminal who singlehandedly underdeveloped Abia state. He looted the state. He has an international airline though he has not started flying to Akanu Ibiam international airport, Enugu. He is fetish they say. Even the ''political errand boys'' have exited the stage. Yet this man is still kicking. It looks as though he and Okorocha are the only prophets of Igbo extraction still kicking. OUK sir your sins are many though it is not as great as that of Obasanjo yet he ruled for 8yrs. You are not worse than Jonathan yet he is ruling us. Ride on on your desire to rule.

Ndigbo it is time we realize that saints do not rule in Nigeria. Our good men and women, the material saints of our time are in the monastery. Let them stay put and continue their meditations while the lions continue to roar. If Buhari could have the audacity to aspire to rule in Nigeria why not OUK and Okorocha? It is time we give support to any Igbo man/woman who wants to be president of Nigeria. Being the president of Nigeria does not have the same requirement as being an nze or ichie in our villages.

Nigeria is not ripped for good man to rule her. Only smart men can rule in Nigeria. OUK and Okorocha have displayed observable tendencies to be that smart. Let us see how we can support these men. Yes to hell with ''good'' Igbo men who would not betray us. Where were they when we needed them? There is no betrayal worse than silence in the face of injustice, and calamity. 

Okorocha sir, it is not important to me which political party gives you the presidential ticket. Get it anywhere from whatever party. Let it be from ANPP, APCN, UNPGA, GNPP, NPN, or even from RIP democratic party. Go on son grab the presidential ticket and I will fly back to Nigeria, and I will campaign for you the way no Nigerian has seen. The presidency indeed covers a multitude of sin. Fire on let your enemies support you, they will be changed after victory.

Same goes with OUK. Be dogged in your struggle to win a presidential ticket. Woe will betide any Igbo man/woman that would refuse to vote you as president. I will be there for you and I will campaign for you at all cost. Do not count how many good Nigerians are with you now. Just press on. It does not matter if your supporters now are more of area boys. Keep the heat on. In Nigeria presidents have no real enemies. When you become the president we will settle everybody.


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