Saturday 21 December 2019

Randy Mother-in-law Demands Sex From Son-in-law

IT’S the kind of thing that people think only happens in movies!
But for Bulawayo man movies depict reality as his mother-in-law couldn’t control her taboo sexual urges enough to resist telling him that she wanted a taste of his bedroom skills.

Manfield Nhemachena shockingly claimed he was left disconcerted by his estranged wife’s, Tariro Nhemachena, biological mother when she stormed into his bedroom and allegedly demanded to have sex with him.

Manfield decided to share the hard-to-believe request in court, where his estranged wife was seeking a protection order against him after years of alleged emotional and physical abuse.
“On 17 November my estranged husband Manfield Nhemachena came to my house to drop off the child.

We are on separation pending divorce and according to a court order he is supposed to leave the child by the gate, but on this particular day when I sent my child-minder to collect him (her son), he refused to give her saying he wanted me to come there personally.

“As I was about to go, I was shocked when I saw him already inside the house with the child. He went straight to disconnect the Television set saying he has a right over it since our divorce has not yet been finalised.

“From the lounge he stormed into my bedroom and took my laptop which he bought for me when we were still staying together. When I tried to stop him, he violently pushed me against the wall. He grabbed me by the throat and strangled me,” recounted Tariro.

In self-defence, Tariro revealed that she also aggressively grabbed him by his shirt, causing the buttons to fall off.

“I started screaming and he rushed out of the house with the laptop and I followed him as I wanted the laptop which has personal information. Outside the house, he grabbed me by the neck and tackled me. I fell headlong to the ground and neighbours later came to my rescue after I screamed. For a moment, I blacked out and when I woke up, that is when I discovered that I had sustained injuries all over my body,” further narrated Tariro.

A scorned Manfield, however, hit back accusing his estranged wife’s mother of being a sex pest.
“She is always after fixing me by fabricating stories. She once claimed that I wanted to stab our child with a kitchen knife. As if that is not enough, she also reported me to Justice for Children claiming I had kidnapped the child.

“For the past four years she would not allow me to see the child. She and her mother were controlling me to the extent that her mother once entered my bedroom and wanted to be intimate with me. The whole family is aware of the incident and it is the one that also led me to walk out of the marriage,” claimed a livid Manfield.

With regards to the TV set, he said: “I asked her to give me one since she had two sets so that when the child comes to where I am now staying, he could also have access to TV. She refused and I forcibly took it. Turning to the issue of laptop, she lied to me that it was stolen. When I wanted to collect it that is when she screamed”.
Taririo however, refuted Manfield’s submissions before labelling him a “serial liar”.

“He is a liar. He abused me for years. He once assaulted me and I was admitted in the hospital for two-and-a-half weeks. He is such an embarrassment, on the divorce summons he even demands that the table flowers and teaspoons should be shared equally,” retaliated Tariro.

In her ruling, the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure granted a reciprocal order which compels both parties to stay away from each other’s premises.

She also stopped unreasonable disposal of the matrimonial property before the parties’ divorce is finalised.

The magistrate further ordered Manfield not to physically abuse or threaten his estranged wife.

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