Sunday 16 December 2018

Theresa May Getting Locked in A Car Pretty Much Sums Up How Brexit's Going

Just when you thought that nothing else could possibly go wrong in the endless parade of obstacles that is Brexit, Theresa May's gone and got locked in a car. 

On her way to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a bid to rescue her Brexit deal, May got trapped momentarily inside her vehicle. Merkel looked on, waiting for May to exit the car, while officials kept trying the door handle to extricate her.
You couldn't make it up, honestly. 

Here's some glorious footage of this rather unfortunate moment: 
Just one day after calling off MPs' vote on her Brexit deal, May is now meeting European leaders and EU officials to attempt to gain "further assurances" about the Northern Ireland border plan. 
Jean-Claude Juncker — president of the European Commission — made it clear that the EU would not "renegotiate" the deal, but caveated that "further clarifications" were on the cards. 
May is reportedly "seeking legal guarantees" that the UK won't be "trapped in the Northern Ireland backstop plan." 
The backstop is "the rule that either the Province [of Northern Ireland] or the whole of the UK must obey EU rules until Brussels agrees that a hard border with Ireland is not a prospect," according to the Evening Standard. 

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