Sunday 16 November 2014

2015: APC Moves To Take Over Labour Party

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FOLLOWING the exit of Ondo State governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko, from the Labour Party (LP), the leadership of the AllProgressives Congress (APC) is said to be moving for a takeover of the LP Platform ahead of the 2015 election.
Sources close to the party told Sunday Tribune in Abuja that plans were underway by leaders of the APC to take over the LP and utilise it as an ally in the 2015 election.
It was gathered that the APC saw MImiko’s exit as a huge opportunity, since the development could afford it the opportunity to coordinate workers by taking control of the LP structure.

Meetings of some strategists, said to have been held sometime last week and on Thursday, 13 November, had concluded on the development, it was learnt at the weekend.
“Plans are underway by top political figures in the APC to enhance the political profile of the party and ensure a complete takeover of the LP, by galvanising the structures of LP nationwide.
“This will ensure that the workers party is denied the chance of working with the Presidency and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in any form, while the state chapters of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) will be galvanised to key into the aspiration of the new LP leadership.
“Before now, the LP, with Mimiko’s presence, had been under the control of the Presidency,” the source said.
It was gathered that some labour leaders are already aware of the move by leaders of the opposition party, as a source at the meeting called on 13 November confirmed that some of the leaders suggested that top labour leaders and unionists in the 36 states of the federation should go back and ensure that they use structures of the NLC to galvanise the workers to join the LP in their domain.
A source said that an unnamed committee of the APC would work in tandem with key labour leaders to ensure that the LP structure is deployed for the purposes of the opposition party.
The source further said: “It was also revealed that the decision to take over LP’s new structures would offer the APC a platform to effectively use the workers nationwide to muscle the fiscal/economic policies of the Federal Government and, thereby, portray the Goodluck Jonathan-led administration as anti-workers.”
It was, however, gathered that some labour leaders have been reading through the script, as some of them were said to have suspected that the bid to get all workers galvanised under the LP might be for some motives.
“Other labour leaders believed that some elements in the labour leadership might have been financially or materially suborned into thinking up the option which is seen as purely partisan and may not be in workers’interest,” a source said.
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