Wednesday 16 October 2013

Why Wouldnt Anyone Leave Nigeria For The US Or UK?

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  1. In America people give facts and accurate precision for video like this to go viral, not cut and nail abracadabra you have here. I’m not mad at this video but I think you should have done ur homework before opening your sticking loud mouth to say something you know little about. It’s correct Nigeria has lot of intelligent people and lot of problem with it systems. yes the Ogoni 9 were unjustifiably hang. As for the kidnapping, nobody will kidnap you in Nigeria if your dad, uncle, or mom is not related to corrupt politicians who embezzle taxpayer money. 99% of Nigeria celebrity live in Nigeria and come to UK and U.S for holidays, if Nigeria was that terrible as you seem to suggest, why would they preferred Nigeria over other countries? Boy kidnap foreign oil workers because they are sponsor by govt. You want to talked about people that introduced corruptions to Nigerian MKO Abiola come first on the list .

    As part of my final project, i was instructed to write an article on the introductions of Corruptions into Nigeria, after my research I discovered that Chief M.K.O Abiola was arrested for shady deals on inflation of the products. Abiola would importing rice and bribe customs officer to change the price invoice and he would then triple the cost to poor Nigerian. He personally sponsor 1985 Coup with $10 million with the fear that war against corruptions by the govt would catch up with him. He also sponsor the army that killed Fela kuti mother after Fela kuti exposed him in one of his song title I.T.T (International thief thief) (you should listen to that song)
    MKO Abiola could best be described as one of those ganstarious Italian mafia with treacherous motive to enrich himself. Is that the kind of person you think deserve to lead Nigeria?
    U.S government are not giving $30 millions to Nigerian government every year as you said, its actually the other way round. The international market is actually manipulated by U.S govt to prevent price hike, they also manipulated their currency and when China do the same they kept crying . Nigeria provide 40% of gas in the U.S, if Nigeria stop exporting oil to U.S it will reflect on your wallet and you may skip Starbucks. fool!

    I came from Nigeria City called Port harcourt, I had never heard of or a law that allowed 7 year old girl to be married to a 55 years old man. If one stupid man got married to a minor for region or cultural reason why can't you help change the culture? in-case you don’t know, its illegal to sleep with a minor in Nigeria. At least In Port harcourt where i came from. plus Nigeria current populations is 170 million not 150 million, that whole lot of margin of error.

    Last year a man kidnap 3 girls bound them in the house and pregnant them, was that in Nigerian? A boy by name trayvon martin returned from store to buy skittle was killed just like that and the killer goes free; in Nigeria that would not happen.few weeks back little girls climbed about 50 feet high and killed herself from a terrible society. how many people do you know in Nigeria that had committed suicide ? a boy went to school with gun and killed almost 20 kids, the same killing in theater, Few days back a man kidnap 13 year girl, killed the brother and mom. Father in pregnant daughter and said he don't want her to be hurt by other men, was that in Nigeria? Because will don't have money and are poor; what we have is ours cultural dignity dumb-ass.