Wednesday 11 July 2018

At All Times And For Everything Give Thanks

Do you have a bed to sleep on? Be grateful….
Did you have food to eat today? Even if it was just a meal? Be thankful…
Do you have clothes on your back? Begging to own a pair of Loubs? Thank God you have one or a few pairs to change into every day you wake up. 

Burying this child with an underwear would be a luxury…But a mother’s love? I’m sure if it were not the last wrapper she had on her waist, she would wrap him in them.

Could you afford an “ORDINARY” haircut? Show gratitude…to her, it's a priceless gift…
Have you got friends? Those you constantly have fights with? Appreciate them. If she had anyone I’m sure they would have turned up to help dig the grave and console her. And afterwards, the malice can continue…
Do you have a family? Even when you feel like you don’t belong there, wishing you were born royalty… Be relieved you have one. She buried the only one she had.
“At all times and for everything give thanks...

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