Friday, 28 August 2015

28-Years- Old Girl Who Threw Her New Born Baby Away Begs For Forgiveness

Edo: Baby dumper begs for forgiveness

A 28 years old girl who threw her new born baby away is begging for forgiveness from her parents and Nigerians.

Joy Osarhiakhi had on June 13, 2015 delivered herself of a baby girl in a bathroom of the house she lives with her parents and immediately packed the baby in a nylon bag and threw her away in the same neighbourhood.

It took three days before the baby was discovered by neighbours who immediately called for help from the police.

Joy who said she successfully hide her pregnancy from her parents for nine months, attributed her action to the fact that the baby’s father, denied being responsible for the pregnancy.

Joy has been remanded in prisons since July after spending about three weeks in the custody of the Nigeria Police who arrested her upon her confession on June 16.

“I regret my action and have begged my parents, siblings for the pains and embarrassment I have caused them. I also want Nigerians to forgive me.

“I want my baby back. I want to take proper care of her and promised that I will not in any way harm her.

“It was never my intension to do what I did; I just took the decision immediately I delivered.

“I felt labour pains when I was about to bath and when I had the baby, I held her in my hands for some minutes and asked myself what to do with the child.

“It was then I saw a N10 nylon bag and rapped her inside I quietly dropped her across the fence. I regret my action and appeal for forgiveness from everybody.”

Also speaking, parents, Mr Ebohon Osarhiakhi and his wife, Mrs Elizabeth Osarhiakhi who both denied any knowledge of her pregnancy, stressed that they would not have allowed her take the decision she took if they were in the know.

Mr. Osarhiahki said he and his wife were even part of those reigning curses on who dumped the baby without knowing it was their daughter.

‘When we heard of neighbour cry after discovering the baby, we joined them to curse whoever did it and never knew the person was with us.

“I don’t know what my wife discovered for her to later ask me to question my daughter about the baby who actually confessed to it. I immediately handed her to the security agency for her to face the appropriate punishment.

“I have received lot of pleas from families and neighbours who appealed for me to assist her out of prisons. You don’t throw a bad child away and I want her back to be assisted in whatever capacity.

Osarhiakhi said though, pride price was yet to be paid on her daughter, but noted that it was the same man who she had her first child for that was responsible for the pregnancy.

“My daughter told me so but the boy has denied it and even said he would carry out paternity test on the first child. They never quarreled but had an arrangement for my daughter to be staying in my house she it was closer to where she learn fashion design.

“I do not only want my daughter back but my granddaughter who has been kept in an orphanage home after being discharged from hospital,” he stated.

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