Wednesday 30 November 2016

It's been snowing in Saudi Arabia - Citizens Share Rare [Photos+Video]

Image result for It's been snowing in Saudi ArabiaIt's not every day that powdery snow covers the desert sand in Saudi Arabia – but that's exactly what happened to parts of the country when temperatures dropped below freezing. Saudis are reacting with a healthy dose of humor, and even a few snowmen.

The frigid temperatures and blanket of snow is an unexpected treat for Saudi Arabia's central and northwest regions, which tend to see daily high temperatures of around 20° C (68° F), even in the November "cold season."
Snow will never, ever not be exciting. And Saudis have proven that with their excited posts on social media as the country found itself covered in a layer of the good stuff.
It does look amazing.
Sadly, one Facebook user pointed out that a Saudi cleric once issued a fatwa against snowmen, calling them anti-Islamic:

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