Thursday 10 October 2013

Man Convicted Of Beating Wife With Wooden Spoon For Refusing To Call Him "Sir" In Front Of Their Kids

A Pennsylvania man has been found guilty of beating his wife with a wooden spoon because she did not address him as 'sir'.
Dan Kirby Kopp lashed out at his wife when he found her 'disrespectful' towards him in front of their children.
The 45-year-old from Ephrata, Lancaster would routinely beat his now-estranged wife with the spoon or his hand, a court heard.
Kopp was filmed by his wife during a beating which took place in September 2012.
Jurors at Lancaster Country court were shown the tape where the 6ft5in 230lbs Kopp threatens his wife with a wooden paddle.
The video shows Kopp showing her the spoon and giving her a 'count of three to comply' with his demand of addressing him with a 'yes, sir' in front of the couple's children.
He is also heard threatening to 'cast the demons out of her' next time she disobeyed him.
According to charging documents, Kopp would regularly hold his wife down over his knee and spank her, so she would 'learn a lesson.'
One month after she filmed the abuse on her phone, Kopp's wife went to local police to report the regular beatings to the authorities.
She told officers he would abuse her as a 'means of disciplining her for disobedience to him for undermining his parenting,' The Lancaster New Era reports.
Kopp was convicted of misdemeanor stalking and harassment, following a 'cycle of abuse and intimidation', according to the charging documents.
Verdict: Kopp posted a response to the verdict on Tuesday after being found guilty of harassment
Verdict: Kopp posted a response to the verdict on Tuesday after being found guilty of harassment

He was sentenced Tuesday to serve from one to 23 months in prison and one year of parole.
He has also been subjected to a restraining order and is not allowed to contact his wife.
As a result of the couple's young family, the judge also imposed that Kopp and his wife stay at least 50 yards apart from each other during school or sporting events.

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