Tuesday 29 January 2019


A Concened Lagos APC Member Wrote:

The basis for self Destruction: Ambode as a case study.

Mr. Akinwumi Ambode became governor of Lagos State in May 2015 because the APC Lagos structure decided to support him, with the thinking that he is a well brought up young man, who can move Lagos forward. Unfortunately, Akinwumi refuses to live up to the sanctity of the office of governor. His inferiority complex brought him into conflict with virtually all strata of the society.. The party decided to self correct itself and voted another candidate as her representative for the Lagos, Mr. Sanwo-Olu. 

Ambode quickly claimed that as a Christian, he understood that only God gives power to whoever He wishes. Unfortunately, that was just a word of mouth that he never believed in. He has decided and started acting it out the process of undermining his own party and that of Mr. Sanwo-Olu. He is now actively funding Mr. Jimi Agbaje of PDP. He had today given him close to 2.35 Billion Naira. These sums were given in staggered stages. 

It started with 90 Million, 250 Million, 250 Million, 1 billion transferred through Access Bank. Another 350 Million was given on the day that APC rally was disrupted. The last sum was brought by Mr. Steve Ayorinde to a house in Ikoyi owned by Mr. Dewumi Ogunsanya at McPherson Street. The first three sums of 90, 250, 250 instalments were brought by Mr. Bunmi Ariyo, a noted assistant of Mr. Ambode. 

Akinwumi Ambode is determined to undermine the will of the people by assuring Mr. Agbaje of PDP that they can rig the election for his party provided he will allow him, Ambode to control his government and look away from his atrocities. You will notice that Agbaje has not for once criticized the government of Ambode. He continually talks about 20 years of APC. He dares not criticize Ambode because that is the pay master. 

Working with the Commissioner of Police in Lagos, Ambode is determined to bring down the house that he lived in but really never participated in building. I feel sad for him because he will fail woefully. All his efforts and bad behaviour are in the public domain. What would have been good for him is to accept his fate and leave all in God’s hand. However, when you dine with evil, God takes a second role. So sad for a man who called himself a Christian. 

As a human being, I understand his pain, having planned his second term but was short circuited by his party. My take is that he is the architect of his own misfortune. He should learn from his mistakes, and move on, not to again destroy himself by his bipolar behavior of saying one thing and doing another. I wish him well but for every action there must be a reaction.

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