Monday, 1 May 2017

Arsenal Fans Told To 'Mind The Gap' As The Internet Revels In Their Defeat By Tottenham Hotspur

As Tottenham Hotspur beat Arsenal, the internet meme machine began to swing into action

When Harry Kane tucked home his penalty past a statuesque Petr Cech to set Tottenham Hotspur on their way towards finishing above Arsenal for the first time in 22 years, the memes began.

Called a variety of names on the internet - St. Woolwich's Day and Goonsday among the most memorable - it was the moment Spurs fans had waited for after years in Arsenal's shadow, and they wanted to make the best of it.
The usual mix of irony, Photoshopping and plain old trolling began - exacerbated by Arsenal fans being infamous for their very vocal nature on social media.
Spurs fans used this image of Theo Walcott from years ago to mock Arsenal supporters

One image showed Mauricio Pochettino, manager of Tottenham, pointing out a London Underground-style sign to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, warning him to 'Mind the Gap', as the Gunners trail their rivals by 17 points with five league games to go.
Others mocked Arsenal for their long held love of St. Totteringham's Day - the day on which Spurs would traditionally be unable to finish above Arsenal in the league table, but which will not occur at any point in 2017. 

One user turned an infamous picture of Theo Walcott signalling 2-0 with his fingers to Spurs fans from a stretcher, taken during an FA Cup tie where it was the Gunners who won - but on this occasion it was Tottenham who triumphed by that scoreline.
There was of course plenty of reference for the divisive Arsenal Fan TV, and use of some of the internet's most famous memes.
All of which was, perhaps, enough to maybe make Gunners fans think about taking a night off from the web.

Others teased Arsenal Fan TV, the famous Youtube channel and its extremely vocal members

One fan re-purposed a picturesque scene of a canyon in order to taunt the 'losers' on Twitter

Others were simply happy to state the facts - the 17 point gap cannot be made up this season

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