Friday 21 June 2019

Girls Swapped At Birth, Discover They Are Identical Twins After Fighting On Facebook (Photos)

Two girls who met on Facebook after noticing a striking resemblance with each other have been confirmed to be identical twins. DNA tests revealed the twin sisters, Sharon Mathius and Melon Lutenyo are indeed biological twins. 
The revelation has shocked many people in Kenya where it happened.
Daily Nation who reported the story revealed that it all started after Sharon and Melon met in April 2018 on social media. At first, they mistook each other for online identity frauds.
While browsing, Sharon came across a Facebook suggestion of 'people you may know' it was there that she noticed a profile that looked like hers. She sent Melon a 'friend request'.
No sooner had Melon 'accepted', the request, the two started engaging in a war of words with each of other questioning the authenticity of the other's online profile.
They were both suspicious of their striking resemblance but after the online altercation they chose to cut off their communication.
The two finally met in December 2018 at a bus stop in Kakamega town.
This was prompted by constant mention by their teachers and schoolmates about their resemblance. Sharon had participated in a high school music festival where the Melon's school had also participated.
Sharon's teachers and classmates were puzzled when they saw someone that resembled Melon at the festival even though she was not participating. Melon's classmates took a photo of Melon which they later showed to Sharon. Out of curiosity, the twins contacted each other during school holidays.
Soon, their communication became frequent to the extent that they introduced each other to their parents.
In April 2019, both families resorted to solve the mystery by seeking professional help. Lancet Kenya then offered to carry out a DNA test at subsidised cost.
Their mother, Ms Onyango is said to have gone to Kakamega Hospital while pregnant on August 15, 1999. She expected to deliver triplets but when she regained consciousness after delivery through a caesarean section, she was informed that she had given birth to twins.
The twins were placed in an incubator for a week due to low birth weight. She said that had been in doubt since her twin daughters Melon and Melvin did not turn out identical.
Ms Omina, who has just been confirmed not to be Sharon's biological mother, said that she gave birth on August 14, 1999 just a day before Ms Onyango had her delivery.

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