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Dele Alli's Estranged Parents' Tearful Plea For England Star To Let Them Back Into His Life

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The heartbroken parents of England footballer Dele Alli today reveal their despair at having no part in the superstar’s life.

In an extraordinary interview, Dele’s mum Denise repeatedly breaks down as she tells how she now cries herself to sleep at night over the ordeal.

And his father Kehinde, a multi-millionaire businessman, tells how the only thing missing in his life is his first-born son.

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Despite splitting when Dele was a child, his parents came together this week and spoke out in a desperate bid to repair their relationship with the £60,000-a-week Spurs midfielder.

As they opened up family albums to reveal happy photos of Dele’s ­childhood Kehinde, 47, told the ­Sunday Mirror: “I just do not understand what we have done wrong.

“He refuses to speak to me and it feels like he’s been taken from us. But I won’t give up on getting him back.”

Dele’s mum Denise, 53, added: “I’m a very miserable person because I get so sad that Dele is missing out on his family and we’re missing out on him.

“I want to be able to hug him and let him know we all love him to bits.

“I’m not interested in his money, I’d love him the same if he worked in McDonald’s. We just want our son back.”

Dele, 20, is considered English football’s biggest rising star.

He won the prestigious PFA Young Player of the Year award at the end of last season and is now being linked with a mega-money move to Spanish giants Real Madrid.

But while his career has rocketed since leaving home-town club Milton Keynes Dons, his relationship with his parents has completely broken down.
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In a desperate bid to heal the family rift, Kenny, 46, attended Tottenham’s home match with Liverpool on August 27, where he was blanked by the 20-year-old midfielder.

Kenny is now making regular visits to the UK in the hope of seeing his son. He even planned to meet up with the player atEngland’s game in Slovakia last weekend and Tottenham’s match yesterday at Stoke — where Dele scored — but had to make an emergency trip back to the US.

Dele’s mum Denise, 53, who remains friends with Kenny despite their divorce, has also been frozen out by her son.
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She told The Sun on Sunday: “Kenny, like the rest of us, is heartbroken.

“It was very upsetting for him to see his son wearing the England shirt without his name on the back of it. He is spending a lot of time and money flying over to try to see Dele. “He was trying to get to Slovakia for the England game but couldn’t in the end. He really wants everything to work out well. We all do.
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“We’re all hoping that in time, the rift will heal.”

PFA Young Player of the Year Dele cut off his biological family after England crashed out of the Euros in June — at the same time he started dating glamorous lingerie model Ruby Mae, 21.

Then last month the White Hart Lane favourite announced he was dropping his last name from his shirt to use just “Dele”.
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He said: “I wanted a name on my shirt that represented who I am and I feel I’ve no connection with the Alli surname. This is not a decision I have taken without a lot of thought.”

Denise, who watched the Slovakia match on TV, said: “There was Dele in an England shirt without his surname on the back but did it matter? No! The commentators still call him Dele Alli.”
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Denise insists she has always been close to her son and is not sure what caused Dele to cut off all contact with her and Nigerian-born Kenny.

She said: “In the past two months, Dele has refused to take my calls or reply to my text messages and it is not like him, as we’ve always been in touch.

“He told his dad he does not want to speak to him any more and he has also cut off his sisters, who he used to be really close to.

“We all feel rejected and it hurts. I don’t know if it has anything to do with this new girlfriend, as I’ve never met her or spoken to her.”

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