Thursday, 27 December 2018

Some Nigerians In Miami Want To Come Back Home — Sikiratu Sindodo

Actress, Tayo Odueke, popularly known as Sikiratu Sindodo, speaks on her exciting experience in Miami, the US, with JOY MARCUS

How would you describe travelling?

Travelling is a great way of relaxing oneself and having unlimited fun. Each time I travel, I make sure I enjoy myself. I shop, eat and rest well. I travel frequently and I enjoy myself on every trip but my most memorable trip was to Miami. I went there on vacation and stayed in a beautiful hotel. I was there for about a week and it was glorious. I travelled alone and it felt good.

How would you sum up your experience in Miami?

I went there for the first time in 2016, and it was really exciting. I went to the beach but I didn’t cover my body with sand. It was not appealing to me; so, I didn’t bother trying it. However, I still enjoyed the cool breeze, beautiful scenery and beautiful water. Miami is a place to be. You have to visit the beach if you want to experience the vibe.

What are some of the foods you ate while there?

I did not really eat their food. A friend has an African kitchen there; so, I was basically eating at her restaurant. I am a Yoruba woman; I like my amala, iyan (pounded yam) and egusi anytime. However, I also went to Indian and Chinese restaurants to eat.

Did you visit any tourist sites?

Truthfully, I didn’t spend so much time outdoors because I am not really an outgoing person. Most of the time, I was in my hotel room. However, I enjoyed going to the beach and shopping. I did a lot of shopping for clothes and bags; I even got designer bags at reasonable prices. I am a very quiet person but some people find it hard to believe. I don’t really go out except it is necessary, even when I’m in Nigeria.

Were they receptive?

Yes, they are very kind people; they like enjoying themselves. They don’t like stress. They are happy and always smiling.

Is living in Miami expensive?

Yes, it was very expensive, compared to when I go to New York or Texas. Miami and Los Angeles are very expensive places to live in. It was very expensive paying for things I bought with my (debit) card because I use a domiciliary account but it saved me a lot of stress.

How would you describe the life of Nigerians over there?

They are cool and most of the people I got a chance to talk to want to come back home. However, they don’t want to leave or work here. I think that’s because they feel safer there. Personally, I think some places in Nigeria are safe and peaceful.

How was the weather while you were there?

The weather was hot. If it was cold, I wouldn’t have gone.

Do you think security in Nigeria has improved in recent times?

No. We are secured in Nigeria by God’s grace as we don’t (really) have security in this country. We are responsible for securing our own lives. You can’t afford to leave the gate of your house open because you might be robbed. Even when you are driving, some people might attack you. It is so sad but that is the reality. We pray that our leaders will take security seriously but we also have our parts to play because we can’t leave everything to the government.

What advice do you have for people who want to travel to Miami?

You can decide to relocate or go for holidays. If you decide to go for holidays, then be ready to spend money. However, I don’t know what advice to give to those that will like to relocate to Miami because I have not relocated. I am a typical Nigerian; I stay in Nigeria but I like to travel to have fun. I can’t relocate because I know I can make more money here in Nigeria than anywhere else in the world. I just can’t pack my bags and leave my job.

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