Friday 12 October 2018

Celebs React In Fury To Kanye's Meeting With The President As Musicians Cut Ties With The Controversial Rapper

Celebrities react in fury to Kanye's meeting with the president
Kanye West sparked criticism from a collection of left-wing celebrities who also expressed concern for the rapper's mental state following his meeting with Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday.
West went on an extended rant as he sat across from Trump at the Resolute Desk, where he dropped the F bomb, spoke about his Bipolar Disorder diagnosis and even shared a warm hug with the president, who concluded that his speech 'pretty impressive'.

Ye said that he has come to understand that 'bravery helps you beat this game called life' and that he was misdiagnosed with a mental health disease when he was really just sleep deprived in a 10-minute speech, followed by nearly 10 minutes of questions, in which he labeled himself a 'crazy motherf***er' and called the amendment that ended slavery a 'trap door' and said it should be abolished. 
Following the highly-publicized meeting that took place at the beginning of a working lunch at the White House, several celebrities chimed in to share their thoughts.
T.I. said he had been invited to attend the meeting with West - but 'naturally declined'. The rapper, otherwise known as Tip, wrote in a furious Instagram post that he's 'ashamed to have ever been associated' with West.

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