Friday 16 November 2018

Everyday Inspiration! “We Rise By Lifting Others.”

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We rise by lifting others. A reminder to be the encouraging and understanding friend, the one who spreads love, positivity, joy, smiles and laughter….and who always spreads kindness. Our souls grow and find happiness when we give to others. In fact, we are wired to be compassionate and kind. It is a genetic necessity for human survival. The trust, connection and cooperation engendered through giving, creates community, restores the lonely hearts and brings joy.

There is something so natural about giving when we actually do it that it makes one wonder why we can fall prey to the mind that champions self-centredness as the route to peace and happiness. The mind tries to talk the heart out of generosity and kindness.
There are many wonderful benefits of giving to others. The most important has to be happiness.

Giving is the Key to Happiness

When you help others, your life starts to have meaning and purpose. Real joy comes not from material possessions but from people. When we give our hearts in kindness and love, we get the riches of the universe, and the greatest of these is happiness. When you’re generous with others, you feel abundant, your life feels fertile and rich with possibility. The fruits of generosity rub off as an abundance mindset and support you to be more wealthy in all areas of your life.
It is empowering to feel able to help others. By helping others, you are given great gifts – the space to be kind, to create good karma, and to lift yourself up as you serve another.
When you lose yourself in another’s challenges, you trigger feelings of gratitude for your own life. The problems you’re facing somehow lose their shine, and you don’t see them as major issues anymore. You feel grateful for your life as you support another with their life. This is a true gift; psychologists and spiritual mystics alike have long been saying gratitude is an important way we create true happiness and peace.
In helping others, including animals, you also help yourself. I’ve always found this to be true. As I give love to my cat and stroke and massage her, I start to relax and release stress. I’m giving as I’m receiving. This is the same when I’m working as a healing practitioner; the healing energy flows through me first, then into the other person, so of course I’m benefitting once again.
We are much more deeply connected than we could ever imagine, and everything we do to another, we do to ourselves. As we encourage another, or celebrate their success, we are sending the same message to ourselves. There really is no “other”, we are all droplets of the same ocean, so we are really helping ourselves when we give to the “other.”

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