Wednesday 19 August 2020



 In what has been a rocky road, to say the least about this year for many, it has also proved to be one to stretch the industry and challenge artists to truly be creatives. Singer/songwriter Rotimi has stepped up to that challenge and after rolling out top streaming new music and providing job opportunities for animators with his visual project, the triple-threat has signed a multi-million dollar deal with EMPIRE. 

“It’s an artist’s dream to have control over their journey, and to partner with a label that fully commits to that dream is a reality that I’m grateful for. Their belief in me and support of my visions have been amazing and I’m looking forward to continuing this collaboration on an even higher level,” says Rotimi.

Rotimi’s management team also played an instrumental role in aligning the two entities and is ecstatic about the new venture as well.
“Ghazi has been a man of his word from day one. Him, along with Nina and Tina have helped us grow in every aspect of this business and I’m very thankful to have them as partners as the world continues to grow and love the music Rotimi is putting out.” – Kenny Hamilton [CSH Management Group]
The new deal is not only celebrated by Rotimi and his team, but everyone in the EMPIRE family.
“Beyond being an incredibly talented musician and actor, Rotimi leaves a lasting impression on anyone he meets with his genuine passion and authenticity. His excitement for his craft cuts through in everything he does. We’ve already enjoyed success together and the EMPIRE family is thrilled to enter the next chapter of our partnership with Ro.” – Nima Etminan [ COO EMPIRE]
Along with announcing the new deal, Rotimi is excited to share with fans that a video for his hit single “In My Bed” featuring Wale is finally on the way. After a stall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production of the video was forced to shut down. Fast-forward to present times, Rotimi and team found a safe and social-distancing effective way to shoot the visuals. The “In My Bed” official video anticipates an end of August 2020 release.

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