Monday 16 May 2016

Michael Jackson’s Only Daughter’s Shocking Transformation

Remember that cute little girl that gave a tribute at her father’s funeral? The fresh faced little angel that was Paris Jackson?
Yeah, her. Well she’s not a little girl anymore and her family is quite worried about her lifestyle.
The young millionaire who turned 18 last month has taken on a lifestyle her family does not approve of.
The blonde beauty posted this photo, showing off her new tongue piercing. A Jackson family source said “She’s totally out of control!”
The source continued “Paris is completely going against her family’s religious beliefs by getting these tattoos and piercings,”
According to Radar the source added “Her family is just plain scared now, “They believe
“They believe that this is 100 percent the influence of her new group of friends and her new boyfriend Michael.”
Her New Boyfriend Michael is referring to rebellious rocker Michael Snoddy, who she started dating after breaking up with straight laced Chester Castellaw.
You can see her new look below

Via -The Herald

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