Sunday 17 July 2016

6 Kids Poisoned In Ekwulumili, Anambra (Photos)

The tragic incident was shared by Ewenike Ogechukwu on Facebook.According to him,the dead children pictured above were poisoned through the food they kept at home by an unknown person in Anambra state. Below is what he wrote....

'Tragedy: A wicked hearted act in Ekwulumili ……
This children was poisoned by unknown enemy through the food they kept in their house. 
But serious investigation is in progress now, the victims must be figured out and go on punished.

May the souls of this past Ekwulumili future hopes be accepted in the bosom of the Almighty, and never allow the victims to rest till they confesses in Jesus Name,

Also reacting to the death of the children,Chidozie Venantius wrote...

'Please Ooo government officials should help us and call the attention of the state government to step into Ekwulumili and quench the embers of agony and excruciating pain that is going on in my community by conducting an unbiased investigations into the matter. That town has been boiling since yesterday, a family lost six children in what they deemed as food poisoning, the parents want to committ suicide, please help us pass the information to the appropriate quarters oga Eneh and Emy'

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