Friday 14 December 2018

Girl Mercilessly Beaten For Hiding Condom With Sperm In Her Pussy For Ritual Purpose (Video)

A lady was yesterday gang beaten at an undisclosed hotel for allegedly hiding a condom containing the guy's semen inside her pu$$y.

According to the poster with the handle @ogbeni_opa on Twitter, the lady planned on using it for rituals.

In the video, the lady was stripped naked while a guy inserted his finger inside her Vag!na in search of the used Condom containing his Sperm which was eventually seen relaxing inside the babe's hole

This girl finished having sex and she hides the condom the guy used. She eventually confessed it was to be used for Ritual.

You all should be careful out there. Even babes self-won buy Range and Benz oooo

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