Thursday 10 July 2014


Indications have emerged that the ongoing monorail construction in Rivers State will be launched in October as proposed by the state government as the project appears to have entered its final stage of rail installment on the track.
The monorail project had become a subject of political controversy in the state as many of the opposition to Governor Rotimi Amaechi had dismissed it as a wasted effort and resources because it was not going to fly, especially given  the slow pace of work on site.
But Amaechi had continued to dismiss any such misgiving, saying even if that was the last thing he would do before leaving office on May 29, next year, he would make sure it is realised.

Reiterating this commitment recently, Amaechi told journalists in Port Hacourt, the state capital, that the “Monorail would be completed. The reason the monorail must be completed at all costs is political. I want to ride in the monorail and call the Amaechi haters to come and see that I am riding on the monorail.
“Even if it is May 29, 2015, people will ride on the monorail. We would hang the rail. What is delaying the monorail is just the terminal where they would maintain it. That is what they are fixing now, once they fix that, it will be ready,” he explained.
However, walking his talk, it was noticed at the weekend that the contractor had started to hang the rail on the tracks, a move that might have confirmed the fact that the first phase of the project would be completed before the Amaechi administration leaves office next year.
“I personally believe the governor means business as far as the project is concerned. And if you check, he has always said it; that he would not leave the project abandoned. That means it is a done deal. Now, we can confirm this because we can see the rail being put on track. That is commendable and we hope to ride on it soon,” said a resident of old GRA, Port Harcourt.

On October 13, 2009, the Rivers State Government, ably represented by the Executive Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and TSI Property and Investments Holdings Limited signed an agreement signaling the start of work on a monorail system to be hereby known as “Rivers Monorail” in Port Harcourt.
About The Project
The Rivers Monorail will be using the Intamin P30 Monorail Train, an electric driven train especially designed and most suitable for commuter services in cities.
It is the most recent model of its kind and characterized by modern design, spacious cabins and is equipped with large size door openings for easy access for passengers with luggage.
The visual impact of the train, the track beam (which it rides on) and the supporting columns will be minimal and an appropriate color will be chosen to help integrate the system into the environment.

The Rivers Monorail Beam System
The Monorail Beam is elevated, supported by columns which in turn are supported by a foundation. The foundation will be properly sized to take all loads applied from the column to the foundation.
The foundation and the beam structure shall be designed to a minimum life time of 50 years. The foundation shall be designed and built to withstand the local climate conditions at Port Harcourt including flood, thunderstorm, heavy rain, etc.

Proposed Stations
Several trains will be in operation on the network between Aggrey Rd. and the loop North/East of the Garrison station.
- UPTH Junction (Aggrey Road)
- Sharks Stadium Park
- Supabod
- Isaac Boro Park
- Garrison Junction
- Nkpogu/ Elekahia Junction (Trans Amadi)
- Mother-Cat Junction (Rainbow)
- Ordinance Junction (NEWS)
- Elekahia Estate (Dust bin)
- Air force Base Junction (Aba Road)
- Rumuola Junction
- GRA Junction
- Water Lines Junction
- 1st or 2nd Artillery Junction
- Rumukwurushi Junction
- Oil Mill Junction
- Eleme Junction
- Oyigbo
Proposed Major Terminals
- Sharks Stadium Park (Station Road)
- Liberation Stadium (Elekahia)
- Garden Park (Air force Base Junction)
System Statistics
- Maximum achievable transport capacity 1,300 pph/direction
- Average interval of train is approximately 12/24 mins
- Maximum Speed 70km/hr (43.5 mph)
- Total passengers per train (standard Capacity) 158
- Total passengers per train (peak capacity) 210
- Operating Brakes are electrical regenerative brakes
- Holding breaks are mechanical brakes
- Emergency brake are mechanical brakes (fail safe design)
- Overall Route Track Length – 19.1Km (11.8 miles)
- Overall No. of Columns – 1473
- Stations – 14
- Train Sets – 5
- Coaches per Train – 6
- Passengers per Train – 210
- Passengers per hr per direction – 1300
Plans outlined are projections and are subject to ongoing adjustment to achieve the best and safest quality to serve the city of Port Harcourt.
The P30 for the Rivers Monorail in Port Harcourt, Nigeria has 6 cars. The capacity of each car is 35 passengers, with a total of 210 per train. Top speed is 80 km/h. Maximum gradient capability is 5%. The track dimensions are 1,200 X 800 mm. Average distance between support columns is 15 meters.
Rivers Monorail
Rivers Monorail
Rivers Monorail

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