Friday 11 December 2015

Woman JAILED After Neighbors Complained About Her Extremely Loud Sex Noises [Photo]

Woman has been sent to prison after having sex TOO loudly (stock image)
Woman, not pictured above, has been sent to prison after having sex TOO loudly (PICPOSEDBYMODEL)

Gemma Wale, of Birmingham, was given a two week sentence after her rampant romp noises woke neighbours and, in doing so, breached her ASBO.

Civil court Judge Emma Kelly explained to Gemma she had breached the order by "screaming and shouting whilst having sex" at a "level of noise" which woke her neighbour.

And, as lucky would have it, her neighbour was around to speak about the incident. They told the court: "Gemma started screaming and shouting whilst having sex, which woke us up. This lasted 10 minutes."
Gemma's age wasn't revealed during the court case
Gemma's age wasn't revealed during the court case

Judge Kelly said a neighbour had complained that at around 5am on January 29 "paragraph 3 of the order" had been breached. After that, Birmingham City Council took legal action against the rampant resident who was supported by her boyfriend Wayne.

Gemma was already a party to an ASBO which had barred herfrom making "loud sex noises".

The order also barred her from causing nuisance by playing loud music, shouting, swearing, making banging noises, stamping and slamming doors.

But it seems sex wasn't the only bang in the night for Gemma and Wayne, as Judge Kelly concluded Gemma had also breached her order by arguing with her boyfriend, swearing at a neighbour, "banging around the house" and "running around in the property".

The judge concluded: "I am satisfied that during the course of the early hours of 29th January 2015, at around 5am, the defendant was guilty of screaming and shouting whilst having sex at a level of noise which caused nuisance or annoyance to (a neighbour)."

It would seem Gemma is a Wale by name AND by nature.     

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