Saturday, 27 May 2017

The Council Flat Bomb Factory: Manchester Suicide Attacker 'Who Stockpiled Chemical Peroxide At His Cousin's Barbershop'

Manchester bomber was 'making bombs in sub-let apartment'
Salman Abedi sub-let a home in Somerton Court, in the Blackley area of the city, which was raided by armed police on Wednesday evening. His former landlord contacted police after recognising the killer's name. Mohamed al-Hudarey (inset), a friend of landlord Aiman al-Wafi, said there was a strong smell of chemicals left behind when Abedi suddenly moved out last month, and initially thought the killer had been practicing 'black magic'. 

The 22-year-old suicide bomber is suspected of stockpiling peroxide at the barber shop owned by cousin Abdallah Forjani (pictured with him, centre). Abedi had rented the flat in Blackley for around seven weeks before moving out in a hurry and going to Libya. He is believed to have carried out the finishing touches to the deadly device which he activated at the Manchester Arena on Monday at another apartment in the city centre.
The flat was raided on Wednesday after landlord Aiman al-Wafi contacted police having seen Salman Abedi's name in the news following the Manchester Arena atrocityPolice outside Somerton Court in Blackley, which was raided on Wednesday by armed police
When he moved out last month, Abedi left behind clues suggesting he had practiced making explosives at the address.
Landlord Aiman al-Wafi, who The Times states had advertised the flat on Gumtree, discovered fire alarms had been deactivated, the electricity was switched off and windows had not been opened for weeks.
Police also raided a barber shop in Moss Side yesterday morning, where detectives believe he may have been stockpiling peroxide used to make the deadly device.
The owner of the barber shop, Abedi's 24-year-old cousin Abdallah Forjani, was arrested on Wednesday and the business, on a parade of shops on a busy main road, immediately closed. 
The man was carrying a bag as he left the shop
An officer was seen leaving the Fade'Away barber shop in Moss Side with a bag full of evidence (left and right) on Friday morning
And Mr al-Hudarey continued: 'He found this stuff in the flat, he said to me that he thought he was making the bomb in the flat.'
He said there was a strong smell coming from the floor, curtains had been cut into small pieces, and a piece of metal was found in the bathroom.
'He told me: "That man was doing something inside the flat but I don't know what it is,"' Mr al-Hudarey said.
The day after Abedi left the flat in mid April, he travelled to Libya. 
A woman currently living at the flat was briefly arrested on Wednesday, but subsequently released.  

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