Tuesday 22 September 2020

Boris Makes TROOPS available To Support Police Enforcing Tough New Covid Restrictions - With Massive Fines For Businesses, £200 For Not Wearing a Mask, 10pm Pub Curfews, Tighter Rule of Six From tomorrow


Boris Johnson has announced a wave of new measures designed to crack down on the spread of coronavirus as he imposed a 10pm curfew on pubs, bars and restaurants and told workers to work from home from tomorrow. 

The Prime Minister's curfew will come into force in England from Thursday with the hospitality sector also being restricted to table service only. Mr Johnson has been actively encouraging workers to ditch working from home, telling his Cabinet earlier this month that 'people are going back to the office in huge numbers across our country and quite right too' but today he performed a screeching U-turn. 

Workers will be told starting from tomorrow that if it is possible for them to work from home then they should do so in a move which is likely to spark dire warnings about the future of struggling town and city centres. Mr Johnson also reemphasised the need for people to follow social distancing guidance, wear face coverings and wash their hands regularly in order to slash the rate of infection. Plans for a partial return of sports fans to stadiums from October 1 have also been 'paused' while the number of people allowed to attend weddings is being reduced to 15.

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