Sunday 17 March 2019

Shocking Video Of How Actress, Etinosa Goes Completely Naked On MC Galaxy's Instagram Live Video (Video 18+)

Shocking: Actress, Etinosa goes completely naked on MC Galaxy

Actress and popular Instagram comedian, Etinosa went totally naked on MC Galaxy's lG live video.
In the 12 minutes long video, the popular Instagram comedian was seemingly drunk as she called out her boyfriend saying, 'the boy too dey stress me, every time I'm sorry, I'm sorry. We've broken up and I'm happy'.
 Then she went on to tell MC Galaxy, 'I want to express my body, do you know that Tiannah is my Inspiration? That girl no send anybody she go just open her yansh for Instagram, me sef I no send anybody, I'm tired of living my life for people'.
 See the full 12-minutes long video below.....

At the point when she got completely naked, MC Galaxy wanted to cut her off the live feed but she refused to sayg, 'if dem born you well cut me off, dem no born you well. If you cut it, I will cut you in life. Is it your body? fuck you'.

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