Wednesday 6 February 2019

Frank Olize: Veteran NTA Broadcaster Who Activates Viewers Emotion

Frank Olize is unarguably a legendary broadcaster who was a dominant brand on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in 1980s and 1990s. He was very popular as anchor of Newsline, a programme aired every Sunday on NTA from 9pm – 10pm. Not just that the programme was very interesting, Olize’s unique presentation style kept viewers captivated and glued to their television sets while he was on air. He took television presentation to another level through that programme.

Olize had a way of activating viewers emotions while they watched the programme, to the extent that he even let tears drop from his eyes when a story got so emotional and he couldn’t hold himself anymore. He made that programme a Sunday-Sunday tonic for many Nigerians.

The veteran broadcaster went ‘off the radar’ after leaving the NTA, with very little or no information on his post-NTA activities. Even when you browse his name online you hardly find information on his profile or post-NTA life. The most prominent information you find on him is his photos at his daughter’s wedding in Dubai. Probably he wants to enjoy a post-broadcasting life. One thing is sure: whether he is off the radar or operating incognito, Frank Olize is still very vivid in the minds of many Nigerians who enjoyed his presentations while anchoring Newsline on NTA.

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