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New Celeestial Church Leader Will Emerge in September Says – Prophet MKO Tibetan Who Predicted Crisis in 2012

If giving accurate prophecy is a birth given gift then it could be said that Prophet Marcus Korede Oluwatosin Tibetan is a gifted Prophet like his Biblical times counterparts of Prophet Elijah and Prophet Elisha. This fiery man of God who has given several prophecies on national and international personalities, countries and organizations and which all came to pass has added his own voice to the new leadership crisis rocking the Celestial Church of Christ in the last two weeks.
Prophet Marcus who is the leader of Celestial Church of ChristElisha Parish in DublinRepublic of Island spoke to Asabeafrikaearly in the week at Heathrow International AirportLondon on arrival at London for special appearances and interviews on selected TV and Radio stations in the United Kingdom. He equally used the opportunity to launch his 2015 Prediction book in the UK.
Pastor. Benoit D. Agbaossi  received Pastor Emmanuel Oshoffa at Port-novo, Republic of Benin. September 2007

The fearless prophet who predicted the return of  General Olusegun Obasanjo to power in 1999; the death of late First lady,Stella Obasanjo in 2005, the death of Dame Patience Jonathan’s mother in 2014, the death of Venezuelan President in 2013 and the success of President Muhammad Buhari at the 2015 poll among many other great prophecies  that has come to pass has predicted that a new leader will emerge to lead the Celestial Church of Christ by September 2015.
Tibetan while responding to our questions on the recent crisis rocking the church said it pleases the Lord to have allowed the entire crisis of leadership between two ranking sons of the founder of the church, late Pastor/Prophet SBJ Oschoffa in the persons of  Pastor Emmanuel Mobiyina Friday Oschoffa and his younger brother and Personal Assistant of 12 years, Evangelist Tosho Oschoffa to manifest in order for God to change the leadership of the church and put his anointed one in charge.
Known for his accurate and vibrant predictions, Prophet Marcus who predicted the present crisis rocking the church in hisPrediction 2012 book added that “It is God’s decision to arrest the activities of the Egun people (Benin Republic) where the late founder hail from in the affairs of the Celestial Church of Christ after twelve years reign and enthrone a Nigerian born Pastor”
“The Lord said if the elders of the church refuse to halt this entire crisis before September, some of them might not see December because the church does not belong to anybody, it belongs to God. It is called Celestial Church of Christ, not Celestial Church of Oschoffa”.
How he predicted it 3 years ago…
On page 258 of his Prediction 2012 book which was sourced by this blog from his Lagos parish Library before going to press,Prophet Marcus cautioned the leadership of the Celestial Church on several moral infirmities ranging from polygamist act, breaking of doctrinal ethics to outright fraud in the administration of the church. He warned church elders fighting for the seat of the Pastor-founder to desist from the act as such does not glorify God and the doctrine of the Celestial Church which permits the leadership of the church to emerge through the dictate of the Holy Spirit.
 In the 6th paragraph of the book, the man of God noted his earlier predictions on the tenure of people of Benin Republic origin and how their reign will end “We predicted it before that Celestial will be in the hand of Egun (People) for 12 years; within 12 years, there will be settlement in the church, people will be telling lies to their leaders in order to extort money from them. But if they are not careful, the end will visit them”.
Pastor Emmanuel on the left and Pastor Maforikan to the right at Ketu's meeting
How the Prophecy came to pass…
The present Pastor of the Church, Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina Oschoffa who is equally the first son of the Pastor/founder was proclaimed leader of the Celestial Church of Christ (W/W) on December 25th year 2002 and ordained as Pastor by the leadership of the church on February 23rd 2003. On February 23rd of this year, it was exactly twelve years since Pastor Emmanuel Mobiyina Oschoffa has been on the saddle leading the church founded by his eminent dad. This accuracy of the twelve years leadership of the younger Oschoffa has given legitimacy to Prophet Marcus’ prophecy that leadership will be taken away from people ofOschofa’s place of birth (Egun) and returned to Nigeria for a new order.
Pastor (Rev) B. B. Agbaossi's 
How the crisis began…
The recent crisis is a back up to series of leadership and doctrinal upheavals that has rocked the church in the last two and a half decade since the demise of the founder. Starting with series of court actions instigated by top members in the hierarchy of leadership against one another with late Reverend Alexander Abiodun Bada and one Evangelist Owodunni starting the entire saga over clauses in the constitution of the church which was amended last in 1983 by the founder and 6 members of the Board of Trustees; a second amendment after the demise of the founder in the early 90s led to series of denials on inflexible rules in the constitution which led to massive  leadership tussle as everyone in the top hierarchy of the church wanted to lead and none want to serve.
“You see a shepherd marrying up to four to six wives and when you challenge them, they will tell you they are trying to wear Oschoffa’s shoe. Are you Oschoffa? Did you have the same calling with Oschoffa? Is that the only thing you can copy from Oschoffa?”
G. B. Shonekan
The drama took a new tempo in 1991 when one Evangelist Shonekan Gbolanle Godwin met with the then Supreme head of the Church, Pastor A.A. Bada and informed him of his intention to register CCC in the state of Florida in the United States of America. Bada who was very pleased with Shonekan’s decision gave him necessary document to enable him register the church in America. Shonekan was alleged to have gone away and only returned in 1998 asking for a pastoral authority document to enable him finalize his documentation of the church’s annex in Florida and Bada unaware of his intention offered him more documents asking him to act as a registered agent for the church in the US. 

Unknown to Bada and the leadership of the church, that Shonekan had a sinister motive to register himself as “Pastor” of the church and with an entirely new constitution in the Americas. He later asked the leadership of the Nigerian church to give him the authority to act as the head of the American diocese but his request was firmly declined. And that led to series of new legal battles questioning the authority of the constitution of the church on right to pastoral leadership and that led to an unmitigated flood gate of leadership tussles untilBada passed away in year 2000. Before his demise, Bada was in court with Owodunni

P.H Ajose was the next in line to replace Bada but he passed away within 7 days of his appointment as leader of the church. It was around this period that the trustees of the church decided to invite Mobiyina, first son of the late Pastor/Founder who was the then Head of France diocese.
Rev. Benoit D. Agbaossi  received Rev. G. Bolanle Shonekan, at his office in Porto Novo, Republic of Benin.
At his arrival, he was to face two battles; one was with Dad’s former ally and head of the Nigerian Diocese in person of Evangelist Gilbert Oluwatomisin Jesse and the second battle with Godwin Shonekan who was still interested in becoming the overall leader of the church. Jesse on his part felt slighted with the trustees’ decision to appoint “a boy I knew his childhood” as next head of the fold. Jesse who was the Head of the Tejuosho Parish in Lagos fought to be the Pastor but died in a shot while andMobiyina was anointed and took over the mantle of leadership. But his second adversary, Shonekan was still lurking around. Even though Shoneken witnessed all of Mobiyina’s inaugural events but he simply refused to step down his ambition of becoming the Pastor of the fold
Rev Gilbert Oluwatosin Jesse
In the December of 2006, three years after Mobiyina took over leadership of the church Shonekan took his ambition to an all new height of madness as he stormed the International Headquarters and holy city of CCC, Worldwide at Imeko town in Ogun state, South West Nigeria with a contingent of area boys and OPC members during the Christmas Eve service and marched straight into the church’s sacred altar taking charge of activities while declaring himself as the “authentic” pastor.  The event is one of the most sacred ceremonies of the faithful but Shonekan fouled it with his rabid misdemeanor on the altar in the middle of a service.
“He is a Prophet who has built a church from the scratch to something. He is a man with just a wife and who fears the lord and does not love material wealth. He is a man with the attributes of 1stTimothy 3 verse 1-7. A man who is humble, well travelled and with an understanding and knowledge of the doctrine of the Celestial Church and the Holy Bible”
  He was arrested, beaten and roughened up by an angry mob of worshippers and finally handed over to the police for onward prosecution. Before that shameful drama by the ex-Florida agent of the CCC, the same Shonekan and his group had stormedCCC, Agege Parish in Lagos where a big number of faithful were duped after Shonekan allegedly collected a huge amount of money from them, promising to take them to America for greener pasture but failed to do so.
Since those two sagas, Shonekan has kept his series of legal battles against the leadership of the church going on from his humble abode at Iyanayesi side of Ota. It was the outcome of Shonekan’s legal battle that led to a recent directive that the national head quarters of the church should be shut down until the constitution is amended to enable the election or selection of a new leader. The order was given by a magistrate court.
A curse for the ‘America Wonder Boy’…
 However, in his prediction 2012 book Prophet MKO Tibetan described Shonekan as a “robber” who will not go unpunished by the Lord “The Lord said He will visit the family of Shonekan with disasters and calamity because he has robbed Celestial (Church) two times. The Lord will put him into total darkness”

The New Crisis
The recent crisis was triggered by Evangelist Tosho Oschoffa one of late Pastor/Founder SBJ Oschoffa’s younger sons who allegedly went out of panic to prepare a “Take Over” document where it was decided that he will be taking over the affairs of the church as the new leader. Since he doubles up as the Personal Assistant to his paternal brother who is the Supreme leader;Tosho, knowing fully well that his brother is impaired with his sight allegedly played a fast one on him by taking the document to him in his private apartment and asked him to sign. The elder Oschoffa, oblivious of the import of the document appended his signature to it and lo, the junior Oschoffa bolted away with the “new authority” to take over from his elder brother. Since this happened, there have been scandals of various proportion with the leadership of the church divided on loyalty. While some leaders of the church have joined in the shame-spree of identifying Tosho who is in his late 30s as their new supreme leader, a more authoritative and assertive group are contesting his maturity and pedigree.  Tosho has been enmeshed in various marital scandals in the last three years and he is also accused of being an alcoholic which is one of the taboos of the Celestial Church of Christ. On his announcement as the new leader by some disgruntled elements in the fold, Tosho was said to have visited the traditional ruler of Imeko land for a solidarity cum royal endorsement but the ruler refused to grant him audience.  He was also alleged to have visited ex-Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for endorsement but the ex-army General was said to have shunned him as well. Since then, there have been divisions among leaders of the CCC on who to give their allegiance to between Tosho and Mobiyina

The Oschoffa family have taken God for a ride—Tibetan
In a phone interview with Asabeafrika from London, Prophet Marcus Tibetan gave his own opinion on the new crisis rocking the church and explained why it has to happen this way. Prophet Marcus said the leadership of the church is indeed rattled with series of court litigations and bad conduct in high places but the church will find its bearing and get a new leader before a new constitution “A pastor have to be on the throne before we get the constitution and I can assure you that we are going to get the Pastor before the constitution” declared Prophet Marcus who is one of the most respected leaders in the fold due to his stance on issues and his accurate prophecies in the last one decade.

How do you see the whole trend, sir?

 Prophet Marcus: What happened between Tosho and Mobiyina is nothing but the revelation of God. God created both good and evil and He uses both to justify his mystery. It has happened before in the Bible but because our people lack the wisdom to understand God’s ways and that is why we found ourselves here. The Lord has revealed it before now and you can confirm from our Prediction 2012, that our brothers from Egun land will rule Celestial Church for just 12 years and after that there will be a change of power.  During those twelve years, we will suffer indignation as a result of bad leadership but after that, we will be liberated. Today, we are at the cross road and we must wake up to reality. Before this September, God will put everything aright. What is happening now is just like what happened between Rehoboam and Jeroboam in the book of 1st Kings Chapter 11 fromverse 26 to the end and then read 1st Kings 12 downwardRehoboam was King Solomon’s son but he messed up the kingdom he inherited from his father and that was how God appointed Jeroboam the servant of Solomon to restore the lost glory of Israel andRehoboam was destroyed. What is happening with the Oschoffa sons is expected and it is for a purpose, for when Rehoboambrought evil upon the children of Israel, then it was said in verse 16 that “What share have in David? We have no inheritance in the son of Jesse. To your tents, O Israel! Now see to your own House O David! The Celestial church in Nigeria should see to their house
 How do you mean, sir?

Prophet Marcus with a Pastor Friend during the launching of his book December last year
Prophet Marcus: Oschoffa’s kids have taken God for a ride and God is ready to reveal their hypocrisy and that of the dubious leaders that enthroned them. All of them (Oschoffa kids) must show us where they worked before, what is their credibility like? Where have they worked before they were given such a large responsibility to run? Were they anointed for the work or appointed for the work? The Lord said if the elders of the church refuse to halt this entire crisis before September, some of them might not see December because the church does not belong to anybody, it belongs to God. It is called Celestial Church of Christ, notCelestial Church of Oschoffa. The Rehoboam and Jeroboam story teaches us that as a leader, you can only touch a heart before you can ask for a hand.
Before September, God will put everything right because we are moving out of our own Egypt into Israel.  Nobody can break Celestial church; if you want to break the church you will end up breaking yourself because Celestial is one. We are only divided because of people who come and pack our money and go and share at the Benin Republic border”. “They are the ones Jeremiah 5 verse 20 to 31; the Lord said ‘Shall I not punish them for these things?’. The wrath of the Lord is coming upon those who arranged this kangaroo leadership and put the Celestial Church in shame in the last 12 years, the only thing that will save them from perilous death is for them to converge and re-build it quickly. They should remember Prophet Boroboro’s song which says “Otito la fida ijo mimo”. They should remember Celestial hymn, 291, 276,322; Hymn 15, Hymn 12 and Hymn 636 and rise to the challenge now before it is too late”
 What do you envisage sir?
Historical Unity picture organized by President Ikereku of Republic of Benin between Pastor A. A. Bada and Pastor B. Agbaossi in 1988 at Lome.
Prophet Marcus: In 2002, I warned RevOluwatomisin Jesse not to fight for the post of pastor that he will die 8 months after he proclaims himself one and he died exactly 8 months later. And the Lord said anyone that honors his corpse will also be punished and it came to pass. You don’t joke with the word of the Lord and on this Celestial leadership matter, we must be careful because Celestial church unlike any other church was established by the Holy Spirit, it is not a church that any one can inherit Oschoffa’s children should go back to memory lane and listen to their father’s interviews in 1985, few months before his demise. He said the church does not belong to even his family but to God the author and finisher of our faith. That the next leader will be appointed by the Holy Spirit but that order was not honored, Bada proclaimed himself leader and the Lord gave him a heavy dose of cancer. He died crying, the same thing with Ajose, they all died with pain because what they saw in the front was terrible. Do we allow another series of death in Celestial church now? Do we want Tosho to collapse and die with his youthful exuberance? Why are the leaders looking? The Lord said if they refuse to call an emergency conference to stop this whole crisis, He will strike them before December.
'Tosho Oshoffa &wife
Are you saying the enthronement of Pastor Emmanuel Mobiyina Oschoffa in 2003 was wrong?
Prophet Marcus: Well, the Leaders who did this know that it is written somewhere in the Bible that we should not allow any man with any deformity to come near the altar of God and that portion of the Holy Bible also stated the consequences. I am not sure they didn’t know all these and they were not aware that Mobiyina had an impaired sight. If they knew all these and they conspired to put him there you can now understand why the Church is stagnant. Every other church has a university, they have a music school, some even have a micro finance bank but it is only Celestial church that is stagnant and still in the embryo stage after many years; something is definitely wrong with the church. Look at the Imeko City project, it has not been achieved after all these years, it is a basic sign that the head is rotten and if the foundation is bad what can the righteous do? All the money made in Nigeria is siphoned to Benin Republic. Today, we don’t have Omo Ijo (Brethren) any longer, what we have is “Omo Ejo”(Snake Brethren); everyone in Celestial church is now wearing tattoo, even shepherd’s wives and some shepherd’s children, what sort of a weird legacy is that? Is that part of the tenet and ethics of the church? I doubt we are in safe hands. Most of the shepherds don’t even have love and respect for their marriages any longer; they have girl friends even among the Mother Celestials. They should read what happened in Ezekiel 8 from verse 1 to the end; they should read Proverb 3 verse 1 to the end,Proverb 16 from verse 1 to the end; Proverb 23 verse 7 & 8Ephesians 5 verse 15 & 16 and they should remember Evangelist Olabanji’s song which says “Ijo Mimo O le baje, Ina Jesu o se fomi pa, Ogbon Ori lasan ko la fid a, carpenter ni baba ran, a o gbowo lowo oyinbo rara, o wu baba lo fi ranse, ijo mimo o le baje lae-lae”. The Celestial Church cannot be destroyed; it is the bad leaders that will be destroyed. These crop of leaders should look behind and see those who have passed away fighting for one thing or the other yet the church stands. It is not a carnal church, it is not established by philosophy or management science it is purely through the dictates of the heavenly hosts and such an institution cannot be destroyed but all these politicians in Celestial church will be destroyed. All the money they stole, they shall vomit and pay heavily for it for their actions. They have led many flocks astray and some have even perished. The Lord is speaking to them in the book of Ezekiel Chapter 34 from verse 4 to 10, He said in verse 10 “Behold, I am against the shepherds and I will require my flock at their hands; I will cause them to cease feeding the sheep, and the shepherds shall feed themselves no more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouths, that they may no longer be food for them”
Pastor Founder SBJ Oschoffa's son, Evangelist Tosho with The Shepard Calvary parish Ogba Lagos

How the new leader will emerge
Asabeafrika: Sir, what is the way forward?

Prophet Marcus: Let the leadership of the church call for an emergency “National Conference of Spiritual re-birth and unity” with 21 Prophets and leaders of the church at Imeko. The meeting which is to reconcile, pray and search for a new leader should bring all the factions laying claim to leadership together and settle the scores by uniting them before electing a fresh, new leader that will take the church out of the woods”.
“Those to converge at this meeting which should take place between this month of June and July must include surviving members of the board of trustees, leaders and elders who were close to late Papa Oschoffa in his life time, all the factional heads and  the likes of Baba BanjoBaba Owodunni, Baba Oshin and Baba Ogunremi. These four must make sure the conference hold as the Lord expects them to play their fatherly role in bringing total peace and unity to the church before they leave”
 “The meeting must also have leaders from major dioceses across Europe and America. The church should invite Wolider Gbekefrom Alaba-Oro parish, Evangelist Soremi from Ibara, Abeokuta, and Rt. Reverend Sola Owopiti of Tendery ParishDr. Omololu Oladosu of Maranatha, Evangelist Kunle Hamilton of Shadai-villeDr. Leke Pitan and Professor Odeyemi. From London, they should invite Reverend Milton JobMilton Job is one of the very few and clean natured Celestial leaders in London. He is a very fantastic and rewarding leader. The great singer, Boroboro should also be invited, invite Gabriel Omoge from Ire-Akari Parish inAkure and invite Olorunisola from USA. All states Evangelists should be involved; they should converge and consult the Holy Spirit between June and July and the Lord will show them who will lead the church next.”
Rt. Rev. Pastor P. H. Ajose
Why Celestial Shepherds failed
Asabeafrika: Are you saying this new leader will unite the entire church?
Prophet Marcus: You don’t have to declare yourself a Pastor, what is in you will prove to the world that you are a pastor. A leader prophet is born not trained (Jeremiah 1:5). The celestial church did not start from a posh office, it started from the river. So, any shepherd that has not conducted spiritual bath for anybody at the river can never be a complete pastor of the Celestial church because it is a spiritual church and everything is done accordingly. The anointing oil the Pentecostal Churches are using today was taken from Celestial church, so, why are we not getting it right again? It is because of bad leadership. But the Celestial Church is not a worldly church; it is not an ordinary church. It was established by the Holy Spirit through a carpenter in the person of SBJ Oschoffa and nobody can help the Holy Spirit. But today, gangsters, store attendants and security guards in London and else where will wake up and establish a parish and anoint themselves as Shepherds and you see a Shepherd’s wife wearing tattoo on her body and dressing provocatively; prostituting and her husband frolicking with other people’s wives. That is what bad leadership has turned our church to. We need sanitation. 

How can you just come from the USA and you give people $250 dollars and you now claim you are the new pastor? How can you be deformed and you claim to be the pastor, that automatically make you a fake pastor and every one who takes a title from such a person will only get a fake title. Even if such a person blesses you, it is equally a fake blessing. Celestial Church does not thrive on fake principles because it was established with truth and anybody that has come to destroy the church will only end up destroying himself and that is why you are seeing all these high wired politics between brothers. You see a shepherd marrying up to four to six wives and when you challenge them, they will tell you they are trying to wear Oschoffa’s shoe. Are you Oschoffa? Did you have the same calling with Oschoffa? Is that the only thing you can copy from Oschoffa? So, you can’t copy Oschoffa’s philanthropist nature? You didn’t notice where Oschoffa gave scholarship to poor kids but all you noticed is his harem. You must be suffering from something terrible. The only difference between Oschoffa and Moses Orimolade of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church is that Orimolade had no child but Oschoffa had many and that is why you are seeing the bastards growing up to destroy his legacy but I can assure you that all these drama will pass by and the church will triumph and grow bigger and even stronger” 
Accident car that Rt. Rev. Pastor Founder SBJ Oschoffa 
He was in 1985.
Features of the New Pastor
Asabeafrika:  What are the features to watch out for in the new pastor that will lead the CCC?
Prophet Marcus: If the Spiritual conference holds like we prescribed, the Holy Spirit will manifest and show us the next leader of the Celestial Church of Christ”  “He is a Prophet who has built a church from the scratch to something. He is a man married with one wife and who fears the lord and does not love material wealth. He is a man with the attributes of 1st Timothy 3 verse 1-7. A man who is humble, well travelled and with an understanding and knowledge of the doctrine of the Celestial Church and the Holy Bible. He is not fair in complexioned but dark in complexion and a man that grew his strength from the basic doctrine of the church. They should fast and pray for the twenty one days and God will surely show them the sign. This is a serious message and nobody should joke with it”  

Rt. Rev. Pastor Founder SBJ Oschoffa
in 1972 with Supreme Evang A A Bada and Mama Yama Oschoffa at His side.
Papa's Entourage. Papa Oshoffa, Supreme Evang Bada,Snr. Evang. Zannu, Snr Evang Banjo and Snr. Evang Adefeso then..
Pastor Founder SBJ Oschoffa, Supreme Evang Bada,
Superior Evang Ajanlekoko and Sup Evang 

(Prophet Marcus could be reached on his Dublin Line on +353-8996-09994 or Nigerian office on 080-37171-730 for further talks on Celestial Church)

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  1. Halleluyah Elder prophet about your comment with big wrongs at beginning.

    The way you have started the history of crisis in CCC since the physical departure of the Founder his holyness Rev PP SBJ OSCHOFFA is fake
    Honnestly I would like you to tell the whole world if the Suprem-Evangelist A A BADA self proclaiming himself then as pastor of CCC was from God. Did the Founder Papa OSCHOFFA (of blessed memory) say so before leaving this earth? Is there any written document testifying that? Not! So just for the authentic truth let the entire world know that crisis in CCC started in CCC by that unfaithull and sorrowfull act. Consequences of that, the Superior AGBAOSSI leaded himself also in that so that today, we have in our church more than thousands pastors.
    Please do start telling people around that was the greatest mistake done which is causing disorder in our church and I will agree with you.
    Indeed Papa OSCHOFFA showed A A BADA not Suprem Evangelist for Nigeria only, but for CCC worldwide not as pastor in succession one day. Refferring to what He Papa OSCHOFFA (of blessed memory) said in 1961 at Porto-Novo and wrote down in the CCC constitution, the Suprem Evangelist AA BADA was not available for such responsability nether the others senior elders around the Founder by then. In spite of the spiritual message of that prophetess warnning him about that underdoing, he the Suprem Evangelist kept on: now you prophet see by yourself what that is leading our marvellous church to.
    Nobody in the BOT of then didn't have courage to denounce that unspiritual and unconstitutionnal act except papa AJANLEKOKO the only one who dared go against then, but finally gave up. So prophet, please do restart your history and don't forget that they are still chronic ancients in the church but in silence. If you are indeed for the truth, say it out and around. At the God's time, by the grace of Jesus, I would let myself known to you and to others!

    At now, the only one person chosen according to what the Holy Spirit told Papa OSCHOFFA in 1947 through prophetess ZEVUNU Mary about his succession in Porto-Novo is, his Eminence Reverend Pastor EMMANUEL B. F. OSCHOFFA.
    Yours in Christ Jesus;
    Glory be to God on high!