Sunday 22 July 2018

Father Mbaka Attacks Buhari: 'Disaster Is Coming, Angels Warming Up For You'

Rev. Mbaka's live message today titled 'disaster is coming'.Here are some excerpts from the message.....

1. President Buhari, a former coup plotter has no reason not to stop the ongoing killings in the country. He has no reason to not have identified the killers.

2. According to him, had it been that it was Imams that were killed in Benue or Plateau, he would have attended the burials. He has no reason not to have attended the burials of those killed in Benue. Supernatural disaster is coming. Angels are already warming up. Nigerians should not worry. One day there will be a vacancy from Abuja. The jet will park and nobody will use it unless they repent.

3. He said that Buhari has declared 2019 presidential ambition as if he knows what will happen between now and Christmas. He said he is just a microphone, speaking as directed by God. Anybody who plans to attack him because of his message will fail.

4. He also said that when Buhari was ill, he spent months abroad. When his son had an accident, he travelled outside. But when a mere Nigerian is ill, he gets treatment from our poorly equipped hospitals. The senators who would have intervened were silent because they need a favour from Buhari. 

4. He said when the disaster comes, President Buhari will cry. According to him, Buhari is like an egg. The sheep are crying while the shepherd is doing nothing. A shepherd is meant to empathic 

5. He urged all the people closer to Buhari and senators to pass the information to them.

6. He also said that PDP wants to come back after 16yrs of misrule. He told them to bury their head in shame, kneel down and beg Nigerians. They have no reasons to come back.

7. He also said that the amount of looting ongoing in Buhari's administration as revealed spiritually is too much.

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