Wednesday, 4 May 2016

[Video+Photos] Nigerian Mom And Her 3 Children Survive A Plunge From The 5th Floor Of A Burning Building

Precious Enyioko, 30, and her three children aged 1, 3, 4, were trapped on the 4th storey of a burning building in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, on the 30th of April, 2016, but miraculously survived without injuries. Precious drew the attention of onlookers by dangling her 1-year-old baby through the window.
She dropped the baby to the crowd after some U.S Airmen persuaded her to throw the kids. She succeeded in throwing all the children, before she then leaped from the window, the only escape route. U.S Air Force Master, Sgt. Daniel Raimondo, said he was walking to dinner when he saw clouds of smoke and set off in that direction.

On assessing the scene, Raimondo and a colleague discussed how to help and resolved to get some blankets from a nearby store. They corralled others to help hold the blankets, then tried to persuade the mother to drop her children to safety.
First Sgt. Melanie Scott said Precious was understandably reluctant to let go of her children, “You could tell she was scared. She didn’t want to.” Raimondo said that the “last baby was the most difficult in my eyes, she just wouldn’t let her go for some reason.” 
He said he repeatedly begged the mother: “Please just throw the baby down!” “I remember her screaming (at) the baby, ‘I love you, I love you. …’ Next thing you know she dropped the baby.” By this time, the mother had to jump. “The smoke and the fire was just horrendous,” Raimondo said. “You could barely even see her at that point.”

The family later met the people who saved their lives and thanked them. The husband, Prince Enyioko, said: “I don’t know how I would explain my thanks. I was so surprised, I see the people gathering here to rescue my family, especially the military.” 

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