Sunday, 5 November 2017

Political Power Is Transient: Between V.P Osibajo, Rotimi Amaechi And Governor Umahi

This picture once again showed that power and status are never permanent.

Who will ever believe that a time will come when Rotimi Amaechi, who was Speaker of House of Assembly when Yemi Osinbajo was "mere" Commissioner and Dave Umahi was nowhere to be found (he was a mere state chairman of PDP), will be standing while those two are seated? 

Who would ever believe that someday Rotimi Amaechi, a Governor for 8 years and Chairman of Governors Forum (2011-2015) will stand while Yemi Osinbajo that was out of his "mere" Commissioner office in 2007 will be seated and Umahi that miraculously became Deputy Governor in 2011 (when Amaechi was his senior) will sit while Amaechi stand?

Power and status are never permanent!

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