Sunday 30 August 2015

Nigerian Petitions UK Homeland Office Over Plans To Deport Him 'Unlawfully'

Lekan Odesanya, a Nigerian residing in the United Kingdom wrote a petition on to the UK Homeland office over plans to deport him to Nigerian unlawfully. His petition below...
My name is Lekan Kamson Odesanya, I am a 33 years old Nigerian DJ and photographer living at 58 stow crescent London e17. I came into UK in 2004 with a student visa and I was one month late to renew my visa which by law is an immigration offense. I was arrested on my way back from a gig with Tim Westwood in 2007 October 5th. I was granted a temporary admission to remain in UK since 8th of October 2007 with conditions I must report at London Bridge Becket house weekly.

I have been signing in at becket house since 2007 till august 2015 ,i took permission from home office to marry Miss L in 2009, i was granted yes to go ahead , in june 2009 i married my 2 years girlfriend and after this i applied for work permit to work and take care of myself and my wife since she is yet to complete a micro biology course at university, i was told to tell my wife to stop her education and move back to Nigeria with me , they rejected my application on this reason , i filled in for reconsideration (appeal) which i was told i was entitled to , they wrote me to still keep signing that they will consider and get back to me from 2009 till september 22nd 2014 when i went to sign in at London bridge as usual , they forcefully carried me into a Bullion Van , Drove me to Dover Prison and kept me there for 17 days , i didn't eat (not that they didn't offer me) i was praying to God to come help me Out , A judge looked into my matter and ordered that i be released because i have been compliant , the 2 things the home office put on my name as criminal offence is Driving without insurance and Using swear word . 
i have never broken the law of England ,i have never post a threat or fraud or theft of anything . i don't claim any benefit or funds . i am a dj and god has blessed me with skills , i make T shirts too and i am good with children . 
I was released from Dover prison in October 2014 on the order of the judge who said i am eligible to remain in the united kingdom that all i need is a good lawyer and sort myself out , (i have been my own lawyer since after 2009). 
when i came out of dover i continue going to sign as it is requested on my bail  until 13th of August when i went to sign and i had realised they were gonna take me to dover again , i escaped by saying i was going to toilet ..
This Monday 24th august 2014 the immigration told police to come and bring me to them that i had escaped deportation , they came with 2 vans , i find a way to run away from them barefooted , they chased me i broke 2 ankles and was gushing blood i never stopped , i hid in between a thorn tree and covered myself with the leave , they called in chopper which was searching for almost 2 hours , God did not let them see me because my neighbours kept distracting them 
i am not a criminal or animal , i almost lost my life , i bleed so much a passer bye wept and cleaned me , i couldn't go to hospital because i am afraid of immigration , my 20 years old brother who is a talented footballer is a father , i am my brothers father ,i am all that he has left as Father Figure,  i need to help my brother raise his son and be a good uncle ,it is our custom and tradition , Separating me and my brother and My First and Only Nephew will kill me more , i don't feel my immigration status because of my family around they give me the joy i know and thats why i am able to make thousands happy despite my situation , i have build a business here in uk , i distributed the afro beat music in uk taking Parties from London to coventry , everything about me is online , i am a devoted christian , i am lekan kamson odesanya (google me ) i need someone to help me , i am going to die please help i am 33 years old and stuck .

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