Monday 22 August 2016

Woman Catches Bishop Sleeping With His Niece (Photos)

Irene Kavata with husband insert

A bishop was sued by his wife after she caught him sleeping with his niece.
According to reports, a Kenyan preacher identified as Bishop Jonathan Musyoki Muthoka, was accused by his wife of having a sexual relationship with his niece.
The woman Irene Kavata, had secretly installed a CCTV camera in their bedroom and sitting room, which captured the pair while they were ‘enjoying themselves’.
Irene Katava
According to Irene, her husband who works as a sales manager in a telecommunications firm and is also the presiding bishop of Jesus Liberation Ministry International, had been carrying on a secret affair with the girl whom she brought in to live with them as a house help.

Jonathan Musyoki Muthoka

She said she had to separate from her husband for a month as a result of his infidelity, and that she has also moved the case to court, in a bid to ensure that he pays for the upkeep of his children.
In a sworn affidavit, Irene revealed how she has endured her husband’s cheating for over the eight years they were married, starting right from their honeymoon.
Narrating her story, here’s what Irene told the Nairobian newspaper below:
“Though my husband’s behaviour with the women was not new to me, I sensed something was totally wrong when he brought in the girl and told me she was his niece (his cousin’s daughter) after our maid left. Theirs was more than that of blood relatives judging by how they held each other.”
Irene said the househelp also got pregnant at one time, only to terminate the pregnancy later. She said she hoped her husband would change:
“I thought he will change after that, but he defended her every move. My suspicion was raised as I noticed they were getting closer. Whenever I left them alone in the sitting room, I would hear funny moans that forced me to start peeping and watch them having sex on the couch.”
bishop scandal 1
Irene’s interest had been raised to the fullest after a plumber who often visited the house for repairs, told her that the relationship between her husband and his niece was not a normal ‘blood’ relationship. This made her take her decision. Read what she said below:
“It is then that I decided to seek help from a CCTV technician who assisted me to fix the cameras. But when I confronted him with the evidence, he became furious and assaulted me.”
See another picture below:
bishop scandal 2
The bishop with his ‘niece’

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