Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Lagos Today; Passengers Now Enjoy Free Wifi On Board BRT Buses

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In what is seen as additional value added service in its operations, Primero Transport Services Limited, operator of the Lagos Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is introducing a free internet access on board its fleet of buses.
Primero, which operates on the Lagos-Ikorodu BRT corridor with about 450 air-conditioned buses, is currently planning a partnership with a foreign firm to establish vehicle assembling plant in Ibadan, Oyo State, by November this year, as well as multiple floor car park in Lagos to offer park and ride services to the public.  

Fola Tinubu, managing director of Primero, said plans were also now being concluded to introduce an e-ticketing system in the company’s operations to create convenience for customers. This will enable Primero’s customers purchase tickets online, thereby reducing complaints arising from the interface with ticket sellers.
Tinubu told a team of Lagos State council of Trade Union Congress (TUC), who was invited to a guided tour of the Primero’s facilities in Ikorodu, on Wednesday, the wifi would offer passengers on board BRT buses the opportunity of transacting their businesses online while riding.
“This service will be at no cost to the passengers. It is the kind of thing you experience in some developed economies around the world, and we believe Primero can pioneer it in Lagos,” Tinubu said.

Speaking further, he said, “Our plan is also to reduce interface with the ticket sellers as much as possible. I want to see a situation where 90 to 95 percent of passengers can buy their tickets online.  What this will do is that it will reduce the queues at the bus stops.”

Tinubu, who explained the recent increase in the BRT fares, said it was unavoidable if the company was to continue to offer services to the public amid rising operational costs, worsened by foreign exchange crisis, the high cost of diesel logistics, among others.
Francis Ogunremi, chairman of TUC, who acknowledged the operational capacity of Primero and cost implication of running air-conditioned high capacity, said the recent fare increase would enable the company to stay in business, being a private company.
“Until now I never knew that the BRT system is being privately operated. I had thought it was owned and run by the Lagos State government. With what we have seen, I think the recent increase should enable offer better services to the passengers. But we have also told them to consider reducing the fare when once economy improves,” Ogunremi said.

A Nairalander confirmed access to free WiFi on BRT buses today. Read excerpts from his experience below:
I was in a blue BRT bus this evening and i saw free wifi access. I decided to log in. I followed the wizard to log in via my Facebook account. Viola! I started browsing. I wad curious to check the speed as pages opened very fast. 

See pics for speed and Hotspot name. Thanks to Lagos State Government. 

Not only AC i did enjoy but the free public wifi. 

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