Thursday 6 September 2018

Shocking: Man Rescued After His Manhood Got Stung By Sea Creature While Swimming (Photos)

A young Chinese man is now thanking his stars after getting rescued from the severe danger of losing his manhood recently.
The man was left in serious agony while he was swimming inside a sea as a sea creature identified as a stingray, stung his manhood. He rushed out with the creature still attached to his manhood.
The man was left rolling around on the sand in pain after the animal’s barb hooked onto his genitals. It is reported that the incident happened in Sanya in China's Haina Province.
When he crawled back onto the beach in Sanya in China’s Hainan province, the stingray was still attached.
The man was visiting the area as a tourist and enjoying the tropical weather when the freak incident happened on September 1.
A video of him shows him lying on the beach before the emergency services rush to help him.
However they didn’t have the appropriate tools to hand, so they had to improvise to fully remove and unhook the spiny tail from the man’s manhood.
Onlookers crowded around him to watch events unfold, and some bystanders had their smartphones out to film or take pictures of the unfortunate incident.
In the end, the emergency services managed to release the tail.
Although he is clearly in pain, the man is able to stand immediately afterwards – however, he went with the paramedics to a hospital for a checkup.
Watch a video below:

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